North Male Atoll, Maldives

North Male AtollNorth Male Atoll - the main atoll of the Maldives, which includes the capital of the republic - the city of Male. This atoll is a major tourist destination and boasts the largest number of hotels located on it. Here, there are about 44. One of the islands of North Male Atoll is an international airport, in which all arriving flights to the Maldives. The length of the atoll - 60 km in length and 39 km - in width.

North Male atoll consists of 50 islands, of which only 8 - inhabited. Many of the islands-hotels are located close enough to the airport, which makes it possible to transfer to traditional boats - dhoanis (Doni). Transfer to the more distant islands is carried out on the speedboat or seaplane, which takes much less time.

Islands of the North Male atoll, began to develop as tourist resorts were among the first, due to its proximity to the airport. Today this area is more than a dozen different resorts, and proximity to the airport and the capital of the republic - male, saves time and money to transfer from place of arrival to their hotel and easily at any time make an excursion to Male. Despite the abundance of resorts and planes flying over head, inside the archipelago to preserve an atmosphere of privacy and enclosure of the world.

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Holidays in male will not be like staying in the usual big city. One can say that the male is one of the safest and least intense capitals in the world today. Male is also a major center of communication of the Maldives. In this city the most advanced technology available, and the link with the outside world - quickly and easily accessible.

Male - the only settlement in the Maldives, which can be called "the city". In the capital there is all that have laid every Muslim city: mosques, markets, small cafe with exotic dishes, oriental souvenir shops and so on. There are no tall buildings, and the bike is much more than cars. In the male almost impossible to get lost: all the streets go into three main roads.

The main attractions in the male are: National Museum in Sultan Park, the shrine Barbary, where the tomb of the Moroccan traveler Abdul Barakaat Iuzufa Ala Barbary, who attributed the spread of Islam in the country, the Great Mosque and Islamic Center, which includes an Islamic library, the Friday Mosque and Minaret ; the presidential palace, the local market and a separate fish market.

Each of the small islands located in close proximity to the capital, serves its purpose: an island entirely given by the airport, the other - a storehouse of islands - it is stored reserves of fuel (Island - zapravachnaya station "), the third island represents a poultry farm and the fourth is located plant of Coca-Cola, the list goes on, but hardly necessary. This can only emphasize the features of island states, which do not meet the concentration of life in any one particular place.