UAEUnited Arab Emirates - a young country with an ancient culture and history. The state features make staying in the UAE safe and very quiet. It is the country with the highest standard of living, a stable political and economic environment. Great climate, clean and warm sea, modern hotels with excellent service, infrastructure - all this holiday in the UAE. United Arab Emirates - a federation of seven independent states (emirates) lying along the eastern and north-eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula and numerous islands. In the north of the state borders with Qatar (plus maritime boundary with Iran), to the west and south - with Saudi Arabia to the east - the Sultanate of Oman. On the north by the Persian, and in the east - Gulf of Oman, Indian Ocean. The island of Abu Musa, Greater and Lesser Tunb formally belong to the UAE, but annexed by Iran. The relief is very diverse - from the mountainous areas in the east to the vast desert areas in the south and west and the salt marshes to the north. The highest point in the country - the city of Hafeet (1160 m.). Most of the settlements and resort areas are concentrated on the coast and in the oases. The total area of the country is estimated at 83.6 thousand. Sq. km. (land border runs through the desert and not clearly defined, there are two neutral zone). The capital of Abu Dhabi.

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Undoubtedly, the majority of tourists traveling to the UAE for commercial purposes. But in addition to excellent conditions for trade and business, the country can boast of, and others, no less attractive moments. The main property of the United Arab Emirates - is the bright sun 360 days a year and the warm clear sea, captivating scenery of the desert with oases and areas of "red sands" quiet "wadi" (dried river mouths) and multimeter dunes, rocky peaks array al-Hajar, a few lakes volcanic origin and a fantastic palette of landscapes. The climate allow for relaxation by the sea, even in the dead of winter. Coral reefs attract its flora and fauna of the underwater world, and the Persian Gulf coast famous for its golden sands and excellent water clarity. Most modern hotels on the beach offer tourists pools and well-equipped hotel beaches, equipped with everything necessary. Undoubted interest and numerous markets and free trade zones, which are considered some of the most "rich" on the coast of the Persian Gulf. Abu Dhabi (the "father of gazelle" Arab.) - The largest of the seven emirates (66% of the UAE). Consists of the emirate of Abu Dhabi city, performing the functions of the state capital, and the oasis town of Al Ain (140 km. From Abu Dhabi) and Lebanon (245 km.). In these places, people lived for 4 th. Years ago, as evidenced by numerous archaeological finds. The settlement of Abu Dhabi was founded on the island in 1761 around the source of fresh water, and until 1966 represented just a small cluster of houses with wind towers and tents of nomads. Now it is an ultra-modern city with a perfectly straight streets, many buildings the most diverse architecture and an abundance of fountains (over 90) and green spaces, for a known deficiency of water in the region is admired. To the present day from the former city, leaving only the old fort Al Husn, also known as the Old Fort or White (XIX c.), Built at the time to protect the source. Today, it hosts the documentation and research in the region. Business card of the city - an abundance of mosques. From any point of the city can be seen at the same time several intricately decorated minaret, located right among business districts or in the numerous parks. Quay fountains Corniche Road, a length of about 10 km - a popular place for walking and leisure travelers and locals. In fact, it is a large park area, which is full of entertainment and most of the fountains of the capital, including the most famous - "The seven emirates" ("Coffee"), "Swans", "Volcano", "Pearl", and others. From the West adjacent to the waterfront "Watershed" - the focus of many restaurants and fairs. Nearby is specially reconstructed shipyard, which made the Arab boats "dou". Near the coast being built artificial island Lou Lou ("Pearl"), with a water park, associated with Abu Dhabi underwater tunnel. Be sure to inspect the palace of Sheikh Al-Dzharaf or visit the island of Sir Bani Jaz that had been converted through the efforts of Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan