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Paralia KateriniParalia Katerini (in Greek embankment g.Katerini) - a small modern town, prevrativshiiysya in recent years in a very popular resort in the Aegean Sea. The newest 80-kilometer highway from the airport of Thessaloniki is a path in these regions is not tiring. Paralia Katerini is comfortable and well-groomed sandy beaches, crystal clear waters of the Aegean, full of sea-level ozone and iodine crisp air - a divine aura, reaching the summit of Mount Olympus to the mythical paradise coast.

Paralia Katerini (Katerini Quay ") - holiday village 6 km from the town of Katerini, 70 km from Thessaloniki and 80 km from airport" Macedonia ". It is located in the central region of Pieria, on the Aegean coast. There are many tavernas, discos and shops, including fur. Therefore, in Paralia Katerini mostly go people involved in "skin coat business." Prices are low, but the range of fur coats simpler than in Kastoria. In "Shubnikov" here goes the youth and amateur "hang out".

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Here is the same Olympus, where the ancient Greeks settled their Gods. Mount Olympus is often shrouded in clouds, and when Zeus in anger, from his throne proceeded lightning and thunder. From May to October visitors can call in a visit to the gods of Olympus. Olympus stands outstanding natural beauty, flora and fauna. In 1981, Olympus was declared a UNESCO natural reserve of world significance. Pieria not only the house of Zeus, is the land of the gods, muses and heroes, sung in the hymns of the ancient Greek poet, mentioned in the works of Homer, Hesiod, Herodotus.

However, the gods of Olympus haven far stepped in front of a plain in the vicinity of Katerini. On the merits of land Pieria speaks domain name: it comes from the word "public relations" - fertile. The city has no shortage of greenery: plane trees and pine trees provide shade and fill the air with pine scent. In northern Greece, close to the skin coat factory Kastoria and the monasteries of Meteora in the Gulf coast Termaikos small resort town situated Paralia Katerini ( "Paralia" in Greek - the coast). In the seventeenth century, the monks built a church of St. Catherine, which the city and owes its name. City Center, built in the typical style of modern European cities, concentrated in itself dozens of shops, offices of European banks and various public services. Low cost vacation in this part of Western Macedonia, is precisely the advantage of this coast. These places on their beach qualities little in yield than the best Greek resorts.

Paralia Katerini beaches of golden sand, turquoise sea and strange smell of laurel trees has become in recent years in the famous tourist resort on the Aegean coast, where at your disposal more than 100 skin coat shops, jewelry shops, many restaurants, bars and discos. Especially for Greek tourists are arranged in the evening. Residents of this area are famous for their traditions and gracious hospitality.

South of Katerini in the vicinity of Mount Olympus is a sanctuary Macedonians Dion. This is a place of worship of Zeus - Thunder in its significance for them comparable to the role of Olympia in the spiritual life of the southern Greeks.

Successful location of the town Paralia gives a large choice of excursion programs: a trip to the city of Athens, Thessaloniki, the eighth wonder of the world - Meteora, the ancient capital of Vergina. Tours of the area is significantly cheaper, and their average cost is $ 25. Those who like water activities proposed trip to water park, located 8 km from Thessaloniki.