UkraineUkraine - the state in Eastern Europe, bordering the east and Russia in the north, north-west - with Belarus in the south-west - with Moldova in the west - with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. On the south by the Black Sea, south-east - Azov. Most of the country is flat, just to the west rise the Carpathian Mountains (Goverla, 2061 m.) and on the Crimean peninsula - the Crimean mountains (Roman-Kosh, 1545 m). Few Upland (Volyn, Podolia and Pridneprovskaya) and outputs rocks occupy no more than 5% of the country. Total area - 603,7 thousand square meters. km. (Crimea - 27 ths. Kms.). Ctolitsa Kiev.

Ukraine - the state in Eastern Europe, bordering the east and Russia in the north, north-west - with Belarus in the south-west - with Moldova in the west - with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. On the south by the Black Sea, south-east - Azov. Most of the country is flat, just to the west rise the Carpathian Mountains (Goverla, 2061 m.) and on the Crimean peninsula - the Crimean mountains (Roman-Kosh, 1545 m). Few Upland (Volyn, Podolia and Pridneprovskaya) and outputs rocks occupy no more than 5% of the country. Total area - 603,7 thousand square meters. km. (Crimea - 27 ths. Kms.). Ctolitsa Kiev.

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On the territory of Ukraine traces of many cultures and peoples - from the ancient burial mounds and settlements of Azov and the Greek city of the coastal area of the Black Sea to the ancient Slavonic settlement and model of the classical architecture of later eras. Excellent climatic conditions of the country and the mountain ranges of the Carpathians and the Crimea can develop here all kinds of active tourism, and the length of the sea coast beckons lovers of marine recreation.

Kiev - one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe, often called the "mother of Russian cities, was founded in V century. Mr. e. The city is considered one of the most beautiful capitals in the world, and it is not surprising - in its territory can be seen such a unique historical monuments, as an ensemble of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (1051) - one of the world's centers of Orthodoxy, and a priceless monument of architecture, included in UNESCO's list of treasures , Golden Gate (XI cent.), a unique historical and cultural monument - an island Khortytsya, Middle and Far caves of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, which holds the remains of Anthony and Theodosius of Kiev, Ilya of Murom, Nestor the Chronicler, and other legendary historical figures, famous St. Andrew's Descent , Vladimirskaya Gorka her skirt and Khreshchatyk Pochajna river, where Prince Vladimir baptized Kiev, Governor's House (1780), Klovskii (1752-1756 gg.) and the Mariinsky (1745-1752 gg.) palaces, magnificent museum of the Great Patriotic War and lots of charming streets, giving the city a unique flavor.

As the number of churches and cathedrals in Kiev is unparalleled in the CIS - Complex Sofia Monastery (XI century.) Vudubickiy (XI cent.) From Michael's (1070-1088) and St. George (1696-1701 gg.) Cathedrals, Church of Our Savior on Berestove (1113-1125 gg., buried here Yuri Dolgoruky), St. Vladimir's Cathedral (1862-1896 gg.) Cyril Church (XI century.), St. Andrew's Church (1747-1753 gg.), Bratsk Monastery (1616 g .), Resurrection Church (1701-1705 gg.), Nicholas (1899-1909 gg.) and Alexander (1817-1842 gg.) churches, the Church of Theodosius of the Caves (1698-1702 gg.) Florovsky Nunnery (XV century. ) and more than 20 other places of worship.

Attract attention and numerous museums - the National Museum. Shevchenko, Ukrainian Museum of Fine Arts, Western and Eastern Art, Decorative Folk Art, National Museum of Folk Architecture and Life in Pirogovo, archeological, medical history, Crypt State Historical and Cultural Reserve, Museum of Art. Bogdan and Varvara Khanenko, One Street Museum, Center for Contemporary Art at NaUKMA, Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Historical and architectural monument-museum "Kiev fortress", and numerous art galleries and exhibitions.