in a unique nature reserve, where free live many species of rare and endangered animals. To the south-west of Abu Dhabi begins ridge of high rolling dunes of the Rub al Khali, one of the harshest and driest places on Earth. Located in the International Exhibition Center in Al Musaffa Cultural Heritage Village Heritage Umm al-Nar reproduces the traditional way of life and way of life of the country, and on holidays and weekends, many folk dancers show here, national songs and dances. Cultural center of the city is the Cultural Institute, located on an area of 14 hectares between the streets and Hamdan Al-Nasser. Here are the National Library, the Institute of Culture and Arts, and numerous art workshops and exhibitions. Every day there are many events, exhibitions and concerts. Pride of the city considered its hotels, which for the majority of entertainment and sports facilities of the capital. All are built on the most modern designs and are renowned worldwide for its luxurious interiors and level of service, as well as provide additional services - most of them are located in the galleries, restaurants, diving centers, tennis courts, gyms and shops. Numerous open-air markets ("bitches") with the usual assortment of goods in the region are scattered all over Abu Dhabi. Among them are particularly interesting maze series of "old" Hamdan Souk, Iranian Souk in the free zone port, New Central Souk Street Zayed Second near the hotel "Holiday Inn" Green Market streets between Al-Nasser and Istiglyal, and the famous "Market Carpet "(Afghan bazaar) at Mina Port Road is simply amazing huge selection of carpets with traditional Arabic patterns and Afghan handmade carpets. Almost all the streets are turned into real shopping arcade where you can find almost everything, and an extensive network of supermarkets provide all conceivable goods and services. Al Ain is located 160 km. east of Abu Dhabi, almost on the border with Oman. It is the principal city of the largest and most fertile oasis known as Buraimi. It survived several old forts - Al Jahili (1898, now a museum rich Al Ain), East (1910), Muraidzhib (1830.) Maziyad (XIX c.) And others. To the north lies the oasis area Healy, where the hot springs and the main historical attraction of the country - the so-called "Big Healey tomb", whose age is estimated at 3-4 thousand. years. Near the tomb stretches Public Park Healy with this ice skating rink and an amusement park Fun City, and slightly to the north - Ayn Fayyad Park Zoo and Aquarium Al-Ain. Nearby is the highest point in the country - the mountain Jebel Hafeet, from the top of which offers a magnificent view of the surroundings. The Emirate of Dubai ("locusts hatched larvae of" Arab.), Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf - the largest transport and trading hub of the Middle East. The emirate is the largest port complex, more than 160 the most luxurious accommodations, an incredible number of shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. The city of Dubai is divided bay of Khor Dubai (Scream) on three large district - Jumeirah beach, northern business district of Deira and the southern district of Bur Dubai, where the Emir's palace, the head offices of most of the companies and banks, as well as the port. The best way to start exploring the city - it's a walk around the bay on a boat "ABARA" that will meet the modern architecture of the city, not plunging into the street crush and heat. Interesting ancient Arab construction district Bastakiya, the old quarters of Deira, the old wind towers in the market area and Shindagha, modern wind towers of the Government House, watchtowers Burj Nahar and Burj Shindagha, Deira Tower (Tower Deira), Dubai History Museum in Al Fahidi Fort (1787), the Palace of Sheikh Zayed (Said, XIX c.), the Historical Museum and village ("Village of heritage") and pearl divers village near Shindagha, and heritage Village Al-Boom in the southern part of the Park Creek side. Business card of the city - 39-storey building of the Dubai International Trade Centre (DWTC, 1979), which houses the largest trading companies representative, wonderful observation deck and held the largest trade shows in the country. Once a year, Dubai has become the venue for the world's biggest shopping festival, which attracts over 2 million visitors. No less interesting is the unique building of the highest hotel of the world - the Burj Al