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KavalaKavala - the second largest port city of Northern Greece, which fascinates visitors with its nepovtormoy atmosphere that prevails here thanks plexus several eras - Roman, Byzantine and ossmanskoy. Each day stay in Kavala not like another. Beautiful beaches are located within the city limits and extends along the coasts on both sides for 5-6 kilometers. Kavala - one of the main centers of the tobacco industry of the country in which osuschestvyaletsya processing of the most famous varieties of the Macedonian tobacco.

Kavala - a city in north-eastern Macedonia, situated on the shores of the Gulf of Kavala in the Aegean Sea. Kavala is located in 166 km from Thessaloniki and 673 km from Athens.

The ancient name of Kavala - Neapolis.

Previously, through the town of Kavala on the main artery of the huge Roman Empire - Egnatiya road that connected Rome with Constantinople. Evidence of its former power and prosperity of the city are the Acropolis, the ancient fortress walls, the ancient theater and the Byzantine churches.

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One of the attractions of Kavala is the Old Town. The picturesque streets and houses of ancient architecture, twined with flowering shrubs, give the city a unique flavor.

Soup kitchen - Moslem building erected by Mohammed Ali. Byzantine fortress. And, finally, a lighthouse, with the location of which a beautiful view over the city as well as at sea.

Area Karaoli with its many traditional coffee shops and located in the open-air restaurants, serving mainly fish, cooked according to ancient Greek recipes.

A peculiar boundary between the old and new city are the famous "Camara" (arch) aqueduct, built in 1550. Kamares - the old water tower of the city, which was built in 16 century on the ruins of older Byzantine fortifications
Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent second.

In New Town there are two major museum of Kavala: Archaeological and city, a visit that should not be neglected. Here is the quay, where the docked cruise ships, ferries, fishing boats. Byzantine era left its mark especially in religious buildings: the Church of St. John (the oldest in town), the Cathedral of St. Paul's Church of the Blessed Virgin.

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Soft winter alternate with an unusually hot summer, which is refreshing seasonal trade winds - the Greek people called them "meltemya. Abundance of sunlight, can be no exaggeration to say that the sun shines all year round.