60 km. from Kiev is a city-museum Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky - one of the oldest cities in the country, famous for the numerous museums and special charm of its streets. In the two-hour drive from Kiev Kanev is located - the city, which is buried Taras Shevchenko. To the north of the capital is the ancient city of Chernigov (907), known for its historical and cultural monuments, the Savior Transfiguration (XI cent.) Borisoglebskij and (XII century.) Cathedrals. Also of interest Friday Church (XII-XII cc.) House Lizoguba (1690-e gg.) Ensembles Eletski (XVII century.) And Trinity (XVII-XVIII cc.) Monasteries and caves, inhabited people still in XI - XII centuries. In the town of Kamenetz-Podolsk (founded in XI century.) Attract the attention of a monument of medieval military architecture - Museum-Reserve Turkish fortress (XIV-XVI centuries., Rebuilt in the XVII-XVIII cc.) Gothic church (XVI century.) Church of St. Peter and Paul (XVIv.), wooden Krestovozdvizhenskaya (XVIII cent.) etc.

Dnepropetrovsk (founded in 1776) - one of the largest cities in the country. There are interesting Potemkin's palace (XVIII century., Now the Palace of students), Transfiguration Cathedral (XIX cent.), Artistic and historical museums. Poltava (before 1430 - Ltava) boasts many architectural monuments, among which the most interesting cathedral Khrestovozdvijenskyi monastery (XVII-XVIII cc.), A classical ensemble of the city center (XIX cent.) Column of Glory (1811), the monuments dedicated to Battle of Poltava (XIX-XX vv.), and 6 museums, including the Museum-Reserve "Field of Poltava Battle", Museum of Arts, Literature museum Korolenko, Museum IP Kotlyarevskogo etc.

Kharkiv, the former from 1919 to 1934 the capital of the USSR, the city of glorious history and an abundance of monuments. The most famous and oldest building of the city - St. Basil's Cathedral (1689), made in the charming Russian-Ukrainian style. No less interesting Catherine Palace (XVIII cent.) Old Provision warehouses (XVIII cent.), The Baroque Cathedral of the Assumption (1777), the triumphal pillar to commemorate the victory over Napoleon (1821-1844 gg.) City council building (1885 .), a complex of buildings of the old University (1805, second in Russia after Moscow's empire), one of the largest squares in the world - Sq. Liberty (12 hectares), buildings of the former Commercial School (now the National Law Academy of Ukraine named after. Yaroslav the Wise), the first of Kharkiv secondary school and the first gymnasium, as well as a huge building Gosprom (1928) and numerous memorials and monuments.

Odessa - one of the most picturesque cities in the country. Odessa itself - vista, but you should definitely visit the famous bring and Deribasovskaya, the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater (second beautiful in Europe) and the Potemkin Stairs (the largest in the country), the monuments of the "belt of Fame" at the borderline of the defense of Odessa, a hospital, Primorsky Boulevard, and a semi-circular area (1826, 1829). Rishele with the monument, Palaces Vorontsov, and Potocki Naryshkina, Assumption Convent (1824) and Theological Seminary, the old exchange, the Odessa Sea Port (the largest on the Black Sea), and so on . Of no less interest are the charming street, Pushkinskaya, Rishelievskaia Lanjeronovskaya famous Moldavanka, a unique complex of underground workings (Odessa Metro "), the ruins of the Turkish fortress in the Park of Taras Shevchenko, the church of St. Mary Magdalene, as well as first-class museums - Archaeological (a rich collection of Egyptian, Scythian and antiquities), Art, Museum of the Navy, Literature, Museum of Western and Oriental Art, History and Lore, literary-memorial museum of Alexander Pushkin and others. And Odessa lagoons with healing mud used as resorts as much from 1829 (Arcadia, Luzanovka, etc.).