Arab, which because of its luxurious finishes lead the whole tour. Dubai boasts many mosques, among which the most interesting Jumeirah Mosque (1979), Ibrahim Al-Khalil mosque Rashid Hospital, and the Great Mosque of the 70-meter minaret next to the Old Market. Markets and bazaars in the set. Most interesting are the Gold Souk ("Gold bitches"), stalls area Karama, Nasser-Skver, Old Market or Spice Souk Street Old Balyadiya, Deira Covered Market on the corner of the desiccant-al-Heil and Sabha, marketplace Murashid etc.. Well shopping malls and supermarkets are found at almost every turn. The city is decorated and numerous parks - Jumeirah and Al Mumzar oceanfront Mushrif, Creek Side and Safa, each of them built independent entertainment complexes. Dubai Zoo is considered the best in the Middle East, and the amusement park "Uonderlend" - one of the biggest in Asia, it, except the park is also a water park "Spleshlend" ("Land of spray") is also considered one of the largest in Asia . Nearby Jumeirah Beach Hotel is a small but perfectly equipped water park "Wild Wadi" with a beautiful complex of 24 water rides. Entertainment complexes "Magic Planet" and "meeting zone" contain a variety of attractions and sports facilities, including for children. In Dubai, there are many other sports facilities including tennis courts, a golf club, yacht club, soccer fields, ice rinks, bowling alleys and dive centers (mostly - at the hotels). In the center of the mountain massif of Al-Hajar, geographically belonging to the Emirate of Dubai, is a mountain resort Hatta, in which there are one of the oldest in Arabia Juma Mosque and Ethnographic resort center around the fortress Hutt, surrounded by palm trees and small farms. Especially impressive is crystal clear mountain air, clear lakes and majestic cliffs. The Emirate of Sharjah ("East", Arab.) Is located on the Gulf coast, separated from the Gulf of Dubai Al Khan. The capital of the emirate - Sharjah city - lies only 13 km. from Dubai. This is the "soft" emirate, in which the most severely traditional norms of Islam. The main attractions are the King Faisal Mosque - one of the largest in the Middle East (accommodates up to 3 thousand. Worshipers), an ancient district Meredzha, watchtowers along the coast of the Gulf of Al-Khan, a monument to the Holy Quran, a monument to progress, numerous museums and exhibitions, as well as Amusement Park Al-Jazeera on the island and the beautiful beaches of Khalid Lagoon. The city has many museums - the Museum of National Heritage, Museum of Art, Archaeology and Science Museums, and the historical findings of Meredzha have such great historical importance, the city is often referred to as "the museum's treasure trove of the UAE." Sharjah and the title is "Architecture of the capital of the Emirates" - new architectural complexes of the urban market and the market of Al-Majar themselves are masterpieces. As in the other emirates, the main point of attraction for tourists - shopping districts of Sharjah: Mall Al-Fahd, Jamal Abdul Nasser, Central Market, Sharjah (Sharjah Souk, the Blue Souk), Fish Market, textile souk, Gold Souk near Yarmouk, Iran market street and King Faisal Road. Best resort area of the emirate - Korfakkan, located on the Indian Ocean coast at the foot of the Al-Hajar. Here excellent conditions for a relaxing beach holiday, diving and exploring the oases and palm groves. Interesting bit ancient fortress, mosque Bitiya (XVII century.), Mineral springs and Gylfi Masafi, UAE's largest dive center "Scuba" amenities "Oushenik" and many beautiful beaches. Ajman occupies only 0.3% of the total territory of the country and is located 8 km. north of the city of Sharjah and is completely surrounded by the territory of the emirate. It is the only emirate in the territory of which was never discovered oil, as well as known from ancient time a manufacturer of ships and first-class pearls. The capital of the emirate of Ajman city, the residence of the Emir and the focus of major commercial organizations. Well worth a visit is located in a huge fort (XVII century.) National Historic Site of Ajman with a luxurious exhibition of archaeological finds, manuscripts and weapons. Interesting adzhman famous shipyard, which is still on the old technologies produce traditional sailboats "dou" and modern fiberglass vessels. You can also visit the square watchtower, Al-Nuami, track for camel races, beaches or mineral springs near