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United StatesThe United States is the largest nation in the world. The country is located in all climatic zones, which favors the development of all sectors of the economy, including tourism. United States - a country where there is a combination of many small and large cities, the country where you will find a variety of climate and terrain, races and creeds. Each district has its own specifics United States, each operating their own way and methods. Activities in the United States is the impression of natural wonders, and miracles of the New Light ", with the diversity of traditions and culture, amazing architecture, computer advances.

United States - federal republic comprising 50 states with some autonomy, and the Federal District of Columbia. 48 states are compact, 2 - separately: Alaska (the status of the state received in 1958) and Hawaii (the status of the state received in 1959). Alaska is the extreme north-west of North America and the Bering Strait is separated from the extreme northeast of Russia. Hawaii (50 th state) - an archipelago of 24 islands, located in the central Pacific Ocean and is separated from the mainland United States 4 thousand miles of Pacific waters. In addition, the United States belong to the island of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, Eastern Samoa, Guam and the islands of Micronesia (United Nations trust territory) in the Pacific Ocean and the Pacific atolls of Wake and Midway, equipped to test missiles. U.S. border with Canada in the north and Mexico to the south. Covers an area of 9666861 square kilometers, of which 1593438 sq.km. accounted for Alaska and 16,729 sq km to Hawaii. The highest point in the country (and throughout North America) is located in Alaska - Mount McKinley (6194 m), the lowest place - the Valley of Death (86 m below sea level) - is in California. The average height of the United States about 760 m above sea level.

About half of the territory occupied by mountain ranges, plains and plateaus of the Cordillera, the eastern edge of the belt of the Cordillera mountain ranges form the Rocky Mountains with a height of more than 4000 m. To the east are Appalachian Mountains (2037 m). Between the Cordilleras and the Appalachians are vast inland plains - Central, Great - and Primeksikanskaya lowland. In the west, many rivers form the magnificent beauty of the canyons, breaking ridges. In the north is a chain of Great Lakes - Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario - an area of about 200000 square kilometers All of the largest islands: Hawaii, Kahulavi, Oahu, Maui, Kauai - mountainous and low. The north-west of the atolls of the Hawaiian islands are crowned with an underwater volcanic ridge and is the highest in the land of active volcanoes.

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• Statue of Liberty - a symbol of America - is located on Ellis Island, where once was the immigration checkpoint, through which the United States in the century had moved more than 12 million immigrants. By the statue can be reached by ferry from the southern part of Manhattan.
• Manhattan - an island, bought from the Indians once tribe Mann-Hutt for $ 24, and now so densely built skyscrapers, the sky can be seen, only his head thrown back. Along the entire island is famous Broadway focus of banks, shops and theaters.
Broadway show - the world famous "Cats", "Les Miserables", "Miss Saigon", "Phantom of the Opera", "Titanic" can be seen only in New York, in theaters, located in the "theater" near Broadway (between Fortieth and Fiftieth Streets).
• Downtown - the business part of New York. Here are Wall Street - the embodiment of American financial power, the World Trade Center (skyscrapers - twins), the largest banks and the famous New York Stock Exchange.
• Chinatown - Chinatown with lots of shops, shops and restaurants. Place of cheap shopping, and the products are not only Chinese.
• Greenwich Village and SoHo - blocks of art galleries, cozy cafes, jazz clubs, shops with jewelry, books, CDs, souvenirs, etc. Here, nightlife, and many jazz clubs only open at 10.11 pm and the culmination of Gdańsk action - within 2-3 hours of the night.
• Lincoln Center - the largest cultural center of New York, which includes the Metropolitan Opera, the Concert Hall, Avery Fisher Hall, as well as several theaters and concert halls.
• Rockefeller Center - the complex, located between Fifth and Sixth Avenue and skyscraper RCA (Radio Corporation of America), where numerous television and radio studios, offices and shops. In the winter, put enormous Christmas spruce, lighted many lamps, the most popular works in New York ice rink.
• Empire State Building - 102-storey skyscraper and most popular in Manhattan with two viewing platforms. In the basement is a museum Guinness World Records.
• Metropolitan Museum - the largest in the U.S. art gallery with a superb collection of European and American painting, as well as a huge exhibition of cultural monuments of the Ancient East, the ancient world and the U.S..
• Fifth Avenue - the most fashionable street in New York, is the most luxurious shops, famous restaurants and hotels, many other attractions.