One of the largest and oldest cities in Ukraine - Lviv, a real open-air museum, included in the UNESCO list of world treasures. In this city mixed Slavic and western European architectural tradition, here employed the best craftsmen and produced the first book. Now the city has about 2 thousands of architectural and historical monuments, among which are especially popular High and Low castles on the Castle Hill, Cathedral Gothic Cathedral of John the Baptist (XIV-XV cc.) With Renaissance chapels Boim and Kampians (XVII cent.), The chapel of the Three saints (XVI century.) Vilchkovskaya and Black Kamenica (XVI-XVII centuries). in the style of Renaissance Square "Old Market" with beautiful fountains, and Royal City arsenals (XVIII century.) Town Hall (1381), Powder Tower , Paraskieva Church, Synagogue Golden Rose, Italian courtyard, Peter and Paul Church, Lychakiv Cemetery, Church of St. Anthony, Our Lady of Mercy, the Jesuits (XVII century.) Dominicans (XVIII century.) Elzhbetty St., St. George's Cathedral (XVIII cent.), the Monastery and Church of St. Onuphry, Armenian Church and other religious buildings. Thousands of tourists attracted by the Theater of Opera and Ballet, the monument of Adam Mickiewicz, tomb of Prince Galitsky, strengthening the Bernardine monastery and church of the Bernardine himself (XVII cent.), A monument to Ivan Fedorov, Lviv Polytechnic, Hotel Georges, full of historical monuments ul Russian, Shevchenko Avenue and Mytnaya area, as well as dozens of museums, among which are the museum of wooden architecture in Western Ukraine, Shevchenko Hai ", Pharmacy Museum at Drukarskoy, Weaponry Museum, porcelain and earthenware, Museum Furniture, Historical, Lviv Art Gallery, the first Ukrainian Museum of Beer and etc.

Transcarpathia - one of the best resort areas of the country. Fantastically beautiful land of picturesque mountains, medieval castles, forests, mountain rivers, lakes and mineral springs, the land has long been inhabited by representatives of dozens of distinct peoples. Famous resorts Truskavets Morshin, Mirgorod, Kobyletska Polyana, Kvasy, Shayan, Svaliava Slavsko, Yasin, a village of the Carpathians and bruises Mukachevo district, a lot of reserves (Carpathian Biosphere National Park Sinevir, Uzhansky National Park, Valley of daffodils and etc.), high-Synevir, Solotvino and Kinga (salty) lakes, majestic mountains Hoverla, Stack, Trostian, Jezierna and others, first-class Carpathian wine - all this makes the region particularly attractive.

But the main tourist area of the country, undoubtedly, Southern coast of Crimea. As the number of sunny days Crimea is not inferior to Mediterranean resorts, a mild Mediterranean climate of these places is completely unique - summer is hot, but not debilitating, autumn is warm, long, winter is short and mild. There are countless sites and settlements, shelter and fortress, ancient and medieval towns, castles and monasteries, monuments of classical architecture and war memorials.

Center Area is Yalta, known since 1145 as Dzhalita. In our days, but most of Yalta, in the zone "Big Yalta" includes a lot of coastal cities and towns (Alushta, Gurzuf Partenit, Livadia, Gaspra, Koreiz, Mishor, Simeiz, Foros, Muhalatka, etc.), which turns the city into one of the largest resorts in Europe. In addition to rest on the sea, there are sure to be visiting the Old Town, Massandra Palace (the former hunting lodge of Alexander III), a museum of Lesya Ukrainka, the largest in the CIS year-old concert hall "Jubilee", Yalta state historical and literary museum, with branches all along the coast, palace park complexes Kuchuk Lambat (1907) and Karasan (1887) in Partenit Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky Church of the Transfiguration in Nikitsky Botanical Garden, St. Nicholas in Yalta, the Holy Martyr Theodore Tiron, Saint Nina in Gaspra, Exaltation of the Cross in Livadia, as well as the temple of St. John Chrysostom, Holy Virgin Protection in Oreanda, St. Alexander Nevsky at the sanatorium of St. Luke in Alupka, St. Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon, the Archangel Michael in Alupka solitary Church of the Resurrection in Foros etc., a unique museum of the Institute of viticulture and winemaking Magarach (founded in 1828), a cable car to the exotic city of Darsan (array Ai-Petri), a favorite walking place - outside the embankment, "Polyana tales" from nodnozhiya mountain Stavry-Kai, a waterfall Wuchang-Su, a picturesque mountain lake Karagol, etc.