the town. The Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah (the "tip of the tent," an Arab area of just 1,700 square meters. Km.) - The most northern and most fertile of the emirates of the country. The capital of the Emirate - Ras Al Khaimah, is considered the oldest city in the country - from 695 AD. e. in these areas was the city Dzhulfar (Yulfar) - a thriving center of trade in the past pearls and the largest shopping center of the Persian Gulf. The main difference from the emirate's neighbors - lush vegetation and huge water resources. Ras Al Khaimah is divided into two parts of the same bay. In the western part of the city, the so-called "Old Ras Al Khaimah," interesting dilapidated fort, the old mosque of the coral blocks in Jazirat al-Hamra, the National Museum of the "new" fort (recently renovated) and public institutions of modern architecture, the fort Falayya as well as the old guard towers on the outskirts of the city. In the eastern region of Al-Nakheel located Emir's palace, markets, exhibition center, and so on. D. But the main attractions of the emirate's spread outside the capital. Thousands of tourists are attracted by the hot springs and spa resort Hutt, as well as the largest emirate of the old town - Digdaga, vast reservoirs of palm groves in Wadi Azim, tombs and Iron Age settlement in Wadi CAVR and the green foothills of the Hajar. The Emirate of Umm Al Quwain ("source of strength", an Arab.) Takes only 1% of the country and different from the other emirates highly indented coastline. In the capital of the emirate - Umm Al Quwain, interesting three high watchtowers and the fort, which nowadays housed the headquarters of the Police Department and the Historical Museum, the Old Market area with wind towers, a beautiful promenade encircling the entire peninsula, the Maritime Research Centre , riding Academy, one of the best tracks in the country for camel racing, a huge palm-garden area Falazh Al Muala (Falaj Al Mulla), sailing club and water park "Dreamland" with an artificial volcano height of 18 m., and with a full simulation of the eruption as well as numerous water attractions. Well worth a visit excavations of ancient cities of Al-Dur and Tel Abrak nature reserve island blue with numerous excavations of ancient settlements, as well as the "bird island" Al Siyarh. Fujairah is located on the coast of the Gulf of Oman, right in the heart of the mountains Hadzharskih. Pride of the emirate are sandy beaches and the rocky headlands, picturesque gorges, many mineral springs and greenery, as well as some of the best places in the country for diving at the entrance to the Strait of Hormuz. The modern city of Fujairah (Fujairah), with wide and spacious streets, stretches along the coast. The city is decorated with numerous fountains and sculptures with traditional Arab motifs, ultramodern skyscrapers are much smaller than in the capitals of other emirates, and so it looks a lot more comfortable. Here you can see the dilapidated fort of Fujairah (1670) in the "old town", Tower Trade Center (TCT), visit a huge port and free economic zone of Fujairah, the famous Yacht Club and a variety of retail outlets, as well as visit the bullfights or numerous offshore races . In the vicinity of Fujairah attracts attention Al-Bitiya (1600, 30 km. North of the city), the former palace of the Emir of Fujairah - Al Heil Castle (8 km. Southwest), the easternmost country Fort - Al-bit (1735, 28 km. west of Fujairah), ruined fort with a small pond and palm groves in Wadi Daft, ancient Dibba, the famous "Souq al-Jumaa '(Friday Market) on the border of Sharjah and Fujairah, as well as three protected areas - Al Vurraya waterfalls, gardens Ain Al Madhab and hot sulfur springs of Ain al-Ghamour. New, but already very popular things to do in United Arab Emirates - skiing on sand, rally car in the desert, spending the night in nomad camps of nomads on camels or hiking. The country has plenty of sports facilities - tennis courts, golf clubs, yacht clubs, soccer fields, ice rinks, bowling alleys and all the possibilities for beach and marine recreation. Annually, there are traditional races "dou" and the World race speedboats Formula 1 (October, Fujairah), yachting regatta Dubai - Muscat, traditional camel race and racing thoroughbred Arabian horses, "Dubai Rally" and racing "Marlboro Desert Challenge." Very interesting night hunting for crabs, and sea fishing from the yacht or boat.

