IsraelIsrael - one of the most amazing countries in the world - is located on a tiny space at the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by mountains, forests and deserts. Israel - The Holy Land of three world religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Her card is full of friends since childhood, and at the same time inviting the unknown names ... Israel is located in the Middle East. In the north it is bordered by Lebanon in the north-east by Syria, on the east, Jordan to the south-west with Egypt. On the west it is washed by the Mediterranean Sea (the coastline - 230 km), located in the south of the Red Sea (Waterfront - 12 km.). The total length of the border - 1125 km. More than half of Israel's population lives on the coastal plain, which stretches along the Mediterranean Sea, 40 km inland. Almost half of the southern part of the country is desert Negev. Here lives about 8% of the population. In the north-east of Israel are the Golan Heights and the snow-covered Mount Hermon. The only body of water with fresh water in Israel - Galilee - located in the Jordan Valley. It goes from the north of the country along the border with Jordan to the Arava desert south of the Dead Sea. The Jordan River in its early fed streams from Mount Hermon in the north of Israel, after passing through the fertile Hula Valley, the Jordan flows into the Sea of Galilee, comes out of it, continues its way through the Jordan Valley and empties into the Dead Sea. A significant part of the territory occupied by Israel mountainous chain of Galilee, Samaria and Judea. The main resort city - port of Eilat in the south on the shores of the Gulf of Eilat, which is part of the Red Sea. Extreme northern point of the country's border post of Rosh Hanikra on the Israeli-Lebanese border on the Mediterranean Sea. Southernmost point of Israel - Taba border crossing south of Eilat. The area within the borders of Israel and the cease-fire lines, including the Palestinian Authority - 27 800kv. km. The length of the country from north to south - 470 km from east to west at its widest point 135 km. The highest point - Mount Hermon (2224 m.), The lowest - the mirror of the Dead Sea (400 m. Below sea level), the lowest place on earth. Capital - Tel Aviv. Population of over 600 thousand. Persons. Other large cities: Tel Aviv (more than 400 thousand. Man with the suburbs more than 1 million. Pers.), Haifa (270 thousand. Pers, with the suburbs more than 400 thousand.), Beersheba (more than 150 thousand.), Netanya (about 150 thousand.), Ashdod (about 130 thousand.), Ashkelon (about 90 thousand.), Nazareth (about 55 thousand.), Tiberias (about 40 thousand.), Eilat (about 40 thousand. pers.).

