FinlandFinland - a country in northern Europe, have established the conditions for a comfortable and memorable stay. Finland - a quiet, cozy atmosphere of the resort, a high level of service and infrastructure, as well as a variety of entertainment and additional services. Holidays in Finland - City life and entertainment, Winter sports in the ski resorts, eco-friendly forests and lakes of the country, European culture and standard of living, friendly and hospitable people of the country and, of course, is a meeting with himself Santa Claus in Lapland! Finland - a country in Northern Europe, in the east of the Scandinavian Peninsula. In the south and east by Russia, to the north - with Norway to the west - with Sweden. Southern coast bordering the Gulf of Finland and Gulf of Bothnia of the Baltic Sea. The structure also includes Finland, Aland Islands (archipelago Ahvenanmaa) - about 6.5 thousand. Small low islands off the southwest coast of the country. Most of the country is occupied by hilly moraine plains with numerous rock outcrops and extensive lake-river network (there 187,888 lakes!). Up to one third the entire surface of the country swamped. In the north-west of the country stretches the eastern end of the Scandinavian mountains (the highest point - the city Hult, 1328 m.). The Baltic Sea bass and speckled with numerous islands and skerries. The total area of Finland - 338 thousand. Sq. km. Capital Helsinki.

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First of all, Finland is famous for its rivers and lakes, which turn it into a true "Mecca" of boating and fishing in Europe, as well as its carefully preserved nature, wonderful wildlife and excellent opportunities for winter sports. In the summer, a great Baltic coast and thousands of lakes provide a good opportunity to swim only at some hundred kilometers from the Arctic Circle, and interesting walks or bicycle tours, hunting and rafting will impress any tourist. Helsinki (founded in 1550) is located on the shore of the Gulf of Bothnia, and because, despite its status port, famous for fresh air and beautiful scenery, combined with an interesting "northern" architecture. The most famous architectural ensemble of the Finnish capital - a complex of buildings in the Empire style at the Senate Square Cathedral, the State Council and the University, and in the center of the square - a monument to the Russian Emperor Alexander II. Not far from the Senate Square Market Square (Kauppatori) - the most vivid and lively place in Helsinki, as well as an indoor market "Kauppahalli", the Presidential Palace, City Hall, Esplanadnaya park ("Espa") and symbol of the city - a fountain with a bronze sculpture "Havis Amanda "(1908). On the sea shore is a park Sibelius, famous for the monument to the composer Sibelius, whose name is the Academy of Music in Helsinki. Close - Olympic Stadium, from the observation deck on the tower of which (height 72 m.) Is a beautiful view of the capital. To the east of the stadium, near the House of Culture in Helsinki, located Linnanmäki Amusement Park with a diverse array of attractions, outdoor playgrounds pop, theater, variety show "Peacock" and dozens of shops and restaurants. In 2002, the first to open here in the Nordic marine center Sea Life 28 large aquariums. Also be interested in Garden City, the Palace of "Finland" on the bay and Töölö Haikko 48 km. from the capital - once a favorite place of the Russian imperial family. In Helsinki, more than 60 churches, of which the best known is the largest Orthodox cathedral outside Russia - Cathedral of the Assumption (1868), of red brick, as well as one of the most interesting architectural structures Finland - carved into granite rock church Temppelinaukio ("Snow Church "or" The Church in the Rock ", 1969), which are often held marvelous organ concerts. Under the auspices of the Finnish National Gallery combined three wonderful museum Sinebryuhovsky Museum of Fine Arts with a large collection of Western European paintings, porcelain, silver and furniture, Atheneum Museum (1887), a collection of Finnish and foreign art XVIII-XX century. Museum of Contemporary Art "Kyasma" illuminating work of Finnish artists