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New ZealandNew Zealand - it is an island country in the south-western Pacific Ocean and is one of the cleanest countries in the world. Includes two major islands - the North and South, separated by Cook Strait, and several smaller islands. New Zealand - a land of clear lakes, emerald green meadows and tropical rainforests. This is the realm where the mountain peaks are covered with eternal snows and glaciers, and at the foot of their mineral springs. New Zealand - a country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, situated on two large islands (the North Island and the South Island) and a large number (about 61, depending on the technique of counting) adjacent smaller islands. The country's capital - the city of Wellington. In the language of the indigenous Maori people of Aotearoa New Zealand is called, which can be translated as "land of the long white cloud." On the North Island, a smaller area, is the state capital - the city of Wellington and the largest city in New Zealand - Auckland. South Island is inhabited by less than: it is home to only 25% of the population. Unique natural landscape of New Zealand has long been a hallmark of the country. From south to north of the South Island of New Zealand mountain range stretches of the Alps, the highest point of which - the peak of Mount Cook (3754 m). Each year, the mountain peaks of New Zealand collected a large number of fans of different sports, from skiing to mountain climbing. North Island is located in the active volcanic belt, which led to the emergence of the set here thermal springs and geysers. The most famous geysers are located in Rotorua, as recently very popular among tourists. Matamata area - location of the famous active volcano Tongariro. Not far away, you can become a member of the fascinating spectacle when geysers released into the atmosphere is not white and multicolored smoke. This is a mystery to tourists still serve glowing cave valley of Waikato, and frightening at the same time attracting fans of the exotic. The capital of New Zealand - Wellington.

