Vravrona, Greece

VravronaVravrona - interesting archaeological site and one of the most beautiful parts of Attica, where the traveler's gaze open green fields, vineyards, olive groves, mountains and, of course, crystal clear, azure sea. Here you will find monuments of different historical eras. Ruins of an ancient Greek temple of Artemis here side by side with the Christian Church of the XV century, dedicated to St. George. To this day preserved only podium of the ancient temple, but even looking at him, you can get an idea of how the monument looked like as a whole.

Vravrona is located 38 kilometers south-east of Athens, just south of Rafina.

Myth of vravroniyskoy Artemis
Vravrona was dedicated to the goddess-huntress Artemis, who were believed to be the patron and hunters, and all animals, as well as the favorable resolution of women from the burden. Once the goddess got very mad at two young brothers who killed a peaceful bear, and snarled at the Athens terrible disease. At its behest, the oracle told the Athenians that getting rid of retribution will come, if they dedicate to Artemis all who live in Attica girls aged from five to ten years. Obeying the wishes of the goddess, the Athenians brought their daughters to her temple, where they were supposed to hold many years of his childhood. Young Servants of worship and participating in temple festivals held in the arctic were called, ie bear. Vravroniyskie festival dedicated to Artemis, included musical competitions, athletic competitions and poetic recitations.

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