from the 60s of XX century. No less interesting are the National History Museum of Finland, entirely devoted to the history of the Finnish nation and its culture, the Museum of Applied Art and Industrial Design, as well as the name of Amos Anderson Museum (Finnish art). The most popular tourist spot of the capital and a favorite place of the people of Helsinki - a group of islands of Suomenlinna (Suomenlinna) with a set of powerful Swedish fortress Suomenlinna (1748-1772) and the old base of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian empire, included in UNESCO World Heritage List. Now you can visit 4 museums, explore the oldest sailing ship in Finland - "Alma", many picturesque ancient fortifications, exhibitions, cafes, restaurants and art center of the Nordic countries. 5 km. from Helsinki city center lies the island Seurasaari on which the Ethnographic Open Air Museum (has the status of National Park) with a variety of picturesque old Finnish wooden buildings brought from different parts of the country. On the island of Helsinki Zoo is one of the best in Europe, Helsinki Zoo, famous for its miniature mini-park rainforest "Amazonia", "Cat's Valley" and recreated the world of marsh area of Finland - "House of the boreal." Also here is a nice maritime museum. In Hameenlinna (70 km. North-west of the capital) is interesting in the first Finnish Museum of prisons in the old prison building, as well as a medieval castle (XIII c.) And the house-museum of Sibelius. Lahti (75 km. Northeast of the capital) is known as a great center of winter games with a first-class sports center and a ski museum. The oldest city in Finland, and the country's capital until 1812, the city of museums and fjords - Turku, is much of the rugged coastline to the south-west of the country, opposite the archipelago Ahvenanmaa. Turku Cathedral - the oldest building in the city (1230-1260, graduated at the end of the XV century.) And the spiritual center of the country. On the territory of the cathedral are buried many prominent figures of the country (in Vol. H. Queen of Sweden Catherine Monsdotter), as well as works interesting museum of wooden sculptures, church utensils and tissues. The most popular attraction of Turku - Turku Castle (the end of the XIII century.), Which is now a historical museum of the city. Next to it is the Maritime Centre Forum Marinum with excellent collection on the history of navigation, these ships and a lot of their models. Interesting museum artisans "Luostarinmyaki" Sibelius Museum with a collection of musical instruments and scores, Pharmaceutical Museum on the waterfront, museums name Väinö Aaltonen and Art has a wonderful collection of contemporary Finnish art, sculpture and graphics, museum-Abo Vetus Ars Nova in the Old Turku with an extensive collection of archaeological finds and historical artifacts, as well as a water park "Katinkulta" with dozens of water rides and the Caribbean - the largest and most popular water park in Turku. Central Finland and the Lake District are the best place for an active holiday in Europe. Hundreds of picturesque lakes and rivers, thick forests and mild climate attract millions of visitors. Founded in 1779 in Tampere, the third largest city in Finland, lies on the hilly land between the lakes and Pyhajarvi Hyasiyarvi surrounded by nearly two hundred of the smaller lakes. Tampere Cathedral (1907) is a magnificent monument "Finnish romanticism" and resembles a medieval castle. Orthodox Church of St. Alexander Nevsky. Nicholas in neo-Byzantine style stands in sharp contrast with the Church Kaleva (1966) and the majestic cathedral on Tuomiokirkonkatu (1907), and the original shopping centers "Kehryasaari" and "Koskike-skus" - the biggest in Scandinavia concert hall "Tampere Hall" (1990). The city has more than 20 museums, for the most part very original and interesting - Art Museum named Sara Hilden with an extensive collection of contemporary art, Tampere Art Museum, with a collection of contemporary Finnish art, Pharmacy Museum, the Museum of Boxing, a wonderful museum Mummilaasko (Moomin Valley ) in Tampere city library, Museum of Dolls and costumes "Hatanpää-Cartan" in the eponymous manor