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New Zealand (Aotearoa and that means "long white cloud") is famous for its rich and diverse nature - geysers, mountains and lakes, forests and caves, glaciers and beaches. The extensive development of the environmental movement allows you to keep all this splendor in almost pristine condition, even in the vicinity of large cities. Special attention of tourists are attracted Mount Cook national park on the South Island, Tongariro, Fiordland and others. North Island ("Te Ika a Maui") - snow-capped mountains in the Tongariro National Park, geysers and mud pools around Rotorua, endless green fields and buried in the dense forests of the slopes of the mountains, and the coast is an endless sandy beach. The ski season in the mountains of the island 3 months - from June to September, sometimes in the most sunny days of spring (September-October), skiing combined with the swimming season. Auckland port city, famous for its University, is strikingly picturesque - from the viewing platforms located on the tops of extinct volcanoes, you can simultaneously see and the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea. Wellington - a picturesque botanical garden, located on the slopes of high mountains. South Island - it countless fjords, glaciers, swift mountain streams and rivers where trout, jungle, tropical rainforests on the coast, palm groves and mountain ranges with peaks of 3,000 meters. The island is a great place for fishing, rowing, cycling trips, rafting and long hikes. Almost all trips begin in Picton - a city like a small and colorful postcard. However, many tourists enjoy starting their familiarity with the island in the city of Christchurch, which is like two drops of water like a typical provincial town somewhere in southern England. Either of these two cities provides an opportunity to embark on a fascinating trek around the island and see the countless river basin Marlborough Sounds near the town of Nelson, famous for its wines and excellent sea food. You will be able to visit the National Park of Mount Cook, which are the highest peaks of New Zealand, Queenstown quiet town at the foot of the mountain range Remarkabelz, numerous beaches and rocky coves, to participate in a splendid fishing in the ocean, and on countless pristine mountain rivers. Wellington - Capital of New Zealand, is the southernmost capital city in the world, located at the southern tip of the North Island, on the Pacific coast. Sandwiched between the bay and the mountain range, Wellington stretches along the coast is only two kilometers away, so that the whole city can easily get around on foot. But despite its compact size, rich in Wellington attractions. One of the most interesting architectural complex is the Parliament, which consists of three completely different style buildings - the main building of the Parliament, built in neo-classical style, a Gothic building of the library and a contemporary "Beehive" executive wing of Parliament. Wellington - this is the cultural capital of the country, here are the Royal New Zealand Ballet, the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, the New Zealand Opera and the National School of Dance. Here is a well-known extraordinary approach to organizing exhibitions Te Papa National Museum, which contains exhibits telling the story of New Zealand from the earliest times to the present day. The city should explore the magnificent Botanic Garden of Wellington on the hill Tinakori (area 26 hectares) with a unique collection of flora and lookout Kelburn Heights (122 m above sea level), with stunning views of the harbor and surrounding area. Also worth a visit Memorial Park, the first settlers, the Houses of Parliament (1912), a former Government Palace (XIX c.), The National Museum "Te Papa Tongarewa," (1998, the total exhibition area - about 36 thousand. Sq. M ), the Maritime Museum on the waterfront Queens Wharf, art galleries on Buckley Street, portrait Gallery of New Zealand on Mulgrave Street, the City Art Gallery at the Civic Skve Zoo near Newton park, the New Zealand Astronomical Centre and Planetarium. Auckland - New Zealand's largest city - the city of sails, which merges together the modern civilization and ancient Polynesian culture. The city is situated on a narrow isthmus of the North Island and indented bays. Auckland - gateway to the country, here is the largest airport in the country and hence begin private or bus tours of New Zealand. Auckland is situated on a narrow isthmus, clenched both sides of the waters and bays Hauraki Manukau. Due to its favorable geographical location at the crossroads of the Pacific sea lanes, Oakland has always been a traditional port of call of the international sailing regattas taking place in the region, and all round the world races. Oakland is not only the city of sails, but also a city of parks and greenery. Parks Victoria, Western, Mayers, Albert Park and a huge park Auckland Domaine give the city a beautiful green features. In the city center you will find a variety of shops and restaurants. Queen Street (Queen Street), the main street of the city, is the largest cluster of shops and boutiques. The most popular among shoppers enjoy shopping mall Saint-Luc (St Lukes) brings together more than 120 specialty shops. Rotorua - one of the main attractions of the country. The Valley of Geysers - the heart of the hot spring region. You can take a mud bath, experience the healing properties of the hot springs. It is also the cultural center of New Zealand natives - Maori. Opportunity to learn about Maori culture, local legends, songs and dances. Recommended stay in Rotorua for 2-3 days. If you like thrills in Rotorua you can try: bungee - Bungy Jumping, toboggan (riding a rollercoaster on special projectiles like small beans), dzhetbout - riding in speedboats on the mountain river with rocky and steep banks zrobing - descent down the hill in a transparent ball scooter. Lake Taupo - the largest lake in New Zealand and is located in the heart of the North Island. 3.5 hours drive from Auckland, these places are famous primarily for the New Zealand trout fishing. There are several types of fishing - the lake and mountain rivers. You can also take a cruise on the lake, take a ride on a speed boat, and for fans of extreme sports - rafting. From here you can take a flight on a plane over the mountains and an active volcano white island. A trip to the most beautiful places, the caves of Maro, which has rock paintings, visiting waterfalls Otupotu, swimming in crystal clear water can be arranged personal expedition with accommodation in tents. In the area of Lake Taupo are small B Lodge - some of which are included in the collection of Luxury Hotels of the World. In the area of Lake Taupo is restaurant BACH - one of the best restaurants in New Zealand. Krayschech - the best "English town" outside of England. Here is the second international airport in the country, here begins the journey by rail train Trans Alpine - scenic road to the glaciers France-Zhosev and Fox. Queenstown - the edge of wilderness. The second most popular place in New Zealand. Hence possible cruises on Lake National Park fjords Milfond Sound, jeep safaris, rafting rafting. Queenstown - the starting point of excursions to the south-west - the most picturesque coast. Here are the best ski resorts in New Zealand. Mount Cook - New Zealand's highest point (3764 meters). Stunning, breathtaking Tasmanian Glacier - 30 kilometers long and more than 3 km wide at its widest point. Various walks along mountain trails, helicopter flights over the glaciers.

Climate New Zealand

New Zealand is located in two climatic zones: the North Island and the northern part of the South Island is dominated by a subtropical marine climate, and the rest of the state - is moderate.

