Courmayeur, Italy

CourmayeurCourmayeur - one of the most famous resorts in Italy, lying at the foot of the majestic Mont Blanc, which resembles a giant Gulliver from stone and ice. Courmayeur, along with Chamonix in France forms one great international skiing area.
The network runs a length of 100 km - this room for athletes and enthusiasts. Slopes mostly medium difficulty, but there are "black" route.

This resort is not too big, but it is widely known for its excellent location: close to the tunnel dvenadtsatikilometrovym Del Monte Bianco ", on the slopes of Mont Blanc. Main attractive feature of the resort - thanks to a well-conceived system of cable cars to ride on the slopes of Mont Blanc and the slopes are so diverse that only have time to choose. If you'd like a ride in the French Chamonix.

Nearest airports: Milan (208 km), Turin (150 km), Geneva (in France or Switzerland, about 100 km).

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The resort gained fame in the XVIII century. by hot springs and healthy climate. Many representatives of the French, British and Savoy aristocracy is preferred here to correct your health. From that time kept many interesting architectural monuments.

Now, Courmayeur (1224 m) - one of the most fashionable Alpine ski resorts, with excellent hotels, fashionable shops, chic restaurants and the enchanting spa environment.

Here you will find the parish church with a Romanesque bell tower. Every spring, held in Courmayeur carnival masks, and Valentine's Day - February 14 - is a festive parade with folk dances. Open season on Dec. 30 into a colorful spectacle, the culmination of which is the descent from the top athletes with torches. In the city there are shops, boutiques, restaurants, bars, nightlife, pizzeria.

Courmayeur - for strong skiers. From below, from the center of town, a big lift, gondola comes to an altitude of 1,706 m, where the odds are three branches of different slopes of the ski lifts, including at the Cross d'Arp where to begin the most interesting off-piste skiing with a difference of heights up to 1,5 km .

In this region, excellent opportunities for skiing off-piste, but will have to use the services of a guide. The same can be said about the other region skating - La Pal, from the gondola lifts to the open spaces of Vallee Blanche, but they can only admire - an interesting off-piste descent Pavilion length of about 5 km leads back to the valley of Aosta.

Middle skiers involves the "red" trail "Iula Internatsonale (its length is about 6 miles, vertical drop 1,088 m) and elongated hills of northern exposure in the valley of Val Veni interest to skiers with some experience riding ..

Ski-pass for 6 days - 152-169 euros, depending on the season. (Aosta-Tal, 800 km of slopes).

Snowboarders: there are suitable slopes, including off-piste skiing, but the special Park and Half-pipe no.

In Courmayeur 8 hotels *, 22 ** hotel, 27 hotels and 5 *** ****, able to simultaneously take 2843 guests. Town of Alpine's standards pretty high.

Sports Center in Courmayeur is open from 10 am to 11 pm, and never empty. Do not want to engage in under the roof, try yourself in snow-bike or ski-Fox. The resort has 93 restaurants, a discotheque, a cinema, indoor swimming pool. In town, though he appears small, it is possible to enjoy, which are simply fantastic, if in addition accompanied by snowfall. Look to the museum is also interesting climbing. And how great to shake off the white fluffy flakes and go bask in some of the cozy shops, where, incidentally, you can purchase a variety of sportswear and accessories of Italian design.

Features resort

Height of resort: 1224 m
The total length of g / trails: 100 km
Vertical drop of skiing: 1224-2755 m
Number of lifts: 24

Features g / L routes
Blue (medium): 30 km
Red (difficult): 50 km
Black (very difficult): 20 km
Skating Season: Dec. 7 - April 30