By "visiting card" of the region include the Ayu-Dag, dappled caves Ai-Petri, Baidar pass gate, Chatir-Dag (Tent Mountain), the majestic canyon of the Grand Canyon of Crimea near the village of Falcon, Nikita Botanical Gardens (1000 hectares) with a unique collection plants (1900 species) from all over the world, vineyards and park-nursery southern crops with the famous winery near Yalta, the luxurious Park (1834) in Foros, Miskhorsky landscape park, a small castle, standing on an overhanging the sea cliff -- Swallow's Nest "(1912) in Gaspra, complex of palaces of the royal family in Livadia (1911, February 1945, at the Great Hall of the palace held Crimean Conference of Heads of State anti-Hitler coalition). In Simeis interesting coastal cliffs Diva, panic, Swan Wing, landscape and historical and architectural reserve of the mountain cat, as well as Simeiz Astrophysical Observatory. The main attraction is Alupka palace and park ensemble of the Vorontsov palace (1828-1848 gg.) With a rich museum collection and a huge park. Gurzuf attracts the attention of youth health resorts "Artek" and "Satellite", as well as the beautiful parks military sanatorium (the former complex of hotels Gubonin), vineyards and fascinating coast. In Alushta should be visited for inspection of "colored" Demerdzhi mountains, the ruins of a Byzantine fortress Aluston, caves behalf of the Small Academy of Sciences, Kutuzov fountain, the source of Ai-Andrei (itself a rare phenomenon for these places), as well as the most beautiful and most powerful waterfall of Crimea - Jur-Jur and the fantastic landscape of the Valley of Ghosts ". The main attraction of Mishor (the warmest place on the coast) - Palace Dulber with a magnificent park (200 species).

The south-west of the Crimea the most attractive Sevastopol and Evpatoria. In the hero-city of Sevastopol is a walk along the famous Count's Quay (1846), to visit the Aquarium of the Institute of Biology of Southern Seas NAS of Ukraine (the first aquarium in the USSR) and the Black Sea Fleet Museum (founded in 1769), St. Vladimir's Cathedral (1853-1888 gg .), Art Museum, Museum of Lieutenant PP Schmidt, places of military glory - Breather-mountain, and Malakhov Hill, a symbol of the city - a monument of Sunken Ships (1905), a monument to Admiral Nakhimov, a memorial to the heroic defense of Sevastopol in 1941-1942 ., art museum. M. Kroshitskogo, Inkerman vintage wines, the ruins of the Genoese fortress Cembalo in Balaklava and the majestic cliffs of the surrounding mountains. Around the city a lot of interesting natural complexes, built at the rank of monuments - Capes Lucullus, Sudak, Sarich, Fiolent and Aya, Bay Cossack and Khersones, reserve tract Laspi and landscape reserve Baydarskiy.

City-reserve Chersonesos (founded in V century. BC. E.), Known as Slavic chronicles Korsun - the place of baptism of Prince Vladimir, attracts the attention of the ruins of an ancient theater, its colonnades of medieval churches, grand remains of defensive structures, walls and towers. On the reserve 2 museums: ancient and medieval, with extensive collections of monuments of culture and literature (including a unique "oath of citizens Chersonese" III century. BC. E.), Works of art, crafts and tools, n redmety life and etc.

On the west coast of Crimea, on the shore Kalamitsky Bay, lies a unique resort Evpatoria, renowned for its beaches and curative mud Moinakskoye salt lakes, as well as original Juma Mosque Jami (1552).

Pearl of Crimea - Bakhchisarai State Historical and Cultural Reserve, where among the narrow medieval streets are preserved former Khan's Palace (XV-XVIII centuries., Now a museum), mausoleums, Durbe, Big Khan Khan Jami Mosque and madrasahs, sung by Pushkin, the famous "Fountain of Tears" (Celso-Biel, 1764) and Golden Fountain (Mag-tine, 1733) at the Fountain courtyard of the palace, as well as the medieval Monastery of the Assumption (VIII-XIX cc.) and the cave fortress city Chufut-Calais (X-XIX cc.). In the vicinity of the city are interesting ruins of a cave town Eski-Kerman (V-XIII cc.), The fortress and the cave city Mangup Kale (VI-XV cc.) Cave church Tepe-Kerman (VIII-IX cc.), The cave monastery Kachi - Kalion (VIII-IX cc.) and the cave church donor of (X-XV cc.). From start Bakhchisaray virtually all the main pedestrian routes. Most popular - Bakhchisaray - Grand Canyon of Crimea - Ai-Petri - Yalta. The best time for hikes - from April to October, in particular - the autumn, when the mountains are full of mushrooms, berries and wild fruits and nuts. Peak season - May holidays.

