London, United Kingdom

LondonLondon - is restless and prosperous city, the legislator of the world of fashion in clothes, music, business and lifestyle. During the day you will feel the rhythmic pace and business capital of the leading economic powers in the world. In the evenings - the revival and shine theaters, nightclubs, shows, inviting restaurants and pubs. There is another London - the city of majestic architecture, museums, cool, shady squares and pacified churches. Do not forget about the Royal London with its palaces, the courtly pomp and centuries-old traditions.
You will see the most famous London attractions - Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Tower of London, British Museum and National Gallery.

The capital of England stands on the River Thames, 64 km from its mouth. London is one of the largest ports of Great Britain and a major trade and industrial center of the state. Its area is 1,560 sq. km.

London plays a leading role in the political and cultural life of Britain. It contains the parliament, government and higher courts. The cultural center of London became known for its museums and art galleries, theaters and musical life. The city is also known for the numerous ancient churches, which are stored in the national shrine of the English people. London - the focus of international business life and the site of international airlines.

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Sights London, United Kingdom

Trafalgar Square
It is the center of London and an excellent starting point for travel around London. This elegant square in the classical style was designed in 1828 by Charles Barry in honor of Admiral Nelson's victory over Napoleon's eskardoy off Cape Trafalgar in 1805. Here is a column in honor of Nelson, surrounded by bronze lions. On the square are often held in Celebration, Sunday performances and political rallies are held.

British Museum
One of the largest museums in the world, the British Museum has the Egyptian mummies, a frieze of the Parthenon, Greek, Roman and Oriental antiquities. Halls of the museum are divided into sections: prehistoric, Egyptian, Greek and Roman, Anglo-Roman, Oriental antiquities, coins and medals, prints and drawings. You will meet with the Roman bridge and the golden goblets of French and English kings, Japanese swords and Chinese coins, Celtic vessels, a collection of bank notes, a collection of ancient coins.

Castle Tower
Tower - a massive medieval fortress with guard towers, battlements and herpes its moat, is located in the heart of London. History of the Tower is inseparable from the history of England. Construction of the Tower was started in 1078 by King Henry III and the White Tower - the heart of the fortress, and then construction was resumed in the XIII century, when the existing tower surrounded by a ring of walls with 13 towers. Prior to the XVII century the castle was a royal residence, armory, storehouse of jewels and a prison. Every evening at 21.30 in the Tower is "Ceremony of the Keys" - seven hundred years the tradition of ceremonial closing of the main gate of the fortress.

National Art Gallery
Located in Trafalgar Square. It was founded as an art fund Britain in 1838. In the gallery - 4 wing. The west wing devoted to painting XVI and XVII centuries, the east - paintings of 1700-1920 years. You will see the original paintings by Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Van Gogh and others on the territory of the gallery you can buy postcards - copies of works from the collections of the National Gallery.

Windsor Castle
Currently, Windsor Castle is the main private royal residence. When members of the dynasty are at Windsor Castle, visitors were not allowed there, but at other times access to most of the territory closed. Construction of the castle was begun in the days of King William, then a set of repeatedly rebuilt and acquired its present appearance in 1820. During the tour, tourists will visit the chapel of St. George - the place where the burial of many English kings, including Henry VIII and George VI, the public reception room apartment, decorated with beautiful tapestries and works of Van Dyck, Rembrandt and other famous artists.

Once Westminster was a small island, separated from London marshy floodplain of the river Thames. Today it is part of the city, which stores the symbols of the monarchy and the government of England: Westminster Abbey (Catholic convent) and St. Peter's Church with him, Parliament and the famous tower - a symbol of London's Big Ben.

Cathedral of St. Paul
This main cathedral of the Church of England is superficially similar to the Cathedral of St. Peter in the Vatican (Rome, Italy), only smaller in size. But despite this remark, the Cathedral and its majestic dome is visible for miles around. The height of the Cathedral - 111 meters, and if we translate it in English feet, we get 365, just enough days in a year. It was built on a small hill, after the Great Fire of London, which destroyed the old cathedral. Architect Christopher Wren digging a new cathedral for 35 years: from 1675 to 1710. His tomb is located here: in the crypt (crypt), the Cathedral of St. Paul.