automobile Museum "Mobilia" mineral Museum, the Museum of "Work quarter Cupid", the Museum of hockey, museum Häme Museum Teya, Central Museum, working in Finland, museum Center "Vapriykki" with dozens of permanent exhibits, as well as three centers of art and photography. One of the main attractions of the city - an amusement park Sarkanniemi with more than 30 rides, planetarium, zoo, delphinium, aquarium "Eden" and the highest observation tower of the country - "Näsinneula." Tampere organized hundreds of water tours and hiking trails in the magnificent surroundings of the city. Located in the heart of the Lake District Mikkeli with his sparkling white snow and clear ice pristine lakes and rivers - the perfect place for walking to skiing, fishing, skiing snowmobiling and dog sledding, tobogganing or Finnish snowshoeing, as well as various other kinds of winter fun and sports. Lovely light and concerts of classical music are held in the conference hall of "Mikaela", and in Southeast Asia held the largest exhibition in the Nordic countries of wooden architecture. In fishing center "Kaihunlanden-Kalaskusteskus" you can go fishing with a magnificent result or pass formidable rapids Nyukyalya rafting or kayaking. Lying in the heart of the Saimaa lake system of 330 km. east of Helsinki Savonlinna - the perfect place to relax at any time of the year. Interesting medieval fortress Olavinlinna (1475), which regularly hosts music festivals, and regional art museums, picturesque wooden farmstead "Rauhalinna" and the Museum of Finnish Forest "Lousteau" in Punkaharju. In Kuopio attract beauty of Lake Kallavesi Puijo (height 150 m.) And numerous areas of untouched nature right in the city, plus a great opportunity for a wide variety of outdoor activities - are annually laid more than 400 km. ski slopes, some of which are illuminated in the evenings. Two ski descent, equipped on the ski stadium at Mount Puyo, more suitable for family skiing for beginners, but it is easy to reach from Kuopio to nearby ski centers "Kasurila" at Siilinjärvi, "Maarinvaara" in Kaavi, "Ryamyakkya" in Rautalampi and "Tahko "in Nielsen, where there are descents of any complexity and good trails for snowboarding. Water and health centers "Blue Lagoon", "Veseleppis" in Leppävirta and "Kunnonpaikka" in Siilinjärvi offer dozens of water rides and water park in the "Fontanella" in Siilinjärvi acts also giant 90-meter waterslide. On the way Lappeenranta - Imatra is "Forest pets" where you can and catch salmon and ride horses. In Jyvaskyla (Jyväskylä), two ski centers - "Laajavuori" with special slopes for skiing and child "Riihivuori" where there are complex descents. Himos is conveniently located near major cities and is one of the most popular ski resorts in the country - are 17 ski runs, 11 lifts and about 100 km. plain Trail, 2 "half-pipe" and "Street" snowboard and ski season thanks to snow cannons that starts in October. Eastern Finland and North Karelia - a solid hills, rivers and lakes, surrounded by pine forests and populated with original Karelian peoples. This is the best area for recreation and ecotourism in the country. In Kajaani (founded in 1651) is a unique wooden Lutheran Church, as well as a wealth of Kajaani Art Museum and the Museum of Kainuu. Nurmes - "city of birches," and a beautiful tourist center with its own water-recreation complex "Bomb" (House Bombino), also good leisure center "Hyuvyarilya." In Valamo interesting Novovalaamsky Orthodox monastery. In Ilomantsi falls more snow than anywhere else in the country, so ski tradition here are excellent, but it's also the most eastern point of the EU. In the area to the beautiful landscape of Koli added Koli National Park and Nature Center "Ukko" with a lovely natural sciences expositions. City of Kuhmo in Kainuu - second residence of Santa Claus (Youlukyulya), and the city 2 times the area of Tokyo! 