LebanonLebanon is located in Western Asia, on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It shares borders with two states: Israel and Syria. Length of 250 km of frontiers. Capital: Beirut. Lebanon is located in Western Asia, on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It shares borders with two states: Israel and Syria. Length of 250 km of frontiers. Capital: Beirut. There are about 17 different religious denominations. Key: Muslims, Christians, Druze and Maronites. Lebanese relate well to all people, regardless of their religion, but love to ask tourists about their faith.

Tours, Deals Lebanon

Climate Lebanon

Lebanon is crossed by two mountain ranges, which creates a kind of climatic conditions. On the Mediterranean coast in the summer is hot and humid 35 degrees. heat. And just an hour away in the mountains - a dry, cool air. Winter in the mountains of snow, there are going to lovers of ski slopes, and on the coast at this time you can swim in the sea. The average temperature from December to March on the coast of 13 - 15 degrees. heat (in the mountains 3-9), from April to November 18 to 27 in Lebanon sun shines 300 days a year.

Time Lebanon

Behind Moscow for one hour.

Language Lebanon

The official language is Arabic (for Lebanese - Lebanese dialect of Arabic). French prevalent among the older generation. Knowledge of French is considered a sign of education. In recent years more and more popular is considered English. In remote villages, often speak only Arabic.

Money Lebanon

Lebanese pound - equal to 100 piastres. In circulation are banknotes of 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 5000, 10 000, 50 000, 100 000 pounds and coins 250 and 500 pounds. United States dollars and French francs are exchanged and accepted everywhere. Exchange, import and export of foreign currency is unlimited. Banks are open Monday - Friday from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm, Saturday 9.00 - 14.00, Sunday - closed. Service credit cards: American Express, Master Card, Visa Card, Diners Club.

Visa Lebanon

For entry visa is required, which is bought at the airport on arrival or on the frontier point in crossing the border. The visa fee - about $ 17. To obtain a visa you must have: a valid passport, a booking confirmation number from the hotel or travel voucher receiving party or private invitation. Lebanon has a rule: if you have a passport has repaid or acting Israeli visa or at least some kind of an Israeli stamp, you will not be allowed to Lebanon. The visa is valid for a stay in the country for up to three months - from the date of entry into the country. If there are no additional visa permits for movement across the country is not required. Discounts for children who have their own passport, no. Children entered in the passport of parents enter the country without paying the visa fee.

Traditions Lebanon

Lebanese basically friendly to foreigners and do not hesitate to invite them to his guests. Muslim holidays are celebrated according to the local interpretation of the phases of the moon and the dates are approximate. During the lunar month of Ramadan that precedes Eil al Fitr, devout Muslims fast during the day and take food after dark, and the usual course of the business relationship can be terminated. Many restaurants do not work during the day, is strictly limited to smoking and drinking beverages. Some restrictions may be extended in Eil al Fitr. Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha may last from 2 to 10 days, depending on the area of the country. Public holidays: Most religious holidays, some dates are subject to change. January 1 - New Year February 9 - Day Mar Maroun, the patron saint of the Maronites March 18 - Eid al-Adha (Day of Sacrifice), April 8 - Islamic New Year April 17 - Ashura (the day of universal prayer in memory of the murdered grandson Mohammed Conduct Shiites) April 18 - Day of Khan (official day of remembrance of the victims of the massacre Hanasskoy 1996, when under Israeli shells killed 107 Lebanese civilians. April - Good Friday, Easter Monday May 1 - Labor Day May 6 - Day Martyr June 16 - Mawlid (Prophet's Birthday) Every July in Baalbek held a world-famous four-day festival of arts August 15 - Assumption November 1 - All Saints Day November 22 - Independence Day December 25 - Christmas The end of December, early January - Eid al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)

Customs Lebanon

At the entrance to Lebanon tourists allowed to import 1 liter of spirits and 500 grams of tobacco or 400 cigarettes (20 cigars). Banned the export of ancient art. For the purchase of antiques need help to purchase from the store.

Working hours Lebanon

Shopping: In traditional Lebanese markets ("souks") throughout the country can buy jewelry and handmade jewelry at very low prices. For souvenirs include both traditional ceramic and glassware, and knives made of hardened steel or copper handles from the horns of a bull or ram in the form of beautiful and painted bird heads. All products are made of copper and brass lamps, bowls, pitchers with a whistle, ashtrays, swords and door stops, - handcrafted and made with great taste. As well as items made of gold and silver, popular clothing, silk and woolen coats, "abaya" (hand-embroidered nightwear) and table cloths. The shops sell the latest Western fashions, cosmetics, furniture and appliances. Shops are open from 08.00 to 19.00 Monday to Saturday.

Transport Lebanon

air transport The country has a length of 210 and a width of 50 km there is no need of domestic routes. railway No bus service Public transport network in Lebanon is not developed sufficiently. Buses are generally used on international routes bound for Syria, Jordan and Turkey. Cars and taxis to take passengers replanting of up to 5 people. Routes within Beirut cost from 1000 to 1500 liters. f. Shuttle vans and buses. The most convenient and cheap mode of transport for tourists, worth 500 pounds and stops on demand. The main bus station - Charles Helou, from where buses depart in Tripoli, Syria, Jordan. From the station Cola buses depart to the south and in the Bekaa. From the station Daura buses depart to the north and in the mountains of Lebanon. Sit in a mini-bus at bus stops can be, as well as to stop them and take a seat on the entire route. The route is shown on the windshield. Car Rental If you intend to travel around the country and visit remote locations, without a rent-a in Lebanon can not do. Car rental is cheap enough. Runabout can rent up to $ 30. For car rental you will need the right international standard. Be sure to carefully review the terms of the lease! Movement in Lebanon right hand, Lebanese drivers differ foolhardiness. Gasoline is not only measured in liters, but also a measure of the amount of local "Tenek" ("canister") equal to 20 liters. The cost of 1 liter of petrol "super" - 800 l. f. At petrol stations usually indicates the price for 10 liters.

Potable water Lebanon

To make better use of drinking water sold in bottles.

Electricity Lebanon

220 volts.

Clothes Lebanon

In general, in Lebanon can not limit yourself to the way you dress. In some Muslim areas in the south and in the Bekaa Valley men should refrain from shorts, and women should not be overly open or tight-fitting clothing. When visiting mosques visitors take off their shoes and either rent it to a special wardrobe, or carry it with you. Women should dress flashy in dress closed, and cover your head with a handkerchief. In some places give habit to close the hair, hands up to the wrists and legs below the knees. On the beaches, you can use quite open swimwear, but options such as topless and nudism are excluded.

Helpful information Lebanon

Police - 112, 160 Tourist Police - (01), 350-901, 343-286 Ambulance - 140 (01) 865-561, 863-295 Fire - 175 (01) 445-000 Ministry of Tourism - (01) 340-940 (up to 944) Referral Service - 120 Airport Information - (01) 628-000, 629-065. Telephone area codes in Lebanon: Beirut - 01 Byblos (Jubail) - 09 North Lebanon - 06 North Mount Lebanon - 04 Southern Lebanon - 07 Southern Mount Lebanon - 05 Zahle and Bekaa - 08 Output for mobile communications - 03.