KenyaKenya is one of the most beautiful countries in Africa. Low-lying coastal plain, covered with dense tropical forest, rises to a wide grassy plateau. In Northern Kenya stretches of volcanic, rocky desert, and in the center of the country and in the West are the most notable elements of relief in East Africa - rift faults. Flocks of pink flamingos walking around in the shallows of lake Turkana. Tourists are attracted by the beauty of wildlife, magnificent landscapes, white sandy beaches and luxury hotels. Kenya is a country in East Africa, the equator crosses the country almost in the middle. In the North it borders with Sudan and Ethiopia in the East, Somalia, on the South by Tanzania, to the West of Uganda. On the East it is washed by the Indian ocean, on the South by lake Victoria. The total area of the country 582,6 thousand sq. km Capital, Nairobi.

Tours, Deals Kenya

Sights Kenya

The sights of the capital city of Kenya is Nairobi include the Clock tower in the heart of the city, a modern business centre of the city, the Parliament Building, the mausoleum of the first President of Kenya Jomo Kenyatta (1891-1978,), national Archives, Indian quarter, with dozens of magnificent Hindu temples, mosques, Coptic Orthodox Church. Mark, Sikh temple, Railway Museum and the national Museum with luxury anthropological exposition, “snake Park”, which serves national cuisine, as well as the nearby Centre Giraffes Langata, Ngong hills and Nairobi national Park. In Mombasa travelers an interesting houses of the Old city in the Arab style, the Portuguese Fort Jesus (XVI century), the summer residence of the President of Kenya, as well as an oasis of Mzima springs. Modern sea port in Mombasa is the second largest African port after Cape town. Traditional beach holidays just an hour's flight from Nairobi. Oriental flavor of the ancient Arab port city with excellent hotels, soft white sand, beautiful beaches (the best in the world), restaurants, bars, night fun. Among the natural attractions, especially made 62 national Park with fantastic wildlife. Across the country stretches miracle of nature - the Great African rift is the trace of the ancient cataclysm that shook the continent in prehistoric times. But all the beauty luxury African landscape succumb to the main attraction of Kenya - wildlife. No less interesting places are canyon Ngulia, sources of SIMA and the Tsavo river, on the banks of which refuge huge flocks of birds, herds of antelope, Buffalo and other animals. A visit to the Park allows you to see almost all of the most significant wildlife of East Africa. Nairobi national Park. Located 10 km from the city center, and even at such a close distance from the city you see the walking lions and photograph rhinos. National Park Masai Mara. Located in the South-West of the country at an altitude of 1650 m above sea level at 275 km West of Nairobi, the road to the Park passes through Masai land. In the Masai Mara you can see lions, leopards and other predators, for which there is a vast territory for hunting, rich gazelles, buffalos, zebras. In the rul Mar live hippos and crocodiles. National Park Lake Nakuru. Is 156 km from Nairobi, in the Valley of the Great African rift. Lake Nakuru's like a huge exhibition of birds - more than a million pink flamingos flock to the lake to enjoy the fish special quality. The lake can be reached in several ways: one of them passes through the village Nakuru, which takes the 4th place in Kenya in population and is the center of national economy. Lake Naivasha. Beautiful freshwater lake covers an area of 170 square kilometres and is surrounded by mountains, extinct volcanoes which are home to over 450 species of birds. Amboseli national Park. Stretches from the foot of the highest African mountain Kilimanjaro (5895 m) to the border with Tanzania. Permanently snow-covered peak of a mountain is visible from any part of the Amboseli Park. Mountain - Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro - the mysterious peak of the African continent, is situated on the territory of Tanzania. This huge volcano characteristic form and three separate peaks. On the Northern and southern slopes of the peaks of Kibo are famous glaciers - "the snows of Kilimanjaro". There you can see the cascades of ice terraces with huge pillars. This is one of the places on earth where the most noticeable feels the global warming of the atmosphere. Mount Kenya. Is located within the national Park Samburu. This Park lies just 150 km from Nairobi. Those who reach the summit of mount Kenya, you can see elephants, buffaloes, leopards, lions and rhinos and antelopes and zebras. Here is the most beautiful and respectable manor club Mount Kenya Safari Club", which stopped to rest many of the famous and rich Europeans. National Park Samburu Park and Shaba. The name of this Park came from the same tribe of shepherds. The Park is located North of the mountains Nyambeni along the banks of the river Ewaso ngoro. It consists of vast savannahs, where there are thousands of different species of animals, such as elephants, leopards, buffaloes, rhinos, zebras, reticulated giraffe, gerenuk antelope, Somali ostrich and Zebra grevy. National Park Samburu is a haven for many birds: eagles, swallows, hawks, jays, and also you can see cormorant, African kite - fishing and white Pelican. On the river can be seen lazily lying in the sun crocodiles, as well as bathing hippos. Thousands of flamingos form a continuous pink ribbon on the shores of lake Nakuru. Tsavo national Park. Giant territory of the national Park area of 20,000 sq km lies between the mountains of Mombasa, Hirobe, and this is a great place to stop before going on vacation on the coast. Here you can see the big baobab, as well as many tintobrass trees and brightly colored trees. Also will be interesting to visit the sources of SIMA with crystal clear water. These sources - a Paradise for the hippos. Source constantly replenishes the water of small ponds, usually where animals come to drink water. All of this can be seen from the special cabins, stylized under a special boat, submerged in a lake with reptiles. Tsavo national Park is also renowned for the unusual population of "red" elephants in the Eastern part of the Park), the Western part of the Park is inhabited by gazelles, zebras, monkeys, flamingos, great bustard.