• Capitol - a symbol of American statehood, one of the most visited U.S. buildings. In any city tour always includes a visit to the guest galleries of the Senate and House of Representatives.
• White House - the residence of the President of the United States with the famous lawn in front of her, which is usually photographed by tourists.
• Memorials U.S. presidents are located on the National Mall - a spacious boulevard that stretches from the Capitol. There are 169-foot Washington Monument, Lincoln and Jefferson memorials. he National Gallery of Art - Art Gallery, a collection which stands out even among the high-quality collections of other American museums.
• Space Museum - a remarkable collection of aircraft, spacecraft and instruments in the history of aeronautics and astronautics.
• Arlington Cemetery - a modest but well-known resting place of more than 175 thousand Americans, including John and Robert Kennedy.
• Georgetown - a suburb of Washington, where in their mansions lived and are living prominent political and public figures: John F. Kennedy. Henry Kissinger, John Foster Dulles, Madeleine Albright, and others

• Sears Tower - the highest skyscraper in the world (110 floors, elevation 443 m), with a viewing platform which offers the best view of the city.
• John Hancock Observatory - an observation deck on the 94-th floor of a skyscraper on Michigan Avenue, equipped with "talking" telescopes, with which you can take a virtual tour of 80 attractions in the city.
• Exhibition Center McCormick (McCormick Center): Here is the set of industrial exhibitions.
• Oak Park - a suburb of Chicago. Here lived Frank Lloyd Wright - one of the geniuses of architecture of the XX century, and there are 25 buildings of his work.

And also: Hollywood, Hawaiian Islands Archipelago, Rocky Mountain, J. Paul Getty Center for Culture, Universal Studios, Bridge Golden Gate Bridge, Grand Canyon, Disneyland in California, Yosemite National Park and much more.

Among the natural attractions of the U.S. in particular stand out the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River in the Midwest of the country, numerous national parks. One of the most famous is the Yellowstone Valley with geysers and a large number of rare animals. In the Cordilleras placed numerous national parks and protected areas that are open to tourists. Understanding them gives an opportunity to present all the different nature of the mountainous western United States. National Park "Sequoia", National Park Lassen Volcanic National, National Park Crater Lake, Death Valley, Joshua-Tree, White Sands National Park Petrifayd Forest "(" Stone Forest "), National Park Bedlends" ( "bad lands"), National Parks, Great Smoky Mountains "and" Shenandoah, "National Park Everglades. Also known beaches and entertainment places in Florida and California, the Great Lakes, Niagara Falls. The largest lakes in the country - the Great Lakes (total area - 245,2 thousand square meters), the world's largest accumulation of fresh water: Upper, Michigan, Huron, Erie, Ontario. Over half of the Great Lakes region belongs to the U.S., the rest - Canada. The largest river, the U.S., a swimming pool which holds 40% of the country, is the Mississippi (the length of 3950 km.) With its tributaries.

Climate United States

Moderate, in the south - subtropical. In the north-east and the Midwest winter lasts a long time, the temperature falls below 0 C. However, in the same winter months in the south of the U.S. warm and sunny. A good time for the holidays - autumn and spring. On the southern coast of California comfortable in any season. Hawaii and on the coast of Florida's climate is tropical maritime. The islands are under the influence of tropical cyclones from May to November, when perhaps the greatest amount of precipitation, but rainfall is not protracted, with a large number of sunny hours.