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In Israel, several popular resorts in the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea, but most tourists are attracted by the historical sights. Jerusalem - a symbol of holiness of God's people, the city with an ancient and dramatic history, the city and the complicated story of rare beauty. Holy City of Jerusalem, on the stones of which went patriarch Abraham, King David, the psalmist, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, the emperors of Byzantium, Rome, East and West, warriors, crusaders, shelves Saladin Barbarossa, countless pilgrims, among them a lot of Russian people. Jerusalem at the same time - a vibrant city in which he lives nearly half a million Israelis and Palestinians, Jews, Muslims and Christians, the city, which is divided into Armenian, Christian, Jewish and Muslim parts, separated by walls and gates, and in which everyone can find something that interests him. Jerusalem has become one of the main places of pilgrimage and religious search back in antiquity. When the patriarch of Jews, Muslims and Christians, Abraham came to the Holy Land - and that was, according to tradition, almost four thousand years ago - he met in Jerusalem, the king-priest of the One God, Melchizedek, and with him worshiped. Three thousand years ago, King David captured the city and made it his capital, and his son, Solomon the Wise built a gorgeous temple in it. Two thousand years ago in Jerusalem, Jesus Christ was crucified, laid in a tomb and resurrected. Since then, Christian pilgrims visit the Church of the Resurrection and Golgotha site of the crucifixion, the Church dumped - the place of the Holy Cross, the Garden of Gethsemane - a place of prayer in the Garden and the arrest, the Mount of Olives - the place of the Ascension and meetings with the apostles, the place of the Assumption, the resurrection of Lazarus, the birth of John Baptist, Secret Vespers, and many others. For the Russian people of Jerusalem - a city of Olivet and the monastery, and the monastery of St. Mary Magdalene in the garden of Gethsemane, and the Holy Trinity Cathedral and the church of St. Alexander Nevsky, and the largest of them Gorny Convent. Thirteen centuries ago, the majority of the population of the Holy Land converted to Islam (although many were Orthodox), and since then, the main shrine of the city - a huge rock, consecrated to the times of Melchizedek and Solomon - has become one of the most important shrines of Islam, second only to Mecca and Medina. On this rock just stepped Mi'raj Night Journey of the Prophet Muhammad over her Caliph Abd al Malik kind of Omayya built the most beautiful building in the Holy Land - the famous Golden Dome. And now to the important prayers to a quarter of a million Muslims going near the Golden Dome in the courtyard of an ancient mosque in Jerusalem Al-Aqsa. For Muslims, the pilgrimage to Jerusalem is only slightly less than the Hajj - the pilgrimage to Mecca, and in recent years many of the Muslims of Russia and other CIS countries visited Jerusalem - or Kule Mukkadas (Holy city). For the Jews, Jerusalem is also a religious center. Near the Western Wall Jewish believers for thousands of years mourned the destruction of the temple in 70 AD, and now there occur Jewish festivals. On the mountain Sheaf visit the tomb of King David, in the Kidron Valley - Tomb of Simeon, a righteous man, the Gihon Spring, where he was anointed king Solomon. In the Jewish Quarter of the Old City are ancient synagogues Ramban, p. Judah Hasid, traces of the ancient kingdom of Judah. Next - a large Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives, where the righteous await resurrection at the coming of the Messiah. Find for themselves the important shrines and other immigrants from the CIS countries. Jerusalem is the Armenian Patriarchate and the Armenian Cathedral of Sts. Jacob, in the monastery of the Holy Cross was living out his days the great Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli. But Jerusalem is not only historical and religious relics, but also a lively modern city. There emerged in recent years, modern shopping malls, entire blocks of restaurants and cafes, areas of nightclubs and bars. Here are the main characters and the Israeli parliament, the Knesset statehood, President's House, the residence and office of the Prime Minister. Jerusalem hotel has about 7,000 rooms, but other than that the city has a municipal service delivery rooms called "Boker Tov" (good morning). There are a lot of museums. The largest in the country - Israel Museum. It contains a huge amount of interest from ancient lists of the Bible, "Dead Sea Scrolls", found in the Qumran caves. There you can see and a wonderful collection of paintings, including originals by Van