Gardens and parks in London
In the central area of London divided into parks. Among them, Hyde Park, Regent's Park, Green Park and other open spaces, beautiful and green parks make it possible to maintain the illusion of isolation from the urban landscape of the city. However, the trees, closing the already malosolnechnoe skies of London, a little. English Garden - this is, basically, green lawns, where the Brits love to wallow, flower beds, well-groomed shrubs and trees outside forests. In all the parks of London free entrance.

Climate London, United Kingdom

Average annual rainfall is only slightly more than 500mm. However, the prevailing cloudy weather, but rainfall is half days a year. The average July temperature about 17 ° C. Summer in London warmer than in the rest of Britain, but hot weather is common and rarely kept for long. On average, only 10 days in the year the temperature exceeds 26 ° C. Winters are relatively cold. AVERAGE temperatures in January (in the coldest month) are +4 ° C. Thames in London has never frozen in 1814. Configuration of the London Basin is conducive to frequent formation of fog in the winter season.

Population London, United Kingdom

The population of London is constantly growing and is approaching 8 million people.

Working hours London, United Kingdom

Currency exchange can be made at banks, which are open from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 15:30 (the big banks are open till 17:30), as well as currency exchange offices, often working around the clock. Be careful when comparing the exchange rate and fee.

Shops are open from 9:30 to 17:30 (some - to 18:30) Monday to Saturday, large shopping centers are open on Sundays.

It is cheaper just to eat at "fast food" - will cost about 3 pounds. In sandwich cafes and bars can be a great breakfast sandwiches, snacks, tea or coffee, spending £ 2 or so. But such cafes are working from early morning and just before noon. In the afternoon you can go to Chippie (they operate from 11.00 to 23.00), lunch, there is 8 pounds, take-away - 3 lbs. On Sundays, alcoholic beverages are sold only after 19:00.

Transport London, United Kingdom

London subway system consists of twelve lines. Lines often bifurcate into separate branches in a particular area of the city, so you should always pay attention to the destination of the train. In addition, the same path can go train various pines.

All Greater London is divided into six zones, which differ in concentric circles from the center. Each ticket must be valid in all zones, which runs the trip.

The most expensive is the first zone, encapsulating the city center and the largest number of tourist attractions. The cost of one trip in it is 1.50 pounds. With the addition of the following areas the price gradually increases. Children's ticket costs about 40% of adult price.

Tram tickets are sold separately from vending machines at bus stops. Price any travel 0.90 pounds (with the exception of a trip to Wimbledon (Wimbledon), which is worth 1.30 pounds), a children's ticket - 0.40 lbs. If you need after a trip on the tram to transfer to bus or vice versa, you can buy a tram-bus ticket for the same price. Bus tickets in the tram does not operate.

Another view of the London transport - train DLR. This is without a driver a few cabins that accommodate about 250 people. They provide us the former docks area to metro stations and railway, as well as the city center. Tickets are valid on the DLR station and vice versa.

Tickets for transport can be purchased at vending machines located in subway stations and bus stops ground transportation. In addition, bus tickets can be purchased from the driver.

In the first zone also sold a pack of ten tickets (Garnet Ticket). It costs 11 pounds. Travel within any zone is 0.90 pounds, two zones will cost $ 1.20 a pound, three - at 1.70 pounds, four - in 2.10 pounds. Tickets through all zones, except the first, is worth 2.30 pounds, a children's ticket - half the price.
On the bus two ticket prices - in the first zone (1 pound) and all the rest (0.70 pounds), children's ticket is always worth 0.40 pounds.
All children's tickets to terminate at 22:00. Penalty for traveling without ticket - 10 pounds.
Hours of the London transport - from 4:00 to 1:00, Sunday - from 7:00 to 24:00 (intervals along about twice as much). Night buses are in front of your number index «N». All of them pass through Trafalgar Square (Trafalgar Square). Regular tickets are not valid, the ticket price £ 1.50 for any trip, including the central zone, and 1 pound for all others.
At Christmas, many transport links do not work at all.

Taxis black - the most expensive.

In Britain, the movement of the left hand side. So come on a tourist trip to London in his own car or take a rental car is recommended that only the most experienced drivers.

Parking in central London, is prohibited, while in other areas, it costs from 20 pence to 1 pound. In the UK necessarily need to use seat belts.