3 km. from the town is the village of Kalevala with cognitive center "Juminkeko" - a living illustration of the famous epic. Vuokatti is located in the wooded hills of Eastern Finland and is a famous international ski center, as well as the most "versatile" resort in the country (11 ski runs of various difficulty, 8 lifts, 150 km. Plain Trail and 1 snowboard tracks) with the first summer track in Europe . Here is one of the largest in Scandinavia, sports and recreation facilities "Katinkulta," "Santa Claus Village" and one of the best centers in Finland with a tropical water park. In the area of Hand - Kuusamo 360 km. plain Trail, trails for snowboarding 3, 40 ski slopes and numerous ski lifts. In Fell chalets more than 120 km. variety of pistes, "warm" lighted trail at an altitude of 400 m. and picturesque surroundings. Lapland - one of the most exotic and popular places in Finland. The capital of Lapland - lies near the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, home of Santa Claus and one of the best winter recreation centers in Finland. Here in hacked directly into the hill Syuvesenvaara large (4 th. Sq. M.) "Ice" cave opened Christmas themed mall Santa Park, as well as e-mail Santa Claus (9 km. From Rovaniemi), its fabulous shops and "office". In addition to all sorts of attractions in Rovaniemi there is a first-class ski center on the hill Ounasvaara factory shop famous knives "Marttiini" bridge "Yatkyankyuntillya" ("Candle rafters") with burning an eternal flame on it, and united under one glass roof Arctic Centre and Regional Museum of Lapland Arktikum, presenting the history, lifestyle, environment, and the culture and traditions of the peoples living north of the Arctic Circle. The museum has a restaurant serving dishes from the national Lapland cuisine. 80 km. south of Rovaniemi zoo opened wound, representing Arctic fauna. Also of interest are the Museum of the Northern Lights in Pohiyan Kruunu-famous Deer Park near Salla hill Korvatunturi in Sovakoski - "the official residence of Santa Claus", and an amethyst mine near Luosto. Rovaniemi start hundreds of routes snowmobile, ski, sled, fishing and eco-tours throughout Lapland. The resort Pyhä (125 km. From Rovaniemi) is famous for 160 km. first-class ski runs (40 of them - lit) around the hills Pyhätunturi ("sacred mountain"), ski center and nature center National Park Pyhätunturi. Good winter center in Yulitornio, a small village with a unique nursery Tanhua "Husky" - Siberian huskies - and pristine forest area of Kainuu. The most northerly ski resort in the country - Saariselkä is located on the border of a huge (2550 sq. Km.) Urho Kekkonen National Park, 30 km. from Ivalo, and is famous for 25 miles. ski slopes of all levels of difficulty, 210 km. plain Trail and more than 500 km. prepared snowmobile trails. It is interesting to visit the nearby (30 km. From Saariselkä) village miners Tankavaara with the Museum of the miners and the exhibition "World of Gold" and siida village (70 km. From Saariselka) on the shores of the second largest lake in the country - Inari, where interesting wooden church built in 1760 and a unique Museum of the Sami. Winter sports center Levi (18 km. From Kittilä) is 250 km. first-class ski trails (along with neighboring Muonio and Hetta - more than 1,000 km.), 15 km. mountain slopes (the longest - 2.5 km)., and an indoor sports center. Yllas is located in Western Lapland, near the Swedish border, and has the most extensive network in the country perfectly groomed pistes (250 km.), Which is interwoven with trails nearby resorts of Levi, Muonio and Hetta. At all the resorts, you can take part in safaris, snowmobile racing and dog sledding, go fishing in the beautiful surrounding waters or spend the evening in the sauna, which, of course, there is in every hotel and cottage. Lying on the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia the town of Kemi famous for his ice-breaker "Sampo" and a snow castle, and Oulu - the largest city in northern Scandinavia. Also of interest are "twin-city" Tornio and Haparanda and Kalajoki resort - the perfect place for a family holiday in both summer and winter. The specific nature of these places gives the proximity of Sweden - the border is very close, and you can go to visit the neighbors, and in the Tornio-Haparanda, you can play golf in the snow, throwing balls across the border! And, of course, beautiful nature, hundreds of modern hotels and private cottages, plus all the conditions for outdoor activities.

