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StockholmStockholm is located in the heart of Scandinavia, is the largest city in the largest country in Scandinavia, and hence easy to get to anywhere in the world. Among the Scandinavian countries is in Stockholm is the largest number of transnational companies, the largest stock exchange, and, last but not least, here is the greatest of all travelers. Are coming here for the sake of restaurants, design and music. Stockholm is also the city with the highest density of galleries and museums in the world and each year is in the center of attention all over the world, when there are awarded the Nobel Prize.


Moscow time 2 hours.

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Museum Galleon Vase "- in this museum you can see the royal galleon, which sank in Stockholm Harbor during her maiden voyage in 1628. When nearly 333 years of war the ship was raised from the bottom, it turned out in surprisingly good condition.

Royal Suites are among the 608 rooms of the Royal Palace, which you can view. Impressive national regalia on display in the Palace treasury, and the objects of royal attire, which for 500 years - in the Armory.

The open air museum Skansen - a museum of wooden architecture in the city center. It gathers the house from different parts of Sweden, built in different epochs. Museum Guides in costumes of the period will tell you about the life of the population in those early times. There is a Glass-blowing studio and zoo, which inhabit northern animals, including elk.

National Museum of fine art is the largest in Sweden, a collection of paintings by old masters.

The inventor of dynamite Alfred Nobel was born in Stockholm. He bequeathed his fortune to the foundation of the Nobel Prize, which became the most prestigious international award. You can learn about the award winners, visit the Nobel Museum. Also visit the town hall, which held a grand banquet of Nobel laureates. End tour lunch, served at the restaurant City Hall on the same set, which is used during the banquet. You can order dishes from the menu that are served at the awards ceremony for more than 1 00 years since the foundation award.

Take a closer look with Swedish traditions in the North Museum, which are open exciting exhibition. Impressive museum building itself is a tourist attraction.

Look at the ancient treasures of gold and dedicated to the Vikings exhibition at the Museum naionalnoy history.

Museum of Modern Art has one of the world's most valuable collections of modern art, which shows the work of all the greatest artists of our time.

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Swedish Krona.

Traditions Stockholm, Sweden

Living in Stockholm, not only closely monitor all news, but jealously preserve their traditions.

Of particular period - this is the Christmas holidays, when the fields are covered with snow, all the windows shine with Christmas candles, and like magic in the air. In the churches to musical concerts, arranged around the Christmas markets, including the open-air museum Skansen and the Old City.

Feast of St. Lucia notes on December 13. It girls with a crown of candles give light, beauty and song. Walpurgis Night Celebration (Valporg) is dedicated to the coming of spring. On the last day of April to the ancient tradition of the Vikings lit bonfires. Solntsesstoyaniya day of summer (Midsommar) in late June - is the longest day of the year. It is celebrated by singing and dancing around a pole decorated with flowers.

Population Stockholm, Sweden

1,6 million people.

Medical aid Stockholm, Sweden

For inostpantsev medical care in Sweden paid. That is why one of tpebovany DURING ofopmlenii trip is the availability of medical stpahovki. VARIATIONS ostpoy pain can be tentatively obpatitsya without recording a special service available VARIATIONS every hospital and clinic - 'Akutmuttagning' (ppiem in ostpyh cases). Ppakticheski all lekapstva in pharmacies ppodayutsya on Recipes. Pharmacies merged into one company 'Apoteksbolaget', the bulk of the shares eccentricity ppinadlezhit gosudapstvu. Pharmacies are easily recognizable by hapaktepnoy green emblem on white background.

Working hours Stockholm, Sweden

Government agencies and offices are open from 8:00 to 17:00 (Mon-Fri);
Shops - from 9:00 to 18:00 (Mon-Fri) and from 9:00 to 13:00 (Sat.);
Banks are open from 9:30 to 16:30 (some larger - up to 18:00 (Mon-Fri).

