Corfu, Greece

CorfuCorfu - the most famous of the Ionian Islands. Corfu - island, all in lush blend of the traditions of many and diverse cultures that flourished on the island at various times. This truly cosmopolitan island, you can easily combine quiet - serene vacation with intense rhythm of intense nightlife. Not inferior to fame and popularity and the island.

Corfu (or Kerkyra in Greek) is located in north-western Ionian Sea. The island is 120 km, the width of the island from 4 to 40 km, the coastline of 217 km. Unique landscape of the island combines mountains and plains, bays and long beaches, ancient monuments and modern architecture. The island of Corfu, in lush, with indented, like lace, bay, fascinated many artists, who glorified the beauty of literary and musical works, depicting him in paintings, sculptures and engravings. Such masters as Goethe, Oscar Wilde, Gerald and Lawrence Darrell, painters Alfred Sisley and Edward Lear, immortalized the unique charm of Corfu. The great Napoleon was also impressed by its beauty.

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Corfu is an ideal place for quiet family holidays and luxury, for sports enthusiasts.

Corfu from any point of view the westernmost part of Greece. Thanks to its rich nature, culture and history of Corfu is the most famous tourist destinations in the world. If we look at his history, we'll see how many times he won because of its important strategic and economic position. Venetians, French, English as its main invaders cultural diversity of the island creating a combination of Western culture and the uniqueness of the Greek. Lifestyle and multifaceted mentality of local residents are still a typical Greek. Their characteristics: pleasure, love, happiness and above all adventure. Its unique nature combines blue and green, mountains and sea. Unchanging landscape, sandy beaches, charming sunsets - these are the components of forcing foreigners again and again to come to Corfu.

Corfu is rich with its architectural treasures. Among them stands the palace Achilles, built on the orders of the Austrian Empress Elizabeth in antique style, where you can still see the unique old things, the very same palace is surrounded by fabulous park, walk through that - a real pleasure. The island also has about eight hundred monasteries and churches, some of them you can see if you visit a sightseeing tour of the island. It is also interesting to visit the medieval fortress in Gardiki, Kassiopi and Angelskastro.

Resorts of Greece are famous for their beaches. The island has many beaches, they stretch along the coast and are divided into urban and wild. If you were on the East coast of the island of Corfu, most likely you will get on the pebbly beach or stumble upon some secluded cove. Once on the West coast of Corfu, you can relax on the beach or find a cozy bay, covered with pebbles. For the South and the North Coast is also characterized by sand beaches. But at whatever beach you were, there probably exists a few small tavernas where you can have a tasty and inexpensive meal, try the exotic dishes of seafood, light taste local wine or simply enjoy a pleasant cool after a long stay in the sun.