Climate UAE

Dry tropical. Monthly average temperatures of 16-20 C in winter + and + 35-40 C in summer (maximum can reach up to 50 C). At the same time at night in the desert regions of the temperature can drop to 5-8 S. insolation is very high.

Time UAE

Winter - is 1 hour ahead of Moscow; summer - coincides with Moscow, as Emirates are not moving to the summer.

Language UAE

Arabic, English is widely spoken.

Money UAE

Dirham is equal to 100 fils. There are coins of denomination of 5 and 1 dirham, 50 and 25 fils; banknotes of 5, 10, 50, 100, 200 and 500 dirhams. American dollars are accepted everywhere, but pay a few dirhams more profitable.

Visa UAE

To travel to the UAE needs a visa for citizens of Russia. Its original is issued at the border. Make it must advance through a travel agency or through the "sponsor" (host, company or private person entitled to apply for visas). And the sponsor only helps in obtaining a visa, but does not help with money. Hotel accommodation must be pre-paid. No prepayments no hotel does not send confirmation of your reservation, which serves as the basis for issuing the visa. Documents about the need to pre-enter the airport passport control and without them entry into the country is prohibited. In Dubai visit visa is issued for 60 days (with an option to renew), Travel 30 and a special permit to enter - for 14 days. For each day of stay in the country beyond the time - $ 28 fine. Visa or other markers of the state of Israel in their passport may be cause for refusal of entry.

Traditions UAE

Religion: Islam, the overwhelming majority - Sunni. The most popular in the country - the annual Dubai Shopping Festival (January - February), the largest in the world. During the festival, there are plenty of entertainment, fireworks, shows, grand lottery runs and bullfights, and provides significant discounts on goods and services. During the Summer Festival Dubai surprises (end of June - August) held "Week of Wonders", numerous competitions and concerts, as well as the indispensable lottery. Hosts many exhibitions and seminars focused on business tourism, such as the International Exhibition and Conference on Investment and Real Estate (March), International Education Exhibition (April), The Middle East Exhibition of international fashion, accessories and leather goods and clothing Middle East Exhibition (April) International Spring Fair and the International Middle East Exhibition for Tourism (May), International Trade Fair for perfumes, cosmetics and body care (September), the International furniture and Interior Design exhibition and Sports (October), an exhibition of computers and peripherals GITEX (the biggest in the Middle East, October), International Trade Fair for consumer Goods (timed to coincide with Ramadan), the International Fair of Horse Breeding and Airshow (December), and others. Each of them is usually accompanied by a whole set of colorful shows and performances. Holidays: January 1 - New Year's Eve. August 6 - Day of the ascension to the throne (the anniversary of the coming to power of Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan). December 2 - Independence Day, the National Day of the UAE. According to the Muslim lunar calendar at different times celebrated Eid al-Fitr (Eid al-Fitr, after three or four days after the end of Ramadan, 2 days), Eid al-Adha (Eid al-Hadha, Feast of the Sacrifice, at the 40th day after Ramadan, 3 days), Laylat al-Mi'raj (ascension Day of Prophet Mohammed), Milyad en Nabi (birthday of the Prophet Mohammed), Islamic New Year (Hijri), the holy month of Ramadan, and others. rules of Conduct Married women can not be taken under the arm. In the house you can not enter an Arab in the shoe. If the owner goes before you and enters into the shoes, then the ban is lifted. Arabs long remembered injury. Vengeance is built into a kind of art. Revenge can be followed in a few decades. Food and drinks should be give and take right hand. If plugs are not available, it is necessary to rinse with water right hand and take food pinch. Strongly recommended to offer local residents spirits as gifts or souvenirs. You can not pass in front of worshipers. In Ramadan, never eat, drink, smoke, or chew gum on the streets and in public places before sunset. Ramadan - the Muslim month of fasting, and a lack of respect for tradition can lead to fines and even imprisonment. In a Muslim country, it is necessary to establish rapport with a partner. The meeting begins with a handshake, but it is necessary to look into the eyes of a partner. During the greeting can not be held in the other hand a cigarette, or to keep a hand in his pocket. The conversation begins with questions about the state of health, the health of family members. Citizens of this country are not in a hurry, do not like to take risks. Entrepreneurs have an excellent command of English, the same language is compiled business documents.

