Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and BarbudaAntigua and Barbuda is a country in the West Indies, located on the Islands of Antigua, Barbuda and Redonda belonging to the group of the leeward Islands group of the lesser Antilles. This Paradise of nature is extremely popular among tourists from all over the world. A large number of magnificent sandy beaches (and there are about three hundred and sixty five), azure waters, protected from the waves by a coral reef, perfect conditions for diving and relaxed atmosphere create the conditions are ideal for lovers of exotic vacation. Tourism is the dominant direction of the economy. The most lively tourist centre is the island of Antigua. Antigua was discovered by Columbus in 1493 during his second visit to the New world. The whole team was stunned by the beauty of the coast, surrounded by coral reefs. A lasting impression of the peaks that make their way through the emerald green tropical greenery, the white and Golden beaches framing the many quiet lagoons and bays, which for more than three centuries had braved the storms of the English ships. For tourists in Antigua has everything necessary for comfortable rest: comfortable, modern hotels, night clubs, casinos, entertainment complexes and luxurious beaches. In the provision of tourist business employs about 70% of the population of the island. St. John's is the capital, the oldest trading port in the Caribbean, as well as the item ships engaged on cruises in the Caribbean sea. Along the coast there are comfortable hotels and the beautiful palm tree lined sandy beaches with white and pink sand. The main attraction Antigua is beautiful coast of the island and an abundance of places, reminding visitors of its colonial history. On the island you can see many well-preserved old stone windmills. They are located in places where in the early days of the colonial history of the island was the sugar cane plantations. Also the attention of tourists will be attracted restored naval shipyard Nelson, built by English colonists in the eighteenth century. Numerous hotels are located in Antigua directly on the beach. The second largest island of Barbuda is the origin of coral and is located 50 km North of Antigua. Here is best preserved wildlife. Wonderful and almost deserted beaches strewn with shells and washed by the calm ocean waters, its rich underwater world. The island has the only city Codrington. Here is more peaceful and quiet life, this is the place for lovers of secluded relaxation. The island of Barbuda, first of all, attracts the attention of those tourists who are great lovers of nature. On the island there is a large colony of birds-frigates. Near the island of Barbuda is a tiny island of Redonda - an area of only 1 square km Redonda declared a National natural Park and is under protection. The total area of the Islands - 441, 6 sq km of Islands have many beautiful coves that are protected from storms and waves bordering their coral reefs. The largest of the Islands - Antigua (the island's length is more than 20 km and a width of about 15 km; the highest point is the peak of "Bobby"). The total area of Antigua more than 270 square km The second largest island of Barbuda, fully coral, has an area of about 170 square km

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Sights Antigua and Barbuda

Of particular interest for tourists are the Cathedral of St John in the capital, the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, Fort Berkeley, Caribana - folk festival on og Barbuda, the picturesque Manx hill, Devil's Bridge, English Harbour with yacht club and dive centre, and, of course, 365 world class beaches. The main historical attractions are located in the capital of Antigua, St. Johns. Here it is necessary to examine neo-Baroque Cathedral of St John, built in 1845, the Two towers of the Cathedral are the hallmark of the island and is one of the rare examples of mixed wood and stone architecture. In the southern part of the Cathedral is a small cemetery with the old, moss-grown, tombstones. Worth a visit are the national Museum, which contains a large collection of historical and cultural exhibits representing Indian tribes and the colonial era as a whole. Small Fort James was built on a cliff in the Northern part of the harbour of St John's in 1675. Here you can see several old guns that once guarded the harbour, as well as a powder warehouses, dining room, barracks and a few almost intact fortifications. Main street, long Street, which hosts the Carnival procession lined with many beautiful old buildings, including several colorful wine shops of the XVII century, which work to date. One of the oldest parts of St John's is the Redcliffe jetty-Kwai. Behind the pier is an old market and the North-vibrant heritage-Kwai, where moored cruise ships, so there are many duty-free shops, a theatre, as well as a memorial in honor of antiguans who gave their lives on the fields of the First World war, the monument to the first Prime Minister of an independent country Century berdo and memorial Westerby. Colorful farmers market is located in the southwestern part of the city. It is worth a visit in the weekend, when they gather thousands of local residents. Apart from the capital, you can visit other areas of the country, famous mainly for its stunning beaches. Falmouth harbour and English harbour areas in the South of Antigua. Here are colonial fortifications and naval base of the British, built in the XVII century. Codrington lagoon - area to the West of the island of Barbuda adventurous caves and sea birds, which in large quantities are nesting on the coast. Beaches On the West coast of Antigua are such lovely beach areas like Dickenson Bay Runway Bay Galli Bay and Hawksbill. North-West of St John's are two beautiful Gulf - Runway Bay, Dickenson Bay. This is a surprisingly quiet area with long beaches with beautiful white sand, calm waters and a small cozy hotels. Bank of the hills South-West of Antigua developed in the tourism plan is significantly weaker than the area around the capital. But nevertheless, here you can find the most beautiful sea coast, such as the Gulf of frays, beaches Darkwood beach, Turner beach, Bay Jolly Harbaugh and the banks around the point Johnson and Bay Rendezvous Bay beach Doigs beach. Eight kilometres of beach long beach on the island of Barbuda is among the most beautiful coastlines in the world.