East and south-east coast of the Crimea predominantly flat, with pronounced steppe landscapes. Coast from Alushta to Sudak busy sand and pebble beaches separated by rocky headlands, and on the Kerch Peninsula, large sand and pebble beaches and rakushechnikovye alternate with tiny plots of sandy coastline.

Theodosius ( "God-given") was founded in the VI century BC. e. in the territory of the legendary Cimmerian, also offers visitors the network is sufficiently modern resorts and tourist centers that use medicinal sources close to its taste and medicinal qualities of the famous mineral water and mud of Lake Adzhigol that are not inferior to its medicinal properties the famous Saki mud. Interesting Picture Gallery. Aivazovsky, Literary Memorial Museum of Green's unique Museum of hang gliding and paragliding, the ruins of the Genoese fortress Kafa (XIV century.), The Armenian church and a Turkish mosque Mufti-Jami (XVII), as well as the fountain Aivazovsky (1888).

The Grand Theodosia are beautiful spa town - Sudak, Crimea Primorye, spa, Planerskoe (Koktebel) and the sea. In Green Bay at the foot of the mountain Agarmysh, 20 km. from Feodosia, Crimea stretches Old (Eski Kyrym) - the best place for treatment of lung diseases and the unique natural landscapes of pine forests, besides having a very picturesque coastline, a beautiful monastery of S.-Hach (XIV-XVIII cc.) and the famous factory sparkling wines. Town Planerskoe (Koktebel) is 20 km. from Theodosia and is famous for its majestic landscapes spurs Kara-Dag and many first-class resorts. Not far from the village of Spa (29 km. To the south-west of Feodosia) are mineral springs and the famous Chokrakskoye lake with a huge inventory of medical sulfurous mud. Sudak, one of the oldest cities in the world, known for its Genoese fortress (1321-1469 gg.), In which there are consular castle with two towers, a mosque (XII century.) Patrol and Port Tower, medieval basilica, a temple of the Twelve Apostles and numerous underground structures.

Kerch, ancient capital of the Bosporus (Panticapeum, VI century. Mr. Jo. E.) Is a unique historical and cultural complex. It is worth to visit the memorial to the heroes of Defense Ensemble Adzhimushkaya, Melek-Chesmensky Mound (Gold Mound, IV century. BC. E.), The crypt Demeter (I in. N. E.) Church of St. John the Baptist (X-XIII cc.) view a collection of tombstones Bosporus in Historical and Archaeological Museum and other historical monuments.

Crimea is perfect for active types of recreation. Excellent trails for hiking are laid along the Southern coast - Sunny (Imperial) trail in Livadia, Botkin, Shtangeevskaya and others. And in the mountain Crimea laid so much foot and trekkernyh routes that full list can be found only in the Control and Rescue Service. Crimean bicycle routes are no less interesting, but in connection with the mountain conditions are suitable only for well-prepared travelers. Ridge of Crimean mountains provide excellent conditions for climbing and cave exploring. In Crimea holds about eight caves, among which are especially popular Emine-Bair-Khosar with mineralogical reserve Lower Bair, Red, Marble and Three-eyes. Visit other caves Speleological requires special training.

Particularly popular and fastest growing form of active recreation in the Crimea - horse travel. The centers are located in equestrian tourism Belogorsk region, near Yalta (club "Quarry"), at the foot of the mountain Demerdzhi (Alushta), near Sevastopol and Sudak. Multi-day horse trips are the most picturesque places of the mountain area and the coast. Large equestrian tourist centers are located on the top of the Ai-Petri (seasonal), and with. Solnechnosele Bakhchissaray area (increased comfort and service.

Koktebel, Ai-Petri, Demerdzhi, Chatyr-Dag and Theodosius - traditional areas of gliding, this year there are plenty of aviation and aerial competitions. Booming and sailing - in Sevastopol, Yalta, Partenit, Kerch and other ports of moored boats, and built in Alushta "Marina" - a special port for tourist boats. In any place you can rent a boat, barge or small boat. And for windsurfing conditions are virtually everywhere.

Peninsula Tarhankut - the most popular place for diving. Also excellent dive sites are located off the coast of the Kara Dagh, and Ayu-Dag, Cape Fiolent at Cape Ai-Todor in Koktebel Bay, the ancient reefs of the Kerch Peninsula, the city beaches in Yalta, Sudak and Alushta, in the Red Cave. In Sevastopol, there is even a tourist submersible.