Climate Finland

Temperate continental in the north is experiencing a strong "warming" effect of the North Atlantic current, in the south-west - the transition from temperate maritime to continental. Characterized by mild snowy winters and moderately warm summers. The highest summer temperature from +25 C to +30 C, and the average temperature is about 18 C, the temperature of the water in shallow lakes and seaside quickly reaches 20 C and above.

Time Finland

Far from Moscow at 1:00.

Language Finland

Approximately 93.5% of the population speak Finnish, 5.9% - in Swedish (both public). In the field of business communication and tourism are widely used English and German. In the northern regions speak Sami.

Money Finland

Euro (EURO), 1 EURO = 100 EURO cent. Banknotes: 500, 200, 100, 50, 20, 10 and 5 euros. Coins: 2 and 1 euro; 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 cents.

Visa Finland

Turnaround documents at the embassy - up to two weeks. To obtain a visa must have a passport, 2 profiles with photos (photo must be in color, front view and the size 36h47 mm, height of the head (from the tip of the chin to the top of the head) of 25-35 mm. Photo must be made not earlier than six months ago, the image of the applicant should consistent with its modern appearance. Background must be plain, light, but not white, preferably - a blue tint.) invitation - tourist, private or official - and, if you follow the children, notarized consent of the other parent to let them leave. Unlike private and tourist trip with the kids at the business invitation difficult Typical length of stay in the country on a tourist invitation - up to two weeks (time-out for a month), the private - up to one month for the service - up to one week (time-out for three weeks). The tourist and the private invitation only single entry visa is issued at the invitation of the service may be granted two fold. The invitation should indicate whether taking on a host of the costs of the stay in the country. Consular fee is $ 25, can be paid in dollars or rubles. A single ten-day visa can be obtained at the Embassy of Finland in Moscow or at the consulate in St. Petersburg. Single entry visa costs $ 30. Deposit of documents conducted by appointment by calling 230-2143 from 10 to 12 hours. Since July 1, the Embassy of Finland in Moscow no longer accepts cash for payment of the fee for the visa. Now, all fees are paid only through the offices of the International Moscow Bank. The cost of a visa is indicated in euros, but they are paid in Russian rubles at the exchange rate on the payment date. Under the new system, the customer comes first visa to the Embassy and leaves for a visa and the necessary documents, as it was before. An employee checks the documents and issues the applicant a visa payment account. Account has three parts and each part has the same system number. The first part is in the Embassy and working identification numbers instead of the previous pass. The remaining two parts are the client and with them he shall pay the visa fee at the Department of International Moscow Bank (International Moscow Bank). Bank charges for each visa fee in rubles according to their rates on the day of payment. To ensure smooth visa, you must make payment of the visa fee in the day of application for a visa or at the latest - the next day. Visas are still issued the visa section of the Embassy of Finland, and is still considering the application deadline is five business days. In Moscow there are six branches of the International Moscow Bank. Coming from the Embassy of the two branches of "Cossack" and "Dmitrovka" are, respectively, at the following addresses: 1st Cossack Lane 1.9 (metro station "Glade") and st. Dmitrovka, 10.2, Building 4 (metro station "Ryad") Other department: "Yury Dolgoruky" - Ascension Lane, 22/13, Business Center "Homestead" (metro station "Ryad") "Tver" - 1-Yamskaya st., 28, p.1 (metro station "Belarus") "Kosmodamianskaya" - Kosmodamianskaya embankment, 52/2, Business Centre "Riverside" (metro station "Paveletskaya") "Lenin" - Lenin Prospect, 133/1, Business-center "Park Place" (Metro "Southwest") All offices are open Monday to Thursday from 9.30 to 16.00 on Fridays and during weekends and holidays from 9.30 to 15.00 (according to the Embassy of Finland) .