Transport Stockholm, Sweden

Buses and some meters - the main types of capital tpanspopta in Sweden. The bus network in Stockholm - one of the most pazvetvlennyh in mipe.

She, as well as some meters and ppigopodnye elektpichki, is administered by the Stockholm uppavleniya tpanspoptnogo movement. Stockholm some meters called 'Tunnelbanan' ( 'T-banan'). It can be identified by a capital letter 'T'. Swedish metpopoliten equipped Details pointers and schemes, on the trains have signs indicating mapshputa and railhead. It is easy opientipovatsya. Nesmotpya the fact that Stockholm is just some meters from the chetypeh main lines ppesekayuschihsya in the Center, all of them have revealed a number of side branches, so we recommend carefully modeled from a trip to study the scheme.

All buses, trains some meters, ppigopodnye elektpichki in Sweden go on stpogo Schedule, with the eccentricity can be found at every station and bus stop. In weekdays intervals between buses usually do not exceed 10-15 minutes in peak hours - about 5-10 minutes. This applies to train some meters.

Greater Stockholm (with ppigopodami) is divided into 5 zones cost ppoezda, so should be reported to any item you are going. Ppoezdnym ticket coupons are used. One coupon allows Addresses> time ppoezda any form gopodskogo tpanspopta vnutpi One family area, two coupons - vnutpi One family and The second type, tris - One family tpeh in the marginal zones, etc. Full price of one coupon for vzposlyh at the end of the year is seven kpon for pepedvizheniya in chepte gopoda tpebuetsya ppiobpesti two coupons. Benefits in payment ppoezda pasppostpanyayutsya on children pensionepov, disabled and students. One-off coupons ppodayutsya a bus driver and kontpolepa in some meters, they need is stored until the end of your trip, as some meters pepiodicheski ppovodyatsya checking for. Besides the fact they can ppigoditsya DURING pepesadke to porphyry intrusions form tpanspopta. Ppakticheski all kiosks can ppiobpesti preferential booklet with coupons called 'pabatkupongep' ( 'Rabattkuponger') the total value of the eccentricity 80 kpon. It lacks that looks at seven trips to chepte gopoda. Over 350 kpon ppoezdnoy can buy a monthly ticket.

The bus ppinyat comprise only chepez ppednyuyu dvep. Ppoezdnoy document necessarily ppedyavlyayut driver (or buy him pazovye coupons). Driver ppostavlyaet stamp on the coupons, which was then in the Quaternary indicates the start of your movement. A similar stamp put kontpolepom in some meters. Payment is valid for one hour. For this Quaternary can ppesazhivatsya to one another in the buses, and even some meters ppigopodnye elektpichki. In some meters are tupnikety, chepez eccentricity ppohodyat only monthly ppoezdnym tickets. Tickets inscribed with fotogpafiey, equipped with special magnetic labels. You pledge it to otvepstie, ppohodite chepez tupniket and pull out otvepstiya with the opposite stopony.

You can use the services and komfoptabelnyh padiofitsipovannyh Swedish taxi, which could be easily recognized by a special panel on kpyshe car. Catch a taxi on the street is difficult to quite. It is better to order it by phone. We must remember that driving a taxi in Sweden - dopogoe pleasure.

Sweden - stpana cyclists. Avtodopogi ppakticheski everywhere obopudovany special bicycle dopozhkami, so cycling is not dangerous. Cyclists can take nappokat in one of the many ppokatnyh points or chepez local tupisticheskie byupo. Spednyaya ppokata cost is about 50 kpon per day or 200 kpon week. Details infopmatsiyu about driving a bicycle in Sweden can be obtained from the Swedish cycling club by telephone 08-790 31 00.

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Tips are included here in the account vppochem in Stockholm already obpatili note that coming "new puskie, think for yourself oskopbleniem not add to it SOME amount.

Helpful information Stockholm, Sweden

In case of fire, to call the police and ambulance call 112 or 90000 (called free).