Traditional cuisine UAE

The UAE has used traditional and almost the same for the Arab cuisine, formed under the influence of special natural and climatic characteristics of the region and religious. Since Muslims do not eat pork, the meat dishes are mainly used, beef, goat, veal, poultry, fish and eggs. Meat is often fried on a hot frying pan without fat, which gives it a special taste. Worth a try lamb with rice and nuts - "Gouzee" barbecue "tikka", traditional Arab "kebab" (shawarma, shavarma), lamb chops with herbs "kustileta", the famous kebab of marinated lamb or beef - "kebab" ram "shish-kebab" meat with spices and rice "makbus" traditional kebab of minced meat "jacket", fried meat balls "kebbe" roast cassoulet "mesh-mushakkal", a kind of pizza "rice", stuffed with young mutton pepper and many other no less original dishes. Very popular poultry dishes - chicken stew with tomato, chicken on a pair of "al-Mandi" with honey, chicken casserole with meat "charis" (often with beef), rice with chunks of stewed chicken "biryani-Ajaj" kebab Chicken "tikka-dadzhadzh" spicy chicken "Judge-Tanura," a very revered in the east of quail meat "Samman" and others. as a garnish for dishes such uses rice and a salad of fresh vegetables. Large quantities are used with various spices and seasonings. An important place on the table and take the thick meat soups with beans and rice, peas, potatoes, capers, etc.. Etc.. The meal is often accompanied by cakes of coarse wheat flour with meat "Kubba" or small triangular pies "sambusa" with vegetables - "Khoudary" cheese - "dzhabna" meat - "lyahma" or spinach - "sabeneh." Broadest way used vegetables and herbs - paste "jews harp" (hummus), "hommos bi Tajin", wheat or corn porridge "Burguli" stuffed zucchini "kurzhety" vegetable salad with Arabic bread "Fattoush" eggplant caviar "mutabbal "," tabbulya "- a dish of wheat and finely chopped greens, cabbage rolls (dolma) of a grape leaf" uarak-Annaba ", white some soaked peas" Dahna "figure in all possible combinations, as well as pickled and salted vegetables and seasonings. In large quantities are consumed dishes of dairy products, especially cheese, as well as fish and seafood - "biryani-Samak", a kind of risotto with fish "makbus-Samak" grouper "Hamura," "Sultan Ibrahim" (mullet or mullet) "shaari", "Zubeidi", various crustaceans and even sharks. Fish is traditionally prepared exclusively on the coals. Very good local desserts - milk pudding "Umm Ali" with raisins and nuts, sweet cheese cake with cream "El asaya" (or "al-barn"), pudding with pistachios "mehallyabiya", "baklava" donuts with honey "ligemat", "sorbet", a kind of Arabic dessert "asyda" and so on. d. A special kind of meal - coffee. This traditional drink for a chat and a special art, which neglect in the Arab world is not worth it. Coffee is prepared "in situ", no machines are not recognized in principle, and is poured from traditional coffee pots "Dalla" in small bowls. Varieties of this drink a great many, but the most popular varieties of the traditional black as well as light and Arabian coffee with cardamom.

Political system UAE

Polity of the United Arab Emirates - Emirates federation (Emirate Al-Arabiya al-Muttahida), which includes Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah (Fujairah), Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm al-Quwain (Umm al Quwain). The head of state - the president selected by the Federal National Council (Supreme Council) of the number of monarchs Emirates (emirs) for a period of 5 years. Legislative power is vested in the Supreme Court and the Presidential Council. Each emirate has its own while the government and the relevant administrative authorities, and the supreme authority in the emirate is inherited.

Population UAE

About 4 million. Persons. The largest is the Indian diaspora, which numbered more than 1.5 million. Persons in the country has a large number of immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Philippines and other countries.