Climate Kenya

Subequatorial. Average annual temperature: 12 to 24°C in June and 14-27°C in January. The rains in March - may and October - November, the dry season: December - February and June - August.

Time Kenya

Summer, behind Moscow for 1 hour, the winter is the same.

Language Kenya

The official languages are English and Swahili.

Money Kenya

The Kenyan shilling. Exchange rate: 1 USD. USA approximately 80 Ken. shillings.

Visa Kenya

The visa is issued, usually within one week. The number of profiles and photos - 1 pc. Questionnaire issued in English or Russian. To the visa request is attached invitation. The validity of the visa is 90 days. Children under 16 years fit into the visa parents (mothers). The consular fee is $ 50. USA. Entry visa can be obtained, and upon arrival in Nairobi upon presentation of a valid passport, invitation or confirmation of the reservation. When crossing the border must present a passport with entry visa and filled the sack with the following information: full NAME, date and place of birth, nationality, passport number, occupation, address of permanent residence, the point of departure.

Traditions Kenya

Holidays and public holidays: 1 January, 8 March, 1 may, 1 June, 12, 25, 26 December and religious holidays. In March at the national scale is Commonwealth Day. In June organized rally SUV "Reno-Charge", and in July - the stage of the World Championship "Safari Rally" (near Nairobi). The festival Kenyan Music is held in August in Nairobi. In October is celebrated as a national holiday - the day Kenyatta, and in November Carnival of Mombasa. Eid al-Fitr (end of Ramadan) is also celebrated on a national scale. Officially Kenya is a secular Republic, the state religion is not installed. The Constitution guarantees everyone the freedom of religion. Officially Protestants consider themselves to be 38% of the population, the Catholic 28%, Muslim 10%, but in fact up to 50% of the population still profess traditional local beliefs. The country's colonial past can be seen in all aspects of public life. In many places, along with the metric used by the British measures of weight and length in the schedule of many institutions include traditional "lunch" and "five-o-clock". Themselves Kenyans quite leisurely in any case, so expect instant order execution, for example, in the restaurant, you should not. Kenya is a rather expensive country. In General low standard of living, the prices of many goods and services, even more than in Europe. Many reserves paid, foreigners entrance fees are charged in US dollars (US$10-27). The security situation in the country is rather ambiguous. Kenyans in the most part are very friendly and sociable people, but the suburbs of the capital (especially river Red and Uhuru Park) and the most deprived areas of other cities are not expressly recommended for foreigners alone. Pickpockets in areas of concentration of tourists very much. In the interior, especially in the North, there are armed gangs ("shift") of the separatists, and in areas of reserves and poachers. It is not recommended to photograph the locals without their permission and independently (without guide or representative of a travel Agency) to visit the homes of local residents, especially Masai. Remove the main square Nairobi, near the mausoleum of the first President of Kenya Jomo Kenyatta, is also strictly prohibited. The ignorance of local ethnic customs can lead to misunderstandings or even conflicts. With the locals without a special need, it is better not to talk, because any conversation will probably end up asking for money or offering dubious kind. While traveling through national parks not to drive too close to the animals and to prevent them from hunting. It is not recommended to run off the road and out of the car without the permission of the guide. This can be done only in designated areas. Feed the animals in the national parks is strictly prohibited - any attempt of this kind is punishable by a heavy fine. It is forbidden to go beyond the places of residence without an armed escort. You should carefully monitor the condition of mosquito nets in all places of residence, and in case of detection of the smallest of gaps to require replacement of the rooms.