Time United States

U.S. are located in the five time zones, time difference with Moscow is:

Language United States

U.S. Official language - English is widely spoken Spanish and French.

Money United States

Currency U.S. - dollar equals 100 cents. In circulation are banknotes of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollars and coins: a penny (1 cent), nickel (5 cents), dime (10 cents), kvorter (25 cents), half-dollar ( 50 cents) and one dollar. In addition, there are Federal Reserve notes dignity 500, 1000, 5000 and 10000 U.S. dollars available in extremely small quantities and have recourse only to the United States. They are not bought and prohibited from leaving the country.

Visa United States

U.S. consular office issues the following types of nonimmigrant visas:
• B-1/B-2 - tourists, and also seconded for a period of one year;
• F-1 - Students for a period of training (besides the usual documents to the consulate granted a form of 1-20 (certificate of compliance status, student academic education and language programs) and a receipt of payment of first year students);
• G - employees of international organizations for the period of work;
• J-1 - teachers, graduate students, following in the United States on exchange programs (requires a form of TAR - 66, completed the University of the United States or sponsoring organization);
• N - for temporary workers and trainees (required Form 1-797, filled with the organization and approved by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service United States);
• L - for employees of international corporations, joint ventures (required Form 1-797).
All applicants must reside and have a permanent job in the region that is included in the consular district of the Consulate, where they apply for a visa. Visa is issued for each person separately, including the children of any age.

To get to the completed questionnaires to provide two new forms (one of them can be filled with photocopies of the original, but the signatures on both copies must be original, but all fields in the form must be completed, and in block letters), two photos of 5x5 cm (with July 22, 2003 photo should be borderless, full face, looking straight into the camera, not down or away, a person should occupy approximately 50% of space in the photo) made not earlier than in the past six months, a passport valid least 6 months, as well as evidence of the absence of immigration purposes (a certificate from work for wages, information about real estate, etc.). C 1 August 2003 almost all applicants must appear in person for an interview with a consular officer.

Before applying for a visa are encouraged to review information on the nearest free date interview on the website of the Embassy of the United States and to plan the trip accordingly and apply 6-8 weeks before the expected date of departure. New requirements for a photograph - the size of the head in the photo (from top to chin) should be no less than 2,5-3,5 cm; eyes should be at the level of 2,8 to 3,5 cm from the bottom of the photo . Photos can be color or black and white on a white or almost white background. Photos can be attached to the statement stapler or glue, but the bracket should be located as far as possible from the person. C October 26, 2004 all applicants age 14 and younger than 80 years, to apply for a nonimmigrant visa at the U.S. embassy will have to provide their biometric data (fingerprints and digital photos) on a mandatory basis.

Citizens who satisfy the visa requirements, and traveling to the U.S. on business or for tourism purposes shall be issued multiple entry visas cost (for one year) $ 100 for two years - $ 200. Term visa - from a couple of days (express) to six weeks - depending on the submitted documents and interview appointment. Received a visa does not guarantee entry into the United States. Russia's citizens are registered at passport control. Immigration authorities in the first point of entry shall appear in the coupon-insert relevant notes on the date of entry, authorized period of stay, departure date and category of visa.

Applicants applying for visas c to participate in scientific conferences and meetings, research, continuing higher education or work in science, must complete a visa application in English.

Traditions United States

In the United States are not allowed to drink alcohol to young people under 21 goda.V major cities could face a pickpocket and the robbers.

Americans are proud of the fact that they are - citizens of the best country in the world. Americans do not like stiffness or in dress or manners. European should surprise unpretentiousness their appearance - they prefer comfortable clothes, turn to each other only informally, even if the interlocutors, the difference in age and social status.

Americans like to smile, even when run over. Being unhappy is not accepted. On the question of your American partner (even if you are with him in a fairly close relationship) about how your case, you should not really talk about it. You will find bore or advise you to turn to a psychiatrist.