Climate Ukraine

Moderate, mainly continental, on the southern coast of Crimea - a subtropical Mediterranean. Average January temperatures range from -8 C in the north-east to +4-8 C in the south of Crimea, corresponding in July - from +18 C to +24 C. Rainfall in the north-west falls to 600-700 mm. per year, on the south-east - up to 300 mm., in the Crimean mountains - 1000-1200 mm., in the Carpathians - up to 1600 mm., basically - in the autumn-winter period.

Time Ukraine

-1 Hour compared with Moscow.

Language Ukraine


Money Ukraine

Hryvnia (UAH), which is equal to 100 kopecks. In the course of banknotes in denominations of 200, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1 hryvnia both the old and the new (in 1997, the other colors and design) of the sample. Coins in denominations of 1 hryvnia, 50, 25, 10 cents of the yellow metal, 5, 2 and 1 penny - from the white.

The use of foreign currency in the restaurants and shops is officially forbidden. Currency exchange can be made at the airport, banks and numerous exchange offices. Exchange points are many. Since 2003, repealed on 1% fee to the pension fund for the sale of cash citizens. Show a passport when the exchange is not necessary. The markets and in private shops to pay for free to receive U.S. dollars, rubles - difficult or disadvantageous exchange rate. In the southwestern part of the country and in Western Ukraine exchange rubles difficult (at ski resorts, sanatoriums and in Ukraine - with no restrictions) and can be made only in banks, but virtually unrestricted exchange U.S. dollars and euros. In Simferopol, and on the "mainland" Ukraine exchange rate more favorable than in the resort areas of the coast. Exchange rubles is usually somewhat less favorable rate than the euro or U.S. dollars.

Credit cards and traveler's checks have a relatively limited circulation, and can be cashed only in the banking offices of major cities and resort areas, but recently, Card Service is developing quite rapidly.

Visa Ukraine

Currently for the Russians the visa-free regime on the border is sufficient to present a passport or a passport. At the border crossings into the passport free affixed the stamp, the tourists with ordinary passports filled with immigration card.

Traditions Ukraine

Ukraine, perhaps, as no European power, rich in folk rites and traditions, brilliance and brightness is striking. Ritual actions accumulate the beliefs and traditions or just Christianity, thousands of years history, but more ancient beliefs - paganism. Hundreds of people came from all over the world and settled in the Northern Black Sea region, have left their mark in the rituals, traditions and rituals of the southern Ukraine. Rituals are divided on religious, military, agricultural, domestic and security (making of amulets and charms).

Traditional cuisine Ukraine

Different flour products (dumplings, dumplings, dumplings, cakes, etc.), products and dishes from meat (Ukrainian sausages, cold snacks, meat, poultry, etc.), vegetable and dairy products (fermented baked milk, cheese cakes), various drinks fruit and honey are widely popular.

But especially loved in many countries and is known to the world famous Ukrainian borsch. Borscht is prepared from fresh vegetables: cabbage, beets, etc. Tomato, dressed with bacon mashed with garlic and parsley. The combination of these products makes borscht wonderful aroma and taste. Ukrainian borsch, there are up to 30 species (Poltava, Chernigov, Kiev, Volyn, Lviv, etc.).

Widely distributed in the Ukraine and various porridges, dumplings stuffed with cheese, potatoes, cabbage, and in summer - from the berries. Equally popular dishes such as stewed meat with potatoes - roast (liver), Ukrainian cutlets, stuffed with garlic and bacon, pork stewed with cabbage and bacon, krucheniki and other important place in Ukrainian national cuisine dishes from time immemorial occupied by fish: carp, baked in sour cream; krucheniki fish, carp stuffed with mushrooms and buckwheat, carp braised with onions or sour cream, pike-perch baked with mushrooms and crayfish, etc.

The Ukrainian national cooking rich foods, preparation of which is traditionally held in conjunction with the various holidays and ceremonies - weddings, the birth of the child, with the military service, etc. So, pancakes made of wheat and buckwheat flour dumplings were the obligatory dish on Carnival. The most solemn holiday baked pies with meat, liver and other fillings. Ceremonial dish of stewed dried fruit - uzvar. Now, these dishes can be found in the menu of every restaurant and cafeteria.
One of the most beloved and frequently encountered products in recipes of dishes of national cuisine of Ukraine - fat. It is eaten not only salty, but sweet with molasses.