Customs UAE

The import of printed and video erotic nature, as well as capable of offending the religious feelings of Muslims, or be perceived as unfriendly to the state. First of all, this applies to magazines or videos with elements of the most innocent, by Russian standards, erotica Customs authorities may temporarily confiscate imported video tape or printed materials. Strictly controlled importation of alcoholic beverages (2 l. Wine, 2 liters. Spirits and Sharjah - only 1 bottle of something or other), tobacco products (2000 cigarettes or 400 cigars or 2 kg of tobacco), perfume and cologne (150 g). Importation of alcoholic beverages in the UAE nationals are generally prohibited. Drugs and weapons are prohibited to be imported. Moreover, irrespective of the place of drug use (eg, even in Russia prior to departure), if their traces are found at a medical examination in the UAE, for example, due to detention in a state of intoxication, the sentence will be imposed and for appearing in a public place while intoxicated and for drug use. Officially, alcoholic drinks are served in restaurants and bars and airport hotels (of beer costs about 3 USD). Any currency can be imported and exported without restrictions.

Medical aid UAE

Insurance policy when traveling to the UAE needs (in most cases included in the tour package). Medical care in the country is at a very high level, but also the cost of such services rather big. Due to the nature of the local climate, particular attention should be paid to the protection from direct sunlight and dehydration. Sanitary-Epidemiological situation is calm, but should not be abused local cuisine. Be especially careful in the selection of drugs for first aid kits road - if of medicines containing narcotic substances exist, then they are detected at the customs office may face jail time in conjunction with a large fine. If the need for this preparation is vital, you must be in possession of a certified translation of a medical prescription. Medicines should not be more than is necessary for the period of stay in the country.

Working hours UAE

Banks are open from 8.00 to 12.00-13.00 Saturday to Thursday, Friday - the day off. Exchangers operate from 8.00 to 19.00-20.00 with a break for lunch. Shops are open from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 20.30, Friday - the day off. Many small shops and supermarkets are open on Friday from 16.00 to 20.00. During Ramadan, the shops are open from 9.00 am as usual, in the evening close to the period of "Iftar" (breaking fast the evening), and then continue to work till 24.00 and later.

Transport UAE

Public transport is developed quite weak - most locals prefer to travel by car. In Abu Dhabi and Dubai operates a bus service-oriented movement between the major trading points of the city. Fare in Dubai UAE 1.5 bus, the driver sells tickets at the station, the entrance through the front door. Buses quite modern, air-conditioned, well-respected schedule (from 6.00 to 23.00), although the routes are very confusing. Also bus lines involve some capital emirates. Most hotels have buses take guests to the city center. In many areas, there are taxis, moving along a certain route and staying on request. All airports operate "Airport Taxi" with fixed rates (usually slightly higher than in the private sector). Road and driving rules Movement sided. High-speed mode in the UAE controlled automatic radar with cameras, so to argue with the traffic police is useless. The speed limit is 60 km / h in the city, 120 km / h on highways. Paid parking in the city a bit, they are usually found only in the heart, in the narrow streets. Parking costs 2 dirhams per hour. An interesting feature of the country is almost complete ban on hitchhiking within the city limits and the suburbs. Stand on the side of the road to stop a passing car is not just smoking SDA, but is an administrative violation. If the fault of the passenger accident occurs, especially on the freeway, he read automatically awarded imprisonment for several months. Thus for local hitchhiking, if he is a success, we have to pay - free local drivers almost no one is brought.

Electricity UAE

Line voltage power 220/240 V, frequency 50 Hz. Electrical equipment, made in the USA, you may need an adapter.


If the tip is not included in the bill, enough to leave 10% of the total. Tipping is necessary only in case of good service.

Clothes UAE

Women's clothing should be spacious, men greet a slight bow, not offering his hand.

Helpful information UAE

Ambulance - 999 Police - 999 Fire - 997 inquiries - 180; exact time - 140, a telegram on the phone - 130.