Zakynthos, Greece

ZakynthosOne of the most beautiful of the Ionian Islands. Earthly Paradise. Blooming Garden. "Flower of the East". Or simply go to Zante, as it is called by local residents. Homeland prominent Greek poets Dionissosa Solomos and Andreas Kalvosa, the famous Greek writer Grigoriosa Ksenopulosa. Place where work closely and harmoniously intertwined Venetian and Greek traditions.

Island of Zakynthos is located in the southern Ionian Sea, 8.5 miles south of Kefalonia, in 9.5 miles to the west of the Peloponnese, and 300 km. west of Athens. The island - 402 square. km coastline - 123 km. Zakynthos is the third area and population among the Ionian Islands. It is easy to get to neighboring islands and the mainland.

Zakynthos - island of contrasts: most of it is a small mountain, covered with pines, which are alternated by plains, overgrown with grass. In the north, east and south - are many excellent beaches, while on the west coast is dominated by rocks, among which there are cozy coves and caves.

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Best known resorts of the island are: Laganos, Argasi, Erekas, Porto Zoro, Vasilikos, Tsilivis, Alykes, Alikanas and Lake Carey.

The most popular resort is Laganos, located on the southeastern coast of the island, here is the best beach, spread out on the 9 km. (considered the biggest beach of Greece).

Argasi is a great green valley, down to the sea.

Vasilikos - many magnificent beaches, green valleys, flowers ...

Porto Zoro - a charming beach, located north of Argasi.

Erekas - it is here that lays eggs in the turtle Caretta-coach.

On the shores of Lake Carey, you can have a tasty meal in one of the many tavernochek.

Beach Tsilivis perfect for relaxing with young children, because the shore shallow enough.

Alykes - here's largest selection of water sports.

In the northern part of the island is Cape Schinari, to the east of it - the Blue Cave, unique geological formations that have created a unique landscape. At this point the water has a wonderful color. In the western part of the island is most famous attraction of the island - Navayio (Shipwreck) - a vertical cliff overlooking the middle of the sandy beach (the image which you can see on any postcard on Zakynthos).

Zakynthos Town is the capital and port of the island, situated at the foot of the hill Bochali. This is - a modern city, built on the site of the old capital, destroyed by an earthquake in 1953. Sightseeing: Monastery of St.. Dionysus with the relics of the saint, St. Marcos Square, the area of Dionysos Solomos, shopping center, quay, old churches, etc.

The history of the island.
In the era of Homer and during the Trojan War, Zakynthos was a kingdom of Odysseus, King of Ithaca. It is believed that the founder of the island was Zakynthos, son Dardanosa, King of Troy. Modern historian, P. Chiotis, discovering the work of ancient historians, came to the conclusion that the settlers who arrived on the island, were Arcadians from city Psofis. He also believes that Dardanos was also Arcadians, who migrated to Asia Minor. From there, his son went to Zakynthos and gave his name to a new city.

After the Trojan War, the inhabitants of Zakynthos gained independence from the kingdom of Ithaca and established a democratic political system. Thus, the island was ruled for 650 years. During this period the island prospered, its population increased, and was gradually formed the first colony, based in Spain.

During the war with the Persians, Zakinfiane a neutral party, but in the Peloponnesian War, they sided with the Athenians. Then Zakynthos was enslaved Macedonians and later the Romans. Christianity was brought to the island in 34 AD Mary Magdalene, who had landed on the island on their way to Rome, but according to other sources, St. Beatrice. During the Byzantine period the island suffered a lot from looting pirates attack the invaders and barbarians. Zakynthos, like the other Ionian islands conquered by the Venetians, Franks ... When the rest of Greece was conquered by the Turks, the other Ionian islands ruled by the Venetians (1484). It was they who called the island of Zante (this is the second common name of the island). Venetians founded on the island's new capital in place of the old settlement, which later became a major port. The Venetians brought to the island of its aristocratic and oligarchic political system, bringing the population of the island was divided into noble citizens and ordinary people. That is why in 1797, when French republicans landed on Zakynthos, local residents accepted them with joy. Later again Zakynthos was conquered by Turkish troops, and then again by the French (1807 - 1814) and British (1814 - 1864). The result of constant raids and conquests became a union of Zakynthos and other Ionian islands with Greece, signed 21.05.1864 Since then develops on Zakynthos Greek flag.

Climate Zakynthos, Greece

The soft, Mediterranean, the island is enough rain falls and at the same time enough sunny days, making the island just very green.

Population Zakynthos, Greece

The population of the island, which is mainly involved in agriculture and employment in tourism, is about 30000 people.