Traditional cuisine Kenya

National cuisine is quite peculiar, and is built on the widespread use of inexpensive products, coupled with the fact that you can find in Savannah. In addition to beef and pork, traditionally expensive in these places, widely used meat of wild animals and birds. Tourists typically offer all kinds of exotic fillet antelope, braised Sonatina, crocodile meat with a salad of bananas, fried side of the warthog, roast ostrich with fruit sauce, fried termites or locusts, but worth a try and the local option of grilled chicken, roasted in the test game, steak bivoltine, chicken soup with green peas, stewed with vegetables, veal, etc. For garnish usually are corn, beans and rice. On the coast are widely used gifts from the sea. Here is to estimate the turtle soup, octopus ragout, grilled trout and Nile perch, grilled fish in banana leaves, various crustaceans, oysters and seaweed salad. All restaurants offer a large selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. The table is usually served fresh juice with ice, tea (brewed it here typically "English" - with milk and sugar) and coffee good enough quality. Spirits of local production ("Chang") has a very special taste and is not popular with tourists. The exception is, perhaps, the only local beer Tasker", "white Cap" and honey beer "uki", and cane gin ' Kenya Kane ' and coffee liqueur "Kenya gold". But in any hotel, you can buy alcoholic drinks.

Political system Kenya

Kenya is in the Commonwealth. The head of state and government is the President (selected for five-year terms). The legislative body is the unicameral National Assembly (Bunge, 224 deputies elected for five-year terms). Administratively the country is divided into 7 provinces and 1 capital region.

Population Kenya

About 31 million people Mainly the peoples of Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya, Kalenjin, CAMBA and more than 40 other nationalities, and people from the Arabian Peninsula and India. Also in Kenya, home to more than 220 thousand refugees from neighbouring countries, primarily from Somalia and Sudan.

Customs Kenya

Allowed duty-free importation of alcoholic beverages or wine - 1 liter; cigarettes - 200 PCs or cigar - 50 pcs., tobacco - 250 g; perfumery - within personal needs. Banned for import and export of drugs, explosives, weapons and ammunition, live wild animals, live fish, traps for animals, the skins of animals, birds and bird eggs, ivory, horn rhinos, the teeth of the hippopotamus. The import of foreign currency is not limited. Filling in the relevant Declaration is mandatory.

Medical aid Kenya

Certificate of vaccination against yellow fever and health insurance required. When importing Pets must present a veterinary certificate with the stamp of vaccination against rabies. Medical care is paid. Public health facilities are not equipped with modern diagnostic and clinical equipment, so in the case of serious illness have to go to private clinics. The high cost of drugs. Kenya is one of the leaders in the spread of HIV infection. Who estimates that in the cities, almost a third of the population is HIV positive (in the province is about 3%). In tourist areas "works" a huge number of prostitutes who do not use any form of contraception.

Working hours Kenya

Shops are open from 9.00 to 17.30 on weekdays and Saturdays.

Transport Kenya

Traffic - driver. Direct flights Moscow-Nairobi missing. Possible via London or Amsterdam.

Potable water Kenya

It is not recommended to drink water from the tap and buy fruit from street vendors. It's better to consume drinks in bottle and jar packaging, and with fruit and vegetables before eating to clean off the peel or well washed. The level of hygiene in most modern hotels are high, water is necessarily purified, however, to drink its still not worth it.

Electricity Kenya

Mains voltage 220/240 Century, 50 Hz. Sockets British standard - flat or three-prong two-prong round, so to use electrical appliances require an adapter. Most of the loggias receive electricity from diesel generators and solar panels, so turn it off at night (usually for night lighting in the rooms include candles).

Tip Kenya

Tip it is better to give in local currency. In restaurants they make up 10% of total order value. Most hotels will automatically include a 10% surcharge for payment of services. If payment is not included in the fare, tip 20 shillings will be considered sufficient. Gratuities to Rangers, drivers and other personnel on Safari are usually the equivalent of 3-5 dollars.

Clothes Kenya

In the clothing adopted an informal style. Light tropical clothes will be appropriate for almost all cases except for official receptions. When traveling to reserve clothing should close the body and to be thick enough to protect from insect bites. It is strongly recommended repellents and wide-brimmed hats, and high shoes with good ankle support. Since the level of insolation is very high, it is recommended to use sunscreens (especially in the first 2-3 days stay in the country) and drink more water (preferably mineral).