Gogh, Matisse, Chagall, a collection of Indo-American art, Jewish folk and religious art. It is interesting to walk around and on the religious Jewish Mea Shearim district, where the ultra-Orthodox live, dress, behave as three years ago, in the towns of Eastern Europe. Arabic Bazaar Old Town can easily compete with the famous bazaars of Baghdad, Damascus and Cairo. Tel Aviv. If Jerusalem - the political and spiritual capital of Israel, Tel Aviv - an authentic cultural and commercial center, energetic and bustling metropolis that lives 24 hours a day without stopping. Due to its central position in Tel Aviv, the tourist can go in the morning at any place in the country and return in the evening to his hotel. International cosmopolitan mix of Israelis and tourists, business and leisure, commerce and restaurants makes Tel Aviv city enjoyable and easy to understand for the visitor from abroad. Tel Aviv in the first Mediterranean resort town. His 13-km promenade with clean sandy beaches, bathers, swimmers, sailing enthusiasts buzzing activities. Walk along the promenade citizens and guests, give an idea of jugglers and magicians, musicians and mimes. Many restaurants and cafes are located on the waterfront. Immediately and marina, where 300 is moored sailing and motor vessels. There is another ancient port of Jaffa, which is famous for its fish restaurants. In Tel Aviv - 5,000 hotel rooms from the ultra-luxury and to modest hotels. Almost all of Tel Aviv hotels are located in the center of the city, and more luxurious stand directly on the Mediterranean coast. Tel Aviv - an important center of business and trade, and, therefore, in large hotels have special floors and lounges for business travelers. On the other hand, in recent years on the street parallel to the sea Bright had many youth hostels, where you can reasonably priced accommodation. In Tel Aviv, a lot of museums. Campus in Ramat Aviv Diaspora Museum is located - the history of the Jewish people. Its exhibits show creativity and life of the Jewish communities in the Diaspora for 2500 years. Here are models of famous synagogues, dozens of videos and exhibits explain Jewish customs and beliefs. Nearby is a museum of "Eretz Israel" with its samples of local arts and crafts. In the same museum renovated planetarium, one of the most modern in the world that allows you to make a trip among the stars. The Tel Aviv Museum has a fine collection of paintings from Rembrandt to Roy Lichtenstein, are almost all well-known Israeli artists. Far from it - the new Centre for the Arts. Golda Moir, which became the home of the Israeli Opera. The old opera house located on the waterfront, and there now is a very fancy and expensive apartment building - "Opera Tower." Telavivtsy love and buy paintings, and many small, but important galleries are located on Gordon Street in the city center. In the same office and the famous "Sotebi." Eilat. Growing up on the south limb of Israel on the Gulf coast of the Red Sea resort of Eilat has become widely known as a great place for recreation and tourism, especially for lovers of the sea and the sun. It's here every day, and the sea is always warm in summer 25, winter 21. So the holiday season, swimming and sandy beaches - all year round! Sea Fans enjoy swimming, scuba diving, wind surfers, yachts and sailing boats. You can admire the fantastic beauty of the coral reefs, a myriad of colorful tropical fish through the glass bottom boat tour, or being in a submarine, or even from the underwater observatory. Eilat is famous as a great sea fishing for tuna, barracuda and other large fish. Organize exciting excursions and jeep safaris and camel in the Negev Desert. It offers guests impeccable comfort and service in white, modern hotel situated a stone's throw from the beach, numerous restaurants, bars, nightclubs and discos. Dead Sea. To the east of the Judean Desert, at the lowest point of the world (400 meters below sea level), is the Dead Sea. This is one of the most popular tourist destination. It is an area of dead and living desert oases. In the far north, an hour away from Jerusalem - the ancient oasis of Jericho. Jericho - the oldest city on earth, he came ten thousand years ago, long before the pyramids of Egypt. The city beautiful palace Hischama, built by the same architects as the Golden Dome in Jerusalem. Nearby points - places associated with the life of Christ, Mount of Temptation, the source of the prophet Elisha, wood Zaccheo. Jericho is interesting and the fact that there has begun execution of the peace plan for the Rabin-Arafat, and tourists can see the number of Israeli and Palestinian policemen performing joint raids. Further to the south - the ruins of Qumran, near which were found ancient manuscripts of the Dead Sea. Even further - En Feshha which implies a huge