Americans love to compete and appreciate the achievement. Success is measured by the number of earned money. American Business is not petty and pedantic, but he understands that the organization of any business there are no trifles. Americans cherish the time value punctuality and live on a schedule.

With regard to communication in an informal setting, the techniques in the U.S. - the usual thing. This is a opportunity to talk about family and hobbies. In the best gift to bring a bottle of good wine.

Traditional cuisine United States

American breakfast - it is scrambled eggs or an omelet with bacon, ham, sausages and fried potatoes. The hotel's restaurant can be ten kinds of eggs, omelets, salads, juice and coffee. In eggs will only cornflakes, sometimes oatmeal.

Lunch (lunch) is from 12 to 14 hours in the standard version is a soup + burger (cheeseburger, mamaburger, papaburger, etc.). Very common lunch reservation by phone. Typically, this use in the office - within 15 minutes after the call to you a hot meal, neatly packed in a box. It may be Japanese, Chinese and any other kitchen.

Dinner in American corresponds roughly to our dinner - soups, second, salads, etc.

National American dish - the hamburger in all forms and other achievements of fast food, washed down with Coca-Cola. But fortunately this does not mean that more in America have nothing to eat. There are many amateurs how to eat and nowhere presented as restaurants of national cuisine. In any big city you will find Chinese and Japanese, Spanish and Mexican, Irish and Indian, Greek and Jewish restaurants, and they will, as they say, at every corner. Here visit the restaurant is not an event, as in Russia. Many dine there several times a week and sometimes daily. The real Americans always have your favorite restaurant.

Americans joke that they drink only one drink. As hot as it is called coffee, and cold - Coca-Cola. What is Coca-Cola does not need to explain, but the coffee absorbed by the Americans in huge numbers, the taste does not like supplied in Italy, France or Turkey. Find a place in the U.S., where people know how to make coffee, not easy.

Terms of the sale of liquor shall be established by the authorities of the relevant State. Bars, pubs and liquor stores may be closed on Sundays. In the supermarket, to work on Sunday, the shelves can be crammed with wine, but drink not succeed - the rules are strictly enforced.

Additional charges United States

Consular fee for nonimmigrant visas is $ 100 and paid in cash in rubles. This application fee is not refundable. Applicants applying for visas for temporary work in the United States, tourism and business travel as well as some other types of visas must pay an additional fee to obtain a visa with a longer lifespan. No additional fees when applying for student visas (F-1 and M-1) and visas for participants of exchange programs (J-1) is not charged.

Political system United States

Executive power in the country by the President of the United States, to carry out his constitutionally mandate with an elaborate apparatus of executive power. The highest official in the country, combining the powers of Chapter gosudartva and head of government, is the President of the United States. He is elected for 4 years, renewable for another four years. Together with the president for four years and was elected vice president.

Population United States

The total U.S. population - about 263 million people. If you divide people into three large groups on racial grounds, whites make up about 84% of the population (among them the most outstanding are the diaspora of the Irish, Italians, Jews, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian), Africans (mostly descendants of slaves brought from the African continent in the XVIII century) 12% of the total population is about 26.5 million Asians and Pacific Islanders - about 3%, Amerindian (indigenous people of the United States) - less than 1% came from Latin America, the so-called "Latino" - about 9%.

Customs United States

Import and export of local and foreign currency is unlimited. To bring in U.S. cash, traveler's checks, and payment card can be any amount. Declare only required amount over $ 10 thousand at the gold import declaration is required. Items for personal use are exempt from customs duty for import of banned products are perishable, weapons, drugs. From the Hawaiian Islands banned the export of most species of plants and fauna representatives.

When entering the country each arriving to fill in at a checkpoint in the customs declaration. If a foreigner comes to the country by air or sea, he receives this declaration still on the ships or airplanes. A young couple can fill one family declaration. All items listed in the declaration must be marked on their price. This requirement applies to gifts, commercial samples, but does not apply to personal belongings. Completing the