NigeriaNigeria - a country of forests and savannas. Once rainforests occupy a large part of its territory, but the cutting and burning of crops under reduced their area. Now rainforests with twining vines trees up to 45 m are distributed only on the coastal plain and in the river valleys. Nigeria - one of the largest in area (924 thousand. Km2) West African countries in terms of population (more than 91.5 million. Persons) it occupies the first place on the continent. Nigeria - one of the largest countries in West Africa. It shares borders with Benin, Niger, Chad (on the lake. Chad) and Cameroon. From the south, bordering the Gulf of Guinea. The total area of 923.8 thousand. Sq. km. The capital Abuja.

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Sights Nigeria

City, or rather the Lagos metropolis, occupies almost the entire territory of the state of the same name and consists of a large number of areas connected and separated by a motorway. The main attraction - the markets, which occupy large areas in Lagos, mostly outdoors. Here, everything is mixed in a most peculiar way, with all the vendors and buyers, deafening racket and argue, and because of the terrible crowding it happens at the same time on all sides immediately miraculously sneak machines and cabbies handcart . These markets come not only from Nigeria, but also from the surrounding countries as well as Lagos - one of the largest ports in Africa. Here you can buy everything, and sometimes at a very reasonable price, especially if you know how to haggle. Of course, there are in Lagos and the present two-storey stores, mostly located in the trendy area of Victoria Island, and a business center with office blocks of concrete and glass, and respectable restaurants and casinos, but still the main bustling around the markets. Very interesting Sunday church services. On weekends, dressed up, almost all of the population attends church. And services are quite fun, with songs and orchestra that strums national melodies, almost every worship turns into a small folk festival. Unique natural monument Nigeria - Jos Plateau, which is a towering jungle of greenery relict rock with flat tops and steep slopes practically, eaten away by erosion. Externally, they resemble the famous "Pillars" of Utah in the United States, but are composed of rocks and gray color in stark contrast with the surrounding green rainforest. Reserves - Borg, Kviambana, Yankari and others. Ibadan (1.3 million inhabitants). - The main city of the Yoruba people, fine weavers and carvers, metal and wood. Ibadan appeared in the XVIII century, in the old part of the city fortress walls. Benin City preserves ancient traditions are especially picturesque numerous religious holidays. Ife - known as a center of African art, especially interested in bronze and terracotta, ancient samples are stored in the local museum. In the north of the country of interest exists more than a thousand years, the city of Kano with a grand mosque, the old palace of the Emir (the inhabitants of Kano Muslims) and is known all over Africa bazaar. Other major cities - Port Harcourt, Aba, Enugu, Onitsha, Calabar, Zaria, Kaduna, Katsina, Ilorin, Maiduguri, Jos. Some of them were built relatively recently, while others have a long history.

Climate Nigeria

Equatorial and sub-equatorial monsoon, with high humidity. Average temperatures everywhere exceed +25 C. In the north are the hottest months - March to June, in the south - April, when the temperature reaches + 30-32 C. The rainiest and "cool" month - August. Most rainfall in the Niger Delta (up to 4000 mm. Per year), in the central part of the country - 1000-1400 mm, and in the extreme north-east - only 500 mm. The driest period - winter, when the north-east wind blows harmattan, bringing the desert regions of the continent daytime heat and sharp daily temperature fluctuations (in the afternoon air is heated to +40 C or more, and at night the temperature drops to +10 C).

Time Nigeria

Behind by 2 hours from Moscow. On the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in September - 3 hours.

Language Nigeria

English and French are widely used in the province of vernaculars.

Money Nigeria

Naira is equal to 100 kobo ($ 1. USA is approximately 86-100 Naira). Boating other currencies are officially banned, although in reality the markets and private benches take almost all hard currencies of the world.

Visa Nigeria

Visa regime, the minimum term visa - 2 days. Number of profiles and photos - 2 pcs. Profiles are given in English. To request an invitation attached or fax. Validity of the visa to enter - 90 days. Consular fee - $ 60-100. SSCHA depending on the type of visa. Visa-free transit is not allowed. Children under 16 years fit into the visa parent (mother). When crossing the border must present a passport with a visa and fill in an immigration card, which specifies the name, sex, date and place of birth, nationality, profession, place of residence, the address in Nigeria, passport data, length of stay in the country, purpose of trip, destination and flight number. Russian citizens with a regular passport are registered at the reception desk at the place of stay of foreigners. Russian citizens restrictions on movement in the country is not. It is recommended to present a certificate with a note on vaccination against yellow fever.

Traditions Nigeria

All Nigerians are quite religious, Muslims make up 40% of the population, Christians - 40%, and the rest - indigenous beliefs. Everywhere, both in the market and in the shops, can and should be traded. Nigeria - a country with a complex crime situation, it is not recommended to enter into conflict with the local population, to carry or leave in the hotel room large sums of money to use a taxi at night, especially when there are any driver except for Nigerians. Rather widespread fraud, particularly in the use of foreign currencies, so it is recommended to exchange a certain amount of advance in Naira small bills for everyday use.

Political system Nigeria

Nigeria - Federal Republic. Part of the Commonwealth. Head of state and government - the president. Legislative power is vested in the bicameral National Assembly (Chamber of Deputies and the Senate). In the political life of the country is extremely high role of the military.

Population Nigeria

Nigeria - the most populous country in Africa - 115 million. Persons. More than 200 different ethnic groups, the most numerous - people: for (or Igbo), Yoruba, Hausa, Edo, Ibibio, and against others. Many of the Yoruba, the most numerous people in three different deep incision in the skin of the cheeks, made in childhood. Hausa, the inhabitants of the northern provinces, the bulk of Muslims are descendants of Arabs and Lebanese.

Customs Nigeria

Import of foreign currency is unlimited. Export authorization previously imported foreign and local currency, with the amount of up to $ 3,000. USA can not be declared. Foreigners can freely exchange virtually any of the major currencies in the naira exchange bureau. The reverse operation. The import of tobacco - 200 gr., Cigars - 50 pcs., Cigarettes - 200 pcs., Alcoholic beverages - 1 liter., Wine - 1 p., Perfume - 250 gr., Household appliances, photographic, audio and video equipment - one subject each item. Banned the import of weapons, drugs and narcotic drugs. Banned the export of ivory, skins of animals, rare plants, old coins, handicrafts made of bronze, parrots. When importing pets must have a veterinary certificate with a note on vaccination against rabies and the resolution of the Veterinary Service of the country.

Medical aid Nigeria

It is recommended to present a certificate with a note on vaccination against yellow fever.

Transport Nigeria

Direct flights from Moscow absent. Nigeria can reach across European cities. Regular flights to Lagos and Abuja operate aircraft carriers "British Airways", "KLM", "Air France", "Lufthansa" and others. Taxi fare from the airport to the center of Lagos (25 km) - about $ 10. USA. To travel by public transport should refrain. Traffic - the left.

Tip Nigeria

Porter service at the airport will cost $ 2. USA