underground river and forms ponds, rivers and reservoirs; En gels, with its waterfalls and caves, where young David hid from the wrath of Saul. Further to the south - the rock of Masada, on top of which - interesting ruins of a palace of King Herod. In 73 AD Masada committed suicide 960 gold rebels who fought to the end against the Romans - so says a modern historian Josephus. Masada was excavated by archaeologist Yigael Yadin and turned into a political symbol. But a visit to the rock fortress and it makes a big impression, especially because of the fabulous view, opens from the top. There can be reached by cable car, or even on foot. Young people like to meet a dawn on Masada, where he was particularly impressive. From April to October at Masada conduct sound and light show. Despite all the grandeur and historical significance, the Dead Sea is very comfortable place to stay. In the oases Hey Bokek and Neve Zohar are hotels of all classes from 1500 numbers. Big hotels Dead Sea focus on the creation of modern curative and cosmetic clinics using the mineral waters and mud. Guests can also relax, relax, relieve stress and at the same time undergoing recreational activities under the supervision of qualified personnel. In these hospitals used mud and sulfur baths, inhalation, massage, beauty treatments, swimming pools with sea water and modern gyms. All this is fitted with the latest technology, the guest is cherished and grooms, and he was the first of the day begins to feel the return of youth. Dead Sea - a world-renowned treatment center. The course of treatment can take place either in hotels, as well as private and public clinics. Even if the latter is not as elegant, health, they return to the same extent. Dead Sea water temperature ranges from 19 degrees Celsius in February to 31 degrees in August. The approximate composition of the water is as follows (in mg per liter): 212400 chloride, bromide, 5120, 470 sulfate, bicarbonate 22, 7260 potassium, calcium 1860 40650 magnesium, sodium 39150. Magnesium cures allergic disorders of the skin, and bronchi, and its concentration in the Dead Sea 15 times higher than in the oceans. The concentration of bromine in 50-fold higher than in the oceans, and it is perfectly affects the nervous system. This combination of mineral-rich water, filtered troposphere sunlight and dry air of the desert attracts many patients. Many doctors sent here. Patients with psoriasis, vitiligo, rheumatism, high blood pressure swear that the Dead Sea has helped them, and come back here every year. Helps sea and sick with bronchitis, and asthma, as well as arthritis and rheumatism. Such patients are useful solarium, and the Dead Sea are many public and private sun decks. Rest in the area and sports teams after a difficult season. Netanya. This young resort is not accidentally called the Israeli Riviera. The mild subtropical climate, velvet sand many kilometers of beaches, great hotels, standing at the Mediterranean coast, family-friendly city center with restaurants, cafes on the street, shops and shops, souvenir shops and flowers around - a picturesque market, where the abundance of diverse and affordable fruit. Holidaymakers are invited to music festivals and open-air concerts in the new amphitheater on the beach, festivals, folk dance, an exhibition of paintings and colors, museums. Water Sports. Tennis. Golf. Car rental (to Tel Aviv is only 30 km.). In the hotels excellent service, comfort, and on television programs are shown Russian ORT, RTR and NTV. Netanya if specially designed for families with children, but she and the best place to base tourists making trips throughout Israel. The holiday season lasts from early spring to late autumn, but Netanya attracts tourists all year round. Tiberias. Small ancient city, known since biblical times, Tiberias, which is located on the shores of Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), surrounded by picturesque mountains, hills and valleys of the Galilee. The mild climate, fertile nature, hot springs, modern first class hotels turned the city into a popular holiday resort and a major medical center. Here is successfully carried out the treatment of vascular, rheumatic and post-traumatic disorders. Tourists and pilgrims are especially attracted to Tiberias proximity to Nazareth, where the Annunciation happened to other holy places where Christ's messianic mission began: Capernaum, courses, Cana, Tabgha, where Jesus performed his miracles (walking on water, turning water into wine, multiplying loaves and fishes ...). Close to the banks of the Jordan, and is the place of Christ's baptism. In Tiberias and in the neighboring towns many interesting monuments, reminiscent of the times of ancient Israel, ancient Rome, the crusades; here are the famous temples, churches and synagogues.