Additional charges Ukraine

A vehicle entry made on the basis of documents confirming the ownership and right to control, or by a notarized power of attorney from the owner of the vehicle. Handwritten Russia's proxy in Ukraine are not valid. Vehicle itself is imported on the basis of complete declarations. When traveling for more than 2 months (but not more than 1 year) are required to register in the bodies of traffic police on the place of temporary residence). When crossing the border in a vehicle fees are collected for the environmental control of the vehicle (about 1 USD) for liability insurance of vehicle owners (depending on the type of TS and length of stay in the country). When leaving the territory of Ukraine paid a road tax of 10-25 USD.

In Crimea resort fee is charged (for organized vacationers - 5 hryvnia for fugitive holiday varies in different regions, but can not exceed 10 hryvnia). People who come to the Crimea on the road, or drives a vehicle, pay a fee of $ 15 hryvnia. From 1 January 2004 for citizens of Russia visa-free entry of foreign passports.

Political system Ukraine

Ukraine - a democratic republic. Head of state - the president. Head of Government - Prime Minister. The legislative body - the Supreme Council (Verkhovna Rada). As part of Ukraine on the Rights of autonomy is the Republic of Crimea, which has its own Supreme Council, the Council of Ministers, and the Supreme Arbitration courts, local representative and public authorities.

Population Ukraine

Approximately 48.5 million people. Consists mainly of Ukrainians (77,8%) and Russian (17.3%), also home to quite a large number of Belarusians, Moldovans, Crimean Tatars and dozens of other nations.

Customs Ukraine

On the import tax exempt items costing less than 200 euros (including excise goods) or a single indivisible object worth not more than 300 euros (except for excisable goods). Duty-free import and vodka products - up to 1 liter., Wine - up to 2 liters., Tobacco - up to 200 cigarettes or 200 grams. tobacco, beer - up to 5 liters. foodstuffs amounting to no more than 50 euros, washed and SMS worth no more than 5 euro, and the temporarily imported goods with a commitment to their re-exportation. Food imported for personal consumption, duty-free imported at a cost of no more than 50 euros per person for mandatory presence of packaging products (not more than 1 package, or a total weight of no more than 2 kg.) Or more than one unit of each item.

Allowed free entry to 10 thousand USD, the import of 10 thousand to 50 thousand USD (including the payment documents in foreign currency and traveler's checks) are required documents on the sources of origin of foreign currency (for residents) and a statement on the import of foreign currency with an indication of purpose of entry. The import of over 50 thousand USD is allowed only in non-cash form or with the payment documents in foreign currency. On the import of foreign currency in an amount which exceeds 50 thousand USD, need special permission NB Ukraine. The Ukrainian currency is imported only to the availability of customs declarations for export of the currency from Ukraine.

Prohibited the import of toxic, radioactive, explosive and poisonous substances, as well as printed and video materials that contain propaganda of war, racism and violence. Prohibited import of food products without a certificate of conformity. When importing firearms, edged weapons, explosives and gas canisters, requires permission from the Interior Ministry of Ukraine. When importing animals - veterinary certificate. When importing drugs in quantities greater than 5 packs or more necessary for one person for one course of treatment (requires appropriate documents), as well as narcotic and psychotropic substances, requires permission from the Ministry of Health. It levied customs duties, VAT and excise tax.

Permission is granted to export goods worth up to 100 thousand euros, for the export of works of art, cultural and historical treasures should be authorized by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine. Prohibited the export of precious metals and stones, Cultural Property, poisonous, radioactive, explosive substances and revocation of securities.

Permission is granted to remove the currency of Ukraine (subject to mandatory declaration) in the amount of up to 10 thousand hryvnia (up to 1 thousand - on the condition of oral declaration), foreign currency - to a total of 6 thousand USD per person (up to 1 thousand - on condition oral declaration), traveler's checks and other payment instruments - in the amount of not more than 5 thousand USD. Permission is granted to export previously imported foreign exchange in the presence of customs declarations of import (requires appropriate documents).