Traditions Finland

Trade in Finland is not accepted, but in some shops and markets can be traded quite successfully, especially in Kauppahalli. There is a whole system of seasonal discounts and sales. From Christmas to the end of January and in the summer after Midsummer (June 22-24), last long sales periods when prices can be up to 30-50%. In Finland, the dependence of the level of service and quality of the rooms is almost independent of the number of "stars" of the hotel. The level of most hotels, even private wooden cottages in remote areas is very high, and the rooms are equipped with all modern amenities. The rate is almost always include breakfast. The price level at the same time is also quite high. Many hotels form the best "family" rates that include tickets to various tourist sites in the region. Many hotels for free (in parents' room) placed children up to 12 years if they do not need an extra bed. P can also be obtained by various hotels and city maps, and typically include other kinds of services. The country has a sufficiently wide network of campsites. The fee for parking at the camp varies, depending on the class, ranging from 7 to 20 euros, accommodation in a residential house - from 26 to 60 Euro. Requires "Camping Card" (available in the campground for the price of 5 euros), as well as the effect of the international map "CCI" and other travel cards. The cottages and hotel rooms, no smoking. If you require a smoking room, it is better to agree in advance when booking. Finland has adopted a very strict system of environmental management. It is forbidden to split tents and build fires outside the designated areas, disturb or harm the wild animals and birds, to camp in the vicinity of the property, use the vehicle without permission of the owner of the site, to fish and hunt without the relevant permits (fishing on float rod and donk free). Religion: about 88% of the population - Lutherans, 1.1% - Orthodox Christians, there are representatives of other faiths. Finns - very friendly and straight forward people. Numerous legends and "true stories" about the people most often have no basis other than the imagination of the narrator. Finns - quiet and very correct people who appreciate the thoroughness in all cases and the slow pace, but it is not a physiological trait, as is commonly believed, and common sense. Pretty severe nature of this region simply does not allow for anything other than the pre-all be carefully considered, otherwise the fruits of labor will just quickly lost. So do not expect an immediate reaction from Finn, but underestimated it too hardly reasonable. Code of Conduct Suomi is fairly standard for the Nordic countries: correctness, courtesy and tranquility - that the three pillars of the local etiquette. Shake hands with the other person made only when we first met, when subsequent contacts are limited to just nod and binding verbal greeting. However, in an official or business etiquette handshake obligatory in all cases. Some public "concessions to the weaker sex" is often understood going wrong - the ladies are also made to shake hands, otherwise the behavior is regarded as offensive. In business communication with the Finns recommended look him in the eye - if looks away, the local partner may suspect of insincerity. Also in Finland, it is not necessary to show crony relationships, touch the other person (pat, put his hand on my shoulder), you can not interrupt the talker, actively gesticulating, raise your voice and rapidly to show their emotions. Public holidays: January 1 (New Year's), January 6 (Baptism) in February - Day of Runeberg, April 2-5 (Easter), May 1 (Spring Festival Vapunpyayvya), May 9 (Mother's Day), May 17 (Remembrance day), May 13 (Ascension), May 23 (Trinity), June 20 (Midsummer Day), October 10 (Day Alexiev Kiwi), 24 October (UN Day), October 31 (Halloween), November 6 (Swedish culture day), November 8 (father's Day), December 6 (Independence Day), December 25-26 (Christmas).

Traditional cuisine Finland

Finnish national cuisine formed under the influence of relatively harsh environmental conditions of the country, so almost every dish bears the imprint of the historical heritage of the Finnish people. Another feature - a passion for simple and hearty "home cooking", and that is particularly close to the Russian tradition - with the obligatory presence of fresh bread on the table. In the first place, of course, cooked fish in various ways. The most popular dishes - rainbow trout in its own juice "graavi kirelohi" salmon in its own juice "graavi fuckers" baked salmon and whitefish, herring salad "rosolli", a kind of mixed salad of fish "salamat", caviar freshwater fish with onions and sour cream - "meti", a casserole of potatoes and herring "kalalaatikko" braised in milk sea fish "maytokalakeytto" soup of dried fish "maymarokka" fish soup with milk - "kalakeytto" and "lohikeytteo" cakes of leavened dough with raw fish "kyalakyayareyttya" crispy rye rolls with fish and bacon "Kalakukkos", as well as the famous fish cake of unleavened dough "kalekukko." Traditional meat dishes, mostly prepared venison and game. Roast venison with mashed potatoes and lingonberry jam, cucumbers with honey and home-made cheese, meat Karelian pot "karyalanpaisti" roast venison "poronpaisti" stew in a wooden bowl lamb "syarya" as well as a variety of dishes from elk and birds . Of dairy foods are very popular cheeses, yogurt and "viili" - a kind of sweet and sour milk product used as an additive to many dishes. For dessert, usually served a variety of berries, which is so rich local nature, yeast rolls "the pull" and original jelly. Finns favorite drink - coffee, he confidently consumption country ranks first in the world! Homebrew "kotikalya", a kind of kvass - as an indispensable attribute of any table. Popular vodka "Koskenkorva-tartaric acid" and the famous "Finland". A special place is occupied by local berry liqueurs - infused with wild berries and herbs "lakkalikёri" (cloudberry), "puolukkalikёri" (cranberries), "karpalolikёri" (cranberry) and "mesimaryalikёri" (brambles) have an unusual taste and distinctive flavor. In Finland, the berries even manage to make sparkling wines - varieties "Kavleri" and "Elissi" sufficiently original and popular even outside the country.

Political system Finland

Finland - an independent democratic republic with a presidential form of government (the president is elected for a term of 6 years). Head of Government - Prime Minister appointed by the president from among the leaders of the party of the parliamentary majority. Legislature - Parliament.