Climate Israel

In Israel, a diverse climate - from temperate to tropical with lots of sunny days. From November to May last rainy winter season, the rest of the time - a dry summer. Abundant rains in the north and center of the country, much less - in the northern Negev, in the south of them almost never happens.

Time Israel

Moscow time ahead of time in Israel for one hour. For religious reasons for daylight saving time begins and ends in Israel for 6 - 8 weeks earlier than in most other countries.

Language Israel

Israel has two official languages - Hebrew and Arabic. With the growing number of immigrants from the former Soviet republics significant spread as a spoken language was Russian. Street names, road signs are in Hebrew, Arabic and English.

Money Israel

Shekel of 100 agorot. Banknotes are issued in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 shekels, and coins of 1, 5 and 10 shekels, 5, 10 and 50 agorot. Import of foreign currency is unlimited. Foreign currency can be exchanged at the airport, in a hotel or in exchange offices of banks. All major international credit cards, traveler's checks are widely used. At the entrance to a large shopping mall or other public places you may be asked to open the bag, which may seem tactless. Only check for suspicious objects. At the airport, before the flight, the control is very strict, though helpful. Recommended perceive it as taking care of your security.

Visa Israel

For trips to Israel for 90 days c purpose of tourism, visiting relatives, transit, short-term business trips, non-profit-making in the country, the citizens of Russian visa is not required. To enter you must submit the following documents: - Passport, which is valid for at least six months at the time of entry into the country; - Air tickets (e-tickets, booking tickets) with a fixed date of departure; - Health insurance for services abroad for the entire duration of the trip; - Hotel booking confirmation (original, fax or print from the Internet) or a voucher firms (if the purpose of travel - tourism); - To visit Israeli family members, friends or organizations - the invitation (original, fax or print letter sent by e-mail). - A letter from a medical institution (if the purpose of the trip - treatment); - Documents confirming solvency (bank statements, cash, traveler's checks). The visa fee will be charged. Trip with children For children going in with a parent, a notarized power of attorney from the remaining parent, apostilled, photocopy of the first page of passport and original birth certificate. If a child is traveling accompanied by a third person, require authorization from both parents, apostilled, photocopy of the first page of the passport of parents, as well as the original birth certificate of the child. Crossing the border When crossing the border must be borne in mind that Israel is in a very difficult relationship with a number of states. The fact of having a tourist visa in the passport of Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Libya and some other will lead to excessive attention from the Israeli special services upon arrival. After the abolition of visas to Israel has increased dramatically the number of long-term detention of tourists at the entrance to Israel because of the stamps and visas to Arab countries in their passports. In practice, it is the incompetence of individual guards, who do not know the Arabic language, who can not understand the visas of the Arab countries, and I suspect that print Moroccan Marrakesh airport, is the Iranian press. And, accordingly, the questions on the topic of what a tourist engaged in Iran, where he, of course, had never been. Sometimes these delays are short, and the tourist pass as soon as a senior ranking officer will make a decision. But there are also situations where a tourist can spend on the border of an hour or more, waiting for some kind of "test". Often under review involves detention without explanation of the reasons and the rest is, or that room without the right to contact the consulate of Russia. To avoid these troubles, it makes sense to visit Israel to replace the passport, if there is a mark of the Arab countries. In addition, the Israeli authorities have now abolished the practice of stamping entry stamps on a separate sheet, which greatly complicate the onward journey to the Middle East, which did not admit to the stamps and visas in Israel. The solution to this problem is only one - to plan a route in such a way to visit Syria and Lebanon before arrived in Israel. Unlike the Arab states, Israel admits tourists with the seals of Arab States. At the same time, continue to be prepared for interrogation by the Israeli police for the purposes of visiting Arab countries. Enter the territory of the Palestinian Authority is only possible through Israel. Border crossings with Jordan, the Jordan River and the Rafah crossing in the Gaza Strip, as well as on the border with Egypt, controlled by the Israeli army, which implies that on entering the territory of the autonomy of foreigners covered by an Israeli passport and visa.

Traditions Israel

Public holidays: religious holidays, Saturday - closed on Friday - a shorter working day. Holidays in 2001: 09.03 (Purim), Pesach - Heb. Easter (7 / 15.04), Yom Ha'atzmaut - Independence Day (26.04), Shavuot (28.05), Rosh Hashanah - Jewish. New Year's Eve (18 / 19.09), Yom Kippur - the Day of Judgement (27.09), Sukkot (2 / 9.10), Hanukkah (10 / 17.12). National characteristics: Saturday - a day of rest. It begins at sunset on Friday and ends on the day after the sunset. Just come all national holidays. On Saturdays and holidays all vehicles (except taxis) will stop. The situation in Israel and the Palestinian Territories remains unstable and in many regions, even dangerous. In particular, avoid visits to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, as these regions are the most dangerous. Nablus area, Zhenya and Gaza Strip should be considered prohibited for visitors, except maybe a short day hike in the afternoon. The threat of bombings, suicide and retaliatory attacks by the Palestinians, is controlled by the Israeli military forces (IDF), but the situation in Israel is still not reliable and predictable. Therefore, a trip to the above regions are not encouraged and each konretny visit should be discussed with the consulate of Israel. At the entrance to a large shopping mall or other public places you may be asked to open the bag, which may seem tactless. Only check for suspicious objects. At the airport, before the flight, the control is very strict, though helpful. Recommended perceive it as taking care of your security.

