Susc, Tunisia

SuscSousse - the third largest city in Tunisia and one of the most attractive resorts of the coast. This is a cheerful and bustling town, the rest in which it recommended to tourists seeking to be interesting to spend their leisure time. In Sousse you no time to be bored: discos, nightclubs, casinos, bars provide all conditions for a diverse pastime. Hot rhythms of modern music, exotic cocktails, night, lights illuminated the port, romantic walks along the promenade - all this is an inherent part of holidays in Sousse.

The resort of Sousse is located on the southern shore crescent bay Hammamet, 12 km from the airport of Monastir and 140 km from Tunisia.

Modern Tunisian town of Sousse has grown from the former settlements of the Phoenicians, which subsequently came under the authority of the Romans, and then to the Byzantines. In the VIII-IX centuries. it was inhabited by Arabs, and who gave the old part of town its present form, rather typical of Tunisian cities: castle with battlements and a 30-meter tower, several old mosques built in the same period as the castle and market.

In the vicinity of the city are the remains of Phoenician tombs, Roman houses, Byzantine fortifications and Christian catacombs.

Status of the tourist center of Sousse bought in 60-ies The main attractions of Sousse are: Ribat - the most famous and the most ancient fortress city, built in 780 AD, the Grand Mosque, erected in 850 AD, Archaeological Museum, where you can admire the superb collection of antique finds.

Now, Sousse - a city of snow-white beaches and modern and comfortable hotels. City, whose beauty glorified by artists and poets. Maupassant, called Suss "the most beautiful and peaceful city." It is also a museum city, where a huge number of historical monuments.

Basically, Sousse hotels are located on the coast and have their own beaches. Usually loungers and umbrellas on the beach provided a rest for an additional charge. Sandy beaches everywhere. Beaches Area Sousse considered among the best in Tunisia, and inferior in quality sand beaches only Magdi.

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Great interest is the Old Town Medina with colorful bazaars. It is believed that Sousse is an ancient Carthage - a round tower and a modest minaret - one of the links in the chain of fortified monasteries XI century, a powerful double wall and the proud tower form a fortress (casbah).

In the Archaeological Museum you can admire the superb collection of antique items, including a mosaic of the Triumph of Bacchus ", found in Sousse. Arabic city, spread out on the hillside, shows the exquisite geometry of its white houses, turned to port and the sea.

Life in the city in full swing during the day and night. It is easy possible to walk at night along the main streets and the broad promenade. Large popular many disco clubs and bars.

5 km from the historical center of Sousse is situated a modern and amazingly beautiful area of Port El Kantaoui. This is a place of luxurious villas and cozy hotels. Unique, small port of the Mediterranean garden, with pleasure ships, golf courses, diving centers.

The central square is a fountain - a favorite place to walk for tourists. In the evenings they put on light shows. Around a lot of souvenir shops and small cafes. Those who like night entertainment discos, night clubs, casinos.

In the spa center of Sousse is a disco "Maracana". On the first floor of a large dance hall with a powerful sound system and laser show. Program is conducted by professional DJs. The second - a bar with tables. Very popular with tourists as disco "Samara King", located near the hotel "Samara", also in the center of the spa zone.

And in the 25 km is Entertainment Complex "Hergla Park". It combines racing circuit for karting and amusement park. Venues for kart provided separately for children, adolescents and adults. The breathtaking sensations are guaranteed on a huge attraction Evolution. There are numerous restaurants, cafes, bars. Sousse From here you can get a taxi, as well as the shuttle bus labeled Hergla. Schedule its movement is in each hotel.