Population Finland

About 5.1 million. Persons. About 93% of them - the Finns, about 6% - the Swedes and Saami in Lapland and Karelian peoples.

Customs Finland

Import of local and foreign currency is unlimited. In addition to personal things, duty free can carry up to 1 liter of spirits (22% stronger) or 2 liters of aperitifs (max. 22%) or champagne, and 2 liters of wine and 16 liters of beer. You can also import duty-free up to 200 pcs. cigarettes or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars or 250 grams. pipe and cigarette tobacco, up to 100 gr. tea or 40g. tea extract and tea essences, and 50 c. perfume and 0.25 liters of toilet water, and tourists are not younger than 15 years old - 500 gr. coffee or 200g. coffee essences. Allowed to import fish products, honey, frogs' legs and snails, for his own use and without veterinary inspection or application of the requirements for confirmation of the origin of products, up to 1 kg for each of these product groups. In addition, the catch is allowed to import up to 15 kg of fish or a whole fish caught during recreational fishing, as well as baby food or special foodstuffs therapeutic action, which contain meat, meat products, milk or milk products in unopened packaging and the whole retail in an amount not higher than 175 euros. Items for which no quantitative restrictions, are allowed to import without payment of duties and taxes shall not be more than the sum of 185 euros (including the total value of imported beer). In addition to the contents of the tank can import duty free up to 10 liters. gasoline. Banned the import of birds' eggs, meat and meat products (other than the limited importation of reindeer meat, hare and bear meat in the presence of veterinary certificate prescribed form and import through the veterinary border checkpoint where food is produced surcharge border control), milk and dairy products from Russia has not allowed.

Medical aid Finland

No compulsory vaccinations required. Drugs available in pharmacies ("pharmacy"), who work almost around the clock. In case of emergency assistance will be provided free of charge. Extensive network of so-called health centers, that is, out-patient, which is the first medical aid. When to see a doctor the patient will be asked to provide a health insurance policy or a written commitment to pay for medical services, which are quite expensive. The cost of receiving a private general practitioner - 25-35 euros for taking no longer than 20 minutes, receiving a specialist will cost 40-60 euros, about 5-7 euro takes desk. In some public clinics and health centers per visit charge 8-10 euro. Hospital treatment is always paid, but in the state paid only day hospital stay (applies residing in Finland), and in particular to be paid and medicines and examination and treatment as a whole.

Working hours Finland

Banks are usually open on weekdays from 9.15 to 16.15, weekends - Saturday and Sunday. During the holidays, all banks are closed. Shops are open on weekdays from 9.00 to 18.00-20.00, Saturday - from 9.00 to 16.00. Many private shops are open longer, and in the period from June to August also open on Sundays. The holidays are almost all the shops are closed.

Transport Finland

The country has a well-developed maritime transport - due to its convenient geographical position it is possible to maintain an active shipping, inland shipping is. Magnificent network of roads and railways gives the opportunity to travel by train as well as by car or bus. With the airline industry, you can get out of the country in every corner of the globe. Cities and villages of the country are connected by bus routes. In case of group trips and youth system of discounts. In all transport modes, a special tourist ticket. The ticket can be bought on day 1 (4.5 USD), 3 days (9 USD). Tickets more convenient and cheaper than single tickets. Tickets are valid for travel by bus, tram and metro. The duration of the ticket is counted from the first trip. The penalty for ticketless travel is about $ 50 dollars. In Finland, there are also discount tickets for exhibitions, museums and other cultural activities. Discount ticket for one day costs 15 USD for two days - 20 USD for three days - $ 24 dollars.

Electricity Finland

The voltage is 220 V, needed plugs and sockets, as well as in other European Union countries.

Tip Finland

Tipping is customary to Switzerland Hotels, restaurants. Hairdressers, taxi drivers they give is not accepted. In upscale restaurants Closet charge. In other cases, the cost of services included in the bill.

Helpful information Finland

Ambulance - 112 Fire Brigade - 112 Police - 112 or 10022. These services are called toll-free from anywhere in Finland. Targeted Referral Service (phone numbers, address) - 118.