Traditional cuisine Israel

So long as Israel is at the crossroads of ancient trade routes and is a melting pot for immigrants from around the world, local cuisine is rich and diverse. Affects the abundance of restaurants: Chinese, Russian, French, Indian, Moroccan ... It is impossible not to taste the national dishes - falafel at Pete's or "St. Peter's fish." kosher Ritual Jewish law forbids the eating of pork dishes or shellfish. In addition, dairy and meats should be prepared and submitted separately. Foods that are prepared in view of these circumstances are called kosher. Kosher food is observed in most hotels, restaurants and supermarkets, but in many parts of the country are also working not kosher restaurants and shops. Meorav Yerushalmi Jerusalem offers a wide selection of national dishes from around the world. Israeli native delicacies in my own way is assigned to the adjective "Jerusalem." First of all it is "meorav Yerushalmi" (Jerusalem fries). It includes at least four different types of chicken: breast, navel, heart and liver served on a plate or in a pita bread (cut bread cake). All of this richly flavored onions and "proprietary additives" that in every place - their own. Jerusalem fries are served in other parts of Israel, and in Jewish restaurants around the world, but really it is cooked only in a few local restaurants of the capital, in particular, on the Mahane Yehuda market and the surrounding area. It should be noted that most of the restaurants in the western part of Jerusalem, including the hotel, adhere to the rules of kosher food: some of them are closed from noon on Friday until the evening on Saturday. Nevertheless, the city has dozens of restaurants, open on Fridays and Saturdays.

Political system Israel

Israel - a parliamentary republic. Creation of the state was proclaimed on May 14, 1948 in accordance with the plan of partition of Palestine, adopted by the UN. The head of state - the president, who is elected by the Knesset for five years by secret ballot. The first president of Israel, was the chairman of the World Zionist Organization, Professor Chaim Weizmann.

Population Israel

In Israel, there are more than 6 million. Persons. Of these, about 80% - Jews (more than half of the indigenous people), approximately 17% - the Arabs, the remaining representatives of other nationalities Druze, Bedouins, Circassians, etc. In the cities, home to more than 90% of Israelis.

Customs Israel

Upon arrival in Israel, tourists are required to present a passport and entry forms, which at passport control is stamped. Those who do not have Israeli marks in their passports, should please inform the representative of the Border Service. In Israeli airports acts "green corridor" through which to unauthorized persons in possession (and accompanied baggage) Items requiring declaration. Import and export of currency in any form is not limited. Duty-free import may be up to 1 liter. alcohol and up to 2 liters. wine, up to 250 gr. spirits, to 250 units. cigarettes or 250 grams. tobacco, gifts not exceeding $ 150, as well as objects and items of personal use. In addition, tax-exempt in the following products, if they are small in size and look of second-hand: typewriters and cameras (except for cameras), radios, tape recorders, binoculars, personal jewelry, musical instruments, strollers for infants sports equipment and equipment for camping, biking, and similar accessories tourist. Categorically prohibits the importation of drugs, weapons and ammunition, plants and animals without special documents. Strict control over the smuggling of antiquities and works of art, as well as video equipment, computers and other media (declared and only skipped bail). Thorough security check in Israel - it is a common procedure performed in order to protect the general. Not recommended the importation of things right, or indirectly indicating the visit of Arab States. Unnecessary questions may cause even found in your luggage Journal of the Emirates, or t-shirt "I love Lebanon". Antiques, constructed before 1700, are defined as handmade items that can be exported from Israel only on the basis of the written permission of the Director of Antiquities. In this case, the sales price is subject to an additional 10% tax on exports.

Medical aid Israel

The potential risk of contracting hepatitis A, B. Preliminary vaccination at the discretion of the traveler. Urgent call for ambulance call 101. Tourists coming to Israel, no vaccinations do not need. Raw water from the tap to drink, do not recommend, you can get sick. Who underestimate the harmful effects of sunlight in spring and summer, face the risk of serious problems. Tourists - fans of sunbathing and swimming in danger to get burns and sunstroke. But the real disaster for frivolous tourists can become dehydrated. It is recommended to wear light comfortable clothing (preferably of natural fabrics), covering the feet and hands, and do not forget about the hats and sunglasses. The most important precaution is to prevent dehydration - drink plenty of fluids, even if you are not thirsty. To avoid accidents, swimming, diving, should be in designated areas and equipped beaches. Should not dive without knowing the depth. When you enter the water, especially in the resort of Ein - Bokek (Arad), the Dead Sea and Eilat (Red Sea), you must pay attention to the ground. In the resort of Ein - Bokek (Arad), the Dead Sea is necessary to make sure that no water gets into the eyes, after bathing necessarily have a shower with fresh water to avoid corrosion of the skin. On the Red Sea (Eilat) coral reefs are protected by law, so you break off a twig coral memory can cost you a round sum. For a stay of recommended health insurance - the climate is quite specific, so to complete acclimatization should carefully monitor their health. No special requirements for vaccination is not. Insolation is very high and the evaporation of water from the body surface is very intense, so it is advisable to carry your water bottle, hats and sunglasses, and sunscreen. Recommended to drink at least 100-150 grams. of liquid per hour. For a stay of recommended health insurance - the climate is quite specific, so to complete acclimatization should carefully monitor their health. No special requirements for vaccination is not. Insolation is very high and the evaporation of water from the body surface is very intense, so it is advisable to carry your water bottle, hats and sunglasses, and sunscreen. Recommended to drink at least 100-150 grams. of liquid per hour.