Climate Antigua and Barbuda

The climate of the Islands is tropical tradewind and stable throughout the year. The average temperature is 26° daytime +20-24° C at night. The average water temperature of +22 °to 25°. Possible short rains in August and September. The best time to visit Antigua and Barbuda-period cool and dry winter season from mid December to mid April.

Time Antigua and Barbuda

In the summer time, behind Moscow for 8 hours in winter for 7 hours.

Language Antigua and Barbuda

The official language is English.

Money Antigua and Barbuda

The East Caribbean dollar.

Visa Antigua and Barbuda

For Russian citizens do not require a visa provided that the stay in the country for a period of not more than 1 month. You must have a passport valid for at least 6 months at the time of return. When leaving the country you will be charged the appropriate fee in the amount of 20 USD.

Traditions Antigua and Barbuda

For Antigua and Barbuda relatively low overall crime rate, but the number of thefts of personal property is large enough. It should especially beware of pickpockets, often working in airports, ports, public places and places of the big congestion of people. Do not carry valuables, documents and large sums of money for this feature safes hotels. Don't get out the wallet in crowded places or leave things in the front seat of the car during stops. You should avoid visiting alone in isolated areas, and to wander along the banks after dark. As on many other Caribbean Islands, Antigua and Barbuda routine as would be shifted to the evening. Lunch late and not very dense. But dinner in here often so abundant and long, which is often delayed until late. And dinner the locals prefer outside the home, while family dinners, especially during the holidays, is one of the foundations of life. Antigua is the venue for numerous events, festivals and sporting events. Carnival is the biggest annual festival of the country, begins in late July and culminates in a parade on the first Tuesday of August. During this period, there is a huge amount of musical performances, orchestral marches, circus and street ceremonies with noisy dance events. Another interesting event in the country - the October Jazz festival. Especially full of cultural and sports activities period from late January to late may. In these months are held the Week of Regattas (in late April)that collects in the harbours of the island many yachts from around the world, cricket matches and volleyball, in February exhibitions of horses and dogs, in April - challenge Cup Antigua yachting (8 - 10 April), regatta Antigua classic (14 - 19 April)and annual tournament sport fishing. At the end of may begins the annual Tennis Week, Fair Food and carnival Caribana is the main festive event Barbuda.

Traditional cuisine Antigua and Barbuda

The cuisines of Latin American countries - Antigua, Cuba, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay, Ecuador, Colombia and others are very similar. Similarity is observed as the composition of the ingredients used and preparation technology. Through three centuries of the Spanish-Portuguese to the Board many South American dishes are Italian, Portuguese, Spanish names and origin. For cuisine Latin American countries are characterized by dishes from natural meat, mainly beef and pork. Meat roasted on grills-grills or stew in ceramic pots. Stews of meat with red beans and smoked sausage in tomato sauce with red pepper especially popular. Numerous dishes of vegetables, especially tomatoes, corn, beans, beans define the typical features of these kitchens. Cold dishes and snacks - salads vegetable with onions, sweet peppers, celery and other components. Soups - soups, noodle soups, soups black bean and others. Main dishes - in addition to the above meat dishes, popular domestic and wild bird, spit-roasted or stewed in a pot with vegetables, meat sausages, reminiscent of the Georgian bathe. Cuisine type chakhokhbili, ABC, kebabs are widely distributed in South America. For example, a popular dish "triantos" there is nothing like roasted on skewers, pre-salted and poperchennye slices of pork. Side dishes - vegetables, potatoes, rice, corn - are served separately. People from South America on the table should be submitted only white bread. For Breakfast white crusty bread or toast. For salads is used olive oil, and only in extreme cases - a common plant. Mayonnaise or sour cream for salads excluded. Dessert and drinks - wine, traditionally served for lunch and dinner. Fruit and strong organic coffee are an integral part of the national table of the peoples of South America.

Political system Antigua and Barbuda

The state is part of the British Commonwealth. The head of state is Queen Elizabeth II represented by the Governor General, having local citizenship. Legislative power is vested in a bicameral Parliament consisting of a Senate and house of representatives. The term of office of the Parliament is 5 years. Executive power is vested in the government headed by the Prime Minister, who is appointed by the Governor-General.

Population Antigua and Barbuda

Most of the islanders are descendants of African slaves brought here in the colonial era. There are also a small number of white, mostly English and Portuguese origin.

Customs Antigua and Barbuda

Import and export of local and foreign currency is not limited. To the importation of prohibited weapons and drugs. It is prohibited to export without special permission of objects and items of historical and artistic value.

Medical aid Antigua and Barbuda

The level of medical services and quality of services on the island are quite high and are based on British standards. About 10 modern hospitals and clinics provide almost all kinds of health. Many hotels are English-speaking doctors. It is strongly recommended that medical insurance international standard.

Tip Antigua and Barbuda

A tip of 10% is automatically added to your account by most hotels and some restaurants. The price of the service increases government tax (7 - 8.5 percent). So it is always best to ask in advance what is included in the price and what will be added later. Some restaurants indicate rates in Eastern Caribbean dollars, the other in US dollars, and many of those in the other. In institutions of lower level gratuities are left to the discretion of the client (10% is acceptable). Tipping in taxis is 10%, although in most cases are left to the discretion of the guest. The porters at the airport are supposed to leave a 0.5- $ 1 per piece of Luggage, the attendants in hotels - 8.5% of the total bill, maids and porters - about $ 1.