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GelendzhikGelendzhik, one of the most popular Black Sea resorts of Russia, lies on the banks of a rare beauty of Gelendzhik bay, bordered by picturesque Caucasus Mountains. "Gelendzhik" in translation from Turkic means "White Bride". From the top of the ridge Markhotskogo pleasant to enjoy this Black Sea city - a resort with a corpus of modern health resorts, beautiful streets, lined Pitsundskaya pine. At any time, it seems a white flower, flowering on the shore of the bay among fresh zeleni.Gelendzhikskaya resort area stretches from north-west to south-east of Cape foam Tsemess Bay to Bay bowls at 78 miles. kilometers, including a climatic seaside resorts and resort areas: Kabardinka, Gelendzhik, Divnomorskoe, Dzhanhot, Praskoveevka, Bette, Arkhipo-Osipovka. The north-east coastal strip is bounded spurs Marhotskogo low ridge, the highest point of which - Thab (905 m) is a popular peak for novice climbers. The width of the coastal strip ranging from two to five kilometers. It is all divided into separate blocks by deep gorges, clefts: Vinogradova, Church, Red, White, - at the bottom of which occur are short, but turbulent rapids and rivers.

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Wide artificial sandy beach in the city of Gelendzhik multikilometer stretches along the entire waterfront. In Kabardinka and Blue Bay, sandy and pebbly beaches, sea bottom flat and sandy - here the best conditions for rest with children. Between Gelenjik Kabardinka dominated by narrow and pebbly beaches, where the cliffs and heaped boulders boulders fit directly to the water, natural beaches are absent. From Gelendzhika to Dzhanhota shore rocky and steep. Suitable for swimming band is narrow, or absent altogether, but even here at sites Divnomorskoe-Dzhanhot, Dzhubga-Agria always be easy to find among the rocks down to the sea and take refuge on a rocky or gravel patch. In this intimate wild holiday also has its own charm. Between Dzhanhotom and Praskoveevkoy places horizontal layers of rocks down to the sea, creating a sea bath with a perfectly smooth, polished bottom. Natural small beaches in Divnomorskoe and Dzhanhote - gravel and pebble. But near the resorts are equipped with decks, artificial sand beaches. As Betty and Arhipo-Osipovka are narrow sand and shingle beaches.

Other attractions Gelendzhika include:

• Cultural - Wellness Center Castalian font. You can enjoy the secluded relaxation in the juniper grove. Here is a wonderful lake that holds a ancient legend on which coast you can relax and go fishing. The caught fish cooked for professional cooks.

• Gelendzhik-historical museum. Ethnographic, archaeological, natural history museum collections include more than 70 thousand items. On the territory of the museum with the exhibition of military equipment of WWII and some unique items since dolmens era.

• Dolmen - Janet on the river, at St Michael's pass, - the ancient burial structures III-II millennium BC

• House-museum of the writer Korolenko. Branch Gelendzhik Regional History Museum. Cottage writer, built in 1909 in Section Dzhanhot.

• Rock "Parus" (p. Praskoveevka). It really looks like a sail, which is trying to swim in the sea. At the bottom of the cliff a gaping hole. It is believed that during the Caucasian War, it was pierced by a shell of mountain artillery.

• Waterfall "Emerald" on pp. Janet.

• Bigiusskie waterfalls (pp. Teshebs).

• Monument to the dead in the tragedy at t \ x "Admiral Nakhimov. Located in a picturesque location - high cliffs of Cape Doob. In the center of a square concrete platform - the composition of the metal pipes of different heights, symbolizing the broken lives. At the bottom - Breaking concrete terms in the form of waves that swept the ship. In the central part of the song - watch, raised by divers from the ship. Hands of the clock stopped at 23.20 - a time of tragedy. Beneath the inscription - "killed in a shipwreck n / v" Admiral Nakhimov August 31, 1986 "

• Tourist Complex Park Entertainment and Sports "Olympus" was created to develop and diversify tourism products, with better utilization of natural recreational resources of the resort city of Gelendzhik. The tourist complex includes a lift with hanging chairs, a network of cafes and restaurants: "Olympus", "willow", cafe "Harlequin", a tavern, inn, cafe, BBQ facilities, viewing platforms, horseback riding, there is a trail Jeep -trial ", fishing, wine tasting room Kuban, trading pavilions, children's rides and entertainment, there are excursions into the history of Gelendzhik. Cableway company "Doppelmayer" length of 1146m, lifting height is 406.3 m. The highest point Markothskogo ridge on the viewing platform 561m. above sea level.

• Lake "flower" (thin cape) - hydrological natural monument, is a complex Ash Valley ", with water protection and beach areas, ploschadb 5,8 ha.

• Mound "Royal" (burial mound of the Middle Ages on a school in a hill. Mikhailovsky pass)

• Dolphinarium.

• Waterpark.

Historical monuments:

• Battery Captain A. Zubkov, E. 1394. Memorial group of genuine military defensive installations Battery ¹ 394 coastal defense of the Black Sea Fleet under the command of Zubkov AE Mount Foam, Department of Gelendzhik Local History Museum of the Great Patriotic War. 14 km from between Kabardinka Gelendzhik and Novorossiysk. Landmark - Cossack chaise inn "Cossack kuren" on the right side of the Sukhumi Highway.

• Monument Taman army - a monument-symbol of the campaign in honor of the Red Army, Taman, established in 1958 on Lermontovskoye Boulevard, architect Katchalov.

• Monument Arkhip Osipov - established in 1889 with funds collected by personnel of the 77-th Tenghinka regiment, which served Arkhip Osipov, in place of his achievement in the village. Arhipo-Osipovka.

• Victory Monument - sculptor M. Tsvetkov, established in 1949 on the means of workers in honor of the Victory over Nazi Germany.

• Eternal Flame - a memorial to those who died in the Great Patriotic War, inaugurated on May 9, 1970. Buried more than 100 people.

Climate Gelendzhik, Russia

The most important factor in the Black Sea resort - a humid subtropical climate of the Mediterranean type. The period from the most comfortable for the rest weather lasts from 7 - 10 May 20 - 25 October. At these times each month indicated more than 20 days with the most favorable for treatment and rest the weather: temperature, humidity, wind speed and precipitation, cloudiness and sunshine are optimal for human proportions: 2200 - 2400 hours per year, the sun is shining for the warm period occurs only 8 -12 overcast days. Black Sea chain of the Caucasus mountains amphitheater surrounds the coastal strip, protecting it from penetration of cold winds from the north and east. Conversely, moist marine air comes freely from the west, softening the winter cold and summer heat. Together with the cyclones from the sea here comes a great amount of precipitation.