Agadir, Morocco

AgadirSnow-white Agadir - a pearl of modern tourism in Morocco. The resort is located on the Atlantic coast in the valley of the Su-protected High Atlas mountains from the heat of the desert. Here is an atmosphere of European resorts. Shops, chic boutiques, cafe and night clubs lined up along the sea and interest in the architectural plan. 300 days of sunshine and mild warm climate attracts the golden beaches of Agadir, framed by green eucalyptus, pines and tamarisk many vacationers.

The resort of Agadir is located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, approximately equidistant from the northern and southern borders of the country. In the ocean in front of Agadir, but little to the south, are the Canary Islands (flight - about 1 hour). Agadir is situated at the foot of the Anti-Atlas Mountains. In what direction from Agadir no go, everywhere you can see the extraordinary beauty of local nature. If you move east, deep into the country, you can get to the famous valley of Sousse - the center of growing citrus Morocco - surrounded by majestic mountains. Next is the town of Taroudant, is called a mini-Marrakech.

Currently, Agadir is the largest ocean resort in Morocco, there are comfortable hotels operate restaurants, cafes, night clubs.

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Sights Agadir, Morocco

Agadir - one of the most attractive cities in modern Morocco. The name "Agadir" comes from the ancient Berber word for fortification or fortified place to store food, or fortified settlement.

On the ancient history of Agadir know almost nothing. Supposedly, the first settlement here was founded by Phoenicians in about 8 th century BC But well aware that in 1505, Portuguese navigator, Joao Lopes Segeyra decided to build a fortress for himself. Later the fort was sold to the Portuguese Government and became a major trading center, which sailed Portuguese, Genoese and French merchants, as well as goods flowed from the Souss valley and the Western Sahara. The fortress had been captured by the Moroccans in 1541 and gradually began to lose its position of a large shopping center and finally went into decline with increasing values of Essaouira in the 18 century. Fort of Santa Cruz de Cap de Fe can be seen in a few kilometers away on a hill north of the modern city. Now from bliss remained dilapidated walls of the former gate yet guessed the inscription "Fear God and Honor the King.

However, as already mentioned, the main attraction of Agadir in terms of tourist - its beach, which stretches along the entire city. Several kilometers of golden sand, on which divided the glittering waves of the Atlantic. The real paradise for swimmers and surfers. Here, perfect conditions for water sports. In May, held tournaments on water skiing and surfing.

Agadir lies in the green and fertile valley of the Sus. From him to the south about 60 km National Park stretches Souss-Massa, who was given the name of two rivers: Sousse and Masa, flowing into the Atlantic Ocean. Lagoons formed by the mouths of rivers - habitat for rare birds. Within the reserve are found, Egyptian mongoose, Eurasian wild boars, gazelles. Landscape is very diverse. There are cliffs, sand dunes, agricultural farms. In winter you can see a lot of flamingos, which was chosen by salt flats in lagoons.

Immuzer de Ida Utanan or Paradise Valley - very picturesque place. Located about 60 km north-east of Agadir at the foot of the High Atlas. Paradise Valley is famous for its cascading waterfall, which falls down the most intense from February to August, but almost always the power flow is regulated irrigation services. But despite this crystal drops, sinks into a small, but very deep lake, looks great. Locals dive into the lake from the ledge, and tourists can admire and pay the money.

Modern Agadir - the capital of celebration and fun. Here all kinds of entertainment that are cultivated in the East and the sea resorts: smoking hookah, riding on camels, sea fishing, skiing, thoroughbred horses on the beach, playing golf and tennis. Naytklubov discos and a great variety, plus permanent festivals, pop concerts and variety shows. Shops and chic boutiques along the coast beckon invitingly not only open doors, but also interesting architectural delights.

Climate Agadir, Morocco

Temperatures even in December falls below +22 ° C, in summer, thanks to the cool Canary Current, there are no oppressive heat - the average temperature +28 .. +30 ° C. 300 days a year in Agadir sun is shining.

Traditions Agadir, Morocco

Trying to learn all 33 fun, you know: the police in Morocco, the most severe in Africa, so the country's peace and order prevail. In larger resorts and entertainment centers even created a special tourist police. It is strictly, often harshly, drawn from the local population, turning a blind eye to minor transgressions of foreign tourists. The only crime with which you can encounter - pickpockets. Something more serious, especially terrorism, there is already twenty years.

Traditional cuisine Agadir, Morocco

Kitchen is the most diverse, however, as everywhere else in Morocco: from a refined French to Japanese and Chinese variants. Of course, the traditional Arab dishes - kebabs, couscous, coffee with cardamom, but the real fun - freshly prepared fish. In Agadir - the world's largest fishing port of sardines, and assortment simply magnificent: svezhepoymannye sardines, perch, tuna, besides shrimp, lobsters and crayfish. In any restaurant there and then grill them on the grill with lemon or tangerine. Alcohol is sold everywhere and very inexpensive. Home and the only problem - it stops selling at eight in the evening.

Transport Agadir, Morocco

AI-Massira Airport is located 28 kilometers south of the city. Bus service between Agadir and the airport is not very comfortable (need to change trains in the nearby town Inezgane), so it is best to use buses that serve the major hotels. Or take a taxi which will cost about 100 MDH. The road from the airport takes 20-30 minutes.