Time New Zealand

Ahead of Moscow at 9:00.

Language New Zealand

The vast majority of the population speaks in English, but is also the official language and the language of the Maori.

Money New Zealand

State currency of New Zealand is New Zealand Dollar (NZD), which consists of 100 cents. Major world currencies can be exchanged easily in New Zealand at the airports, banks and exchange offices.

Visa New Zealand

The minimum term of the visa - 14 - 15 days. Profiles are given in English. By request accompanied by the original invitation or fax. Validity of the visa to enter - 30 days. The consular fee will be charged. Visa-free transit is not allowed.

Traditions New Zealand

New Zealanders - very welcoming and friendly people. Foreigner, hitting the country is experiencing a surprise because with him on the streets greet all strangers. All feel the atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility.

Traditional cuisine New Zealand

The traditional cuisine of the country that existed on the islands long before the arrival of Europeans, almost unknown to tourists. Many immigrants from all over the world have brought here the culinary traditions of their homeland, so now in the country, you can enjoy almost all the nations of the world. But prevails, of course, the Anglo-Saxon cuisine. New Zealand - one of the leading producers of meat and dairy products in the world, and therefore the core of almost all the local dishes - lamb, beef and pork. Traditional dish - fish or meat and chips, as well as natural steaks and roast beef. As commonly used potato side dishes and local sweetish variety - "kumara". Other vegetables are most often in the form of complex side dishes and salads. Seafood is quite rare in the traditional kitchen, but in any restaurant can be found on the menu of oysters, lobsters, various crustaceans and many varieties of fish. New Zealand also produces a variety of top-class French cheeses such as: Brie, Camembert, Bleu de Bresse and Montana bleu. Traditional desserts of New Zealand - a cake with whipped cream and fruit, a large round cake with fruits and cream, a variety of jams and dry biscuits in the English style. Of alcoholic beverages preferred beer, which is considered one of the best in the world for quality. The most popular brand - "Lion Red", "OB Natural", "DB Draught", "Speight", "Canterbury Draught" and others., And some varieties are produced directly in the back room of the pub, which are sold. New Zealand produces a variety of first-class wines, but local brands virtually nothing said foreign tourists, so the choice of wine should be treated with great attention. Also, a large number of spirits imported from other countries, in the first place - South Africa and Chile.

Political system New Zealand

New Zealand is an independent parliamentary democracy. Independent member of the British Commonwealth. Formally, the head of state is the Queen of the United Kingdom, represented by Governor General. Head of Government - Prime Minister and Cabinet (Executive Board) appointed by the Governor General on the recommendation of the Prime Minister from among the members of Parliament.

Population New Zealand

3.8 million. Persons. Most of the population is made up of Anglo-New Zealanders, about 10% - Maori (the indigenous population) and about 4% - Polynesians. The Treaty of Waitangi guaranteed Maori special place in New Zealand.

Customs New Zealand

The import of cigarettes - 200 pcs., Liquor - 1,125 liters, wine, beer - 4.5 liters. Banned the export-import of drugs, unregistered firearms and bladed weapons, video and audio recordings and obscene publications. When exporting to customs control shall be subject to firearms and knives. Import of local and foreign currency is unlimited. The export of foreign currency and local currency - not more than 5000 NZS. Prohibited the importation of food, drugs, weapons. Fruits, vegetables, wood, plants and seeds are subject to inspection. Banned the export of specimens of plants and animals under state protection, as well as leather, bone, feathers, shells, corals, etc.

Transport New Zealand

The most common form of transport in New Zealand - it's buses. Machine operating on long-distance routes, quite modern and equipped with air conditioning, toilets and communications. Taxis in New Zealand are ubiquitous, and are a popular mode of transport. All cars are equipped with special counters are used to pay for solid rates.

Electricity New Zealand

230V, 50 Hz. Plugs with three flat pins.

Tip New Zealand

Tipping 5-10% of the bill in the restaurant (but not in a simple cafe) in provincial institutions usually do not take a tip.