Working hours Israel

Shops are generally open from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 19.00 from Sunday to Thursday, Friday from 9.00 to 13.00. On Saturdays stores are closed. Ceramics, copper, religious items, handmade products are Israeli features. Israel - one of the best places in the world where there is a buy diamonds and other precious stones mounted in gold and silver. Israel - 1 supplier in the world for the production of high-quality diamonds. Tax of 17% is levied on all goods and services, and is included in the set price. Tourists are entitled to tax back at points of departure. Opening hours of most post offices: c Sunday to Thursday: 8.00 - 12.00 and 15.30 - 18.30 (except Wednesday); Wednesday: 8.00-13.30. On Fridays and holiday eves: 8.00-12.00. Most banks are open from Sunday to Thursday from 8.30 am to 12.00 pm and on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 16.00 to 18.00. On the eve of major Jewish holidays, banks are open from 8.30 to 12.00. In the holidays, most banks closed.

Transport Israel

The most common form of transportation in Israel is the bus. Convenient, comfortable, air-conditioned buses can travel across the country. Tickets can be purchased directly from the driver at an affordable price. On Saturdays and on Jewish holidays bus companies do not work. Taxis ply the main lines, both within cities and between them. The rate is typically less than the bus. Taxi (convenient and cheap) can be called by phone (take care of this Hotel Administrator). There are two rates: day and night (from 21.00 to 5.30 with a 25% surcharge). International Airport. Ben-Gurion Airport is the main air gateway to Israel, is a 30 min. from Tel Aviv and 45 minutes. from Jerusalem. Airport "Sde Dov" is located on the outskirts of Tel Aviv. Undertaking domestic flights, mainly between Tel Aviv and Eilat. Airport "Eilat" is located in the center of Eilat. Undertaking domestic flights, mainly between Eilat and Tel Aviv. Airport "Ovda" is a 30 min. from Eilat. Provides international (mainly charter) flights. Rent a car allows a person at least 21 years, and while in possession of an international driving license and international credit card.

Potable water Israel

It is advisable to buy bottled water.

Electricity Israel

Mains voltage in Israel is 220 V, single phase, 50 Hz oriented frequency. Most sockets are three pin input, but they are also suitable for European appliances. For shavers, travel irons and other small household appliances may require an adapter, which can be bought in Israel.

Smoking Israel

Israel has imposed a ban on smoking in public places. Completely forbidden to smoke in the medical and educational institutions. In large commercial establishments, theaters, cinemas, discos, shall be equipped with ventilated smoking areas. In addition, in the restaurants, cafes and diners smoking is possible only in specially designated ventilated areas, which the host institution may not be equipped.

Tip Israel

In Israel customary to tip in restaurants and cafes (10%), prices in hotels and taxis include the fees for the service. However, it is accepted to tip Hospitality staff, guides and drivers: $ 3 a day - a tour guide; $ 2 a day - the driver.

Helpful information Israel

Police: 100; Ambulance: 101; Fire: 102; City service center: 106; Tourist police in Jerusalem: 539-12-54 Tourist information bureau in Jerusalem Safra area: 625-88-44, 629-60-41; Jaffa Gate: 628-03-82. Christian Information Center 627-26-92. Help on telephone numbers in Israel 144 (free from a pay phone).