Tekirova, Turkey

TekirovaTekirova is located 3 km. the west of Kemer, 37 km. from Antalya airport. This is the area with one of the most beautiful beaches on the entire coast. More recently, there was built a few hotels and clubs, which is the best place to unwind on the beach, swimming and sunbathing.

Tekirova - located along the route of Antalya-Komlyudzha, 70 km from the airport and 60 km from Antalya. Tekirova - a small village surrounded by picturesque mountains, pine forests and orange groves. Tekirova is considered the most elite resort to stay, but it is more aside. Due to the abundance of needles summer heat is transferred more easily than at other resorts. Large pebble beach (there is a bulk sand and bridges to enter the sea) resort Tekirova washed crystal clear waters.

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For those who prefer active rest, near Tekirova are the ruins of the ancient city of Phaselis, already partly excavated, which you can see for yourself if you go for a walk on a yacht.

In the second-largest in the world Serpentarium collected reptiles from around the world, a botanical garden has a huge collection of cacti from all over the world then take a horseback ride or sip fresh trout in the fish restaurants. Snow cover on the peaks of coastal mountains remains until the month of July, that allows to receive two contradictory pleasures at the same time: skiing and swimming in the sea. For your pleasure, diving or walking on yachts.