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VeronaVerona - the romantic capital of all lovers. It is hard to find a man who never in life would not have heard about it. After Verona - birthplace of the Montagues and the Capulets, and the tragic fate of children these noble clans - Romeo and Juliet has remained at the heart of every lover. Today, Juliet's balcony every day by hundreds of tourists to yourself to look at the place where born love of the two most famous lovers in the world.

The city is located in northern Italy, near Venice, on the banks of the river Adige, near Lake Garda. Verona is at the center of the most important national and international routes, which makes the city an important center of commerce. But, despite the comprehensive industrialization and urbanization, Verona does not cease to fascinate visitors to its medieval and Renaissance splendor.

Living in Verona carefully preserve the history of pieces of the city. Once here, you feel they belong to the great and eternal. History reveals its secrets. It is impossible to enumerate all the historical monuments, preservation of which are the envy of the capital.

The spirit of modern Verona combines a modern industrial and commercial center, the pace unhurried motion of the center of history.

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One of the main attractions of Verona is the Roman Amphitheater (Arena di Verona), which is the third largest in the world after the Colosseum in Rome and the arena in Capua.

Interesting to a mass of grass areas. In ancient times, is located the Roman Forum. Now on the area you can see the Gothic house of the merchant and the town hall. In the Middle Ages served as a residence house of the merchant guilds.

Palace of Soviets - a veritable model of Verona architecture, was built in 15 century. On the cornice of the Palace are five statues depicting prominent veronca ancient Roman era.

In Verona, there is a monument to Dante Alighieri. The statue was discovered on the anniversary of his birth, May 14, 1865.

Numerous churches are located throughout the city. The Church of Santa Maria Antiqua in the Romanesque, before it is a cemetery "lords" of Verona with the gravestone monuments, the Church of St. Anastasia the floor paved with white, pink and blue marble, and inside the store numerous masterpieces by local artists; Cathedral of the 12 th century with a magnificent inner hall, where the columns of a complex configuration of red Verona marble and lancet arches supporting the groin with golden stars on a blue background.

Confirmation of the long history of the town is Porta Borsari - Construction of nearly two thousand years, which represents the unpreserved facade of the building, which serves as a fortification and barracks of the garrison guarding the main entrance to the city.