Medical aid Ukraine

In accordance with Ukrainian law, foreign citizens traveling to Ukraine in the prescribed manner, should have an insurance policy in case of emergency medical care. We recommend vaccination against diphtheria. Solar radiation is quite high, especially on the southern coast of Crimea, it is recommended to use protective creams.

Working hours Ukraine

Most banks are open from 8.00-9.00 to 17.00. In resort areas, banks are working to 19.00-20.00, and bureaux de change - up to 20.00-21.00.

Transport Ukraine

Much of the traffic in urban areas are transported by buses and trolley buses (in Kiev there are metro and tram). Simferopol and Yalta connects the longest trolleybus line in Europe (journey time - 1 hour 30 min.). Fare in different cities are different.
Intercity bus and commuter trains to link almost all towns of the country. Tickets can be purchased on the bus or the driver (in the way). The fare depends on distance (5.7 cents per kilometer) and the comfort of the bus. In Crimea, long-distance shuttle buses run frequently (range - 15-25 min.).

Roads and rules of driving. When traveling by car should note that although the SDA did not differ significantly from the Russian, but when crossing the border will be charged the fee for a vehicle pass which is often checked MDIs Ukraine, as well as collect the mandatory liability insurance. If the entry is carried out for over 2 months, the car must be registered in the nearest branch of MDIs. When temporary stay valid for both international and national identity of the driver. The central route are in fairly good condition, while the mountain roads of the Crimea and the Carpathians quite narrow and winding, and besides are often not in very good condition. Especially risky trip on such roads in the rain. Often on the roads moving mining trucks (east) or agricultural equipment with a lot of hydraulic fluid, and take a flock of cattle. Emphasis should be observed in the area of multiple markets (including roadside), in the old city areas and at the intersections of secondary roads.

Potable water Ukraine

In terms of water supply for Ukraine is now one of the last places in Europe, while eating the most water. Consequently, water use and pollution is several times more intense than in other countries. Persistent rejection of drinking water from the hygienic standards of sanitary and chemical parameters recorded in Dnipropetrovsk, Kirovohrad. Nikolayev, Odessa, Sumy and Kherson, bacteriological - in Ternopil, Luhansk and Transcarpathian regions. A pressing problem is water supply in rural areas. Number of non-standard water samples from decentralized water supply systems in sanitary-chemical and bacteriological parameters, respectively, to 2,3 and 4,8 times was higher compared to the number of non-standard drinking water samples from the centralized systems.

Electricity Ukraine

Mains power supply, 220 V, 50 Hz., Forks standard (2 round pins).

Smoking Ukraine

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has banned smoking in public places. Smoking is prohibited in the workplace and in public places, prohibited tobacco advertising. Tobacco advertising is prohibited everywhere: on radio, television, print publications for children and young people in the movies, theaters. Under the ban hit, and outdoor advertising on billboards, television screens and facades of buildings. Holders of public institutions should provide no more than half of the smokers area.

Tip Ukraine

In the upmarket tip is approximately 5-10%. Many establishments include the 5% of payment on account, in this case, additional gratuities are left to the discretion of the guest.

Helpful information Ukraine

Information office telephone network (total) - 07.
Telephone reference service: Kerch - (065-61) 2-15-70, 2-28-20, 2-15-70; Kiev - (044) 241-7-241, Lugansk - (0642) 544-583, 544 -100, 546-504, Lviv - (0322) 767-917, 763-991; Nikolaev - (0512) 057, 35-52-81, 35-95-76, 35-40-98; Sevastopol - (814 -- 2) 058, 76-41-11, 55-80-00; Simferopol - (0652) 061, 29-99-99; Kharkiv - (0572) 061, 14-00-61; Yalta - (065-4) 063 , 31-74-88, 31-65-45, 23-22-22 (HSE).
Supplemental airport - 006.
Long-distance calls (Ukraine and CIS countries) - 071.
International negotiations - 079.
Supplemental rail transport - 005 tickets - 083.

Emergency services
Fire - 01.
Police - 02.
Ambulance - 03.
Control and Rescue Service: Simferopol - 25-31-58 or 25-45-13, Sevastopol - 52-53-16 or 46-03-47, Yalta - 32-87-15, Alushta - 3-50-10, Theodosia - 7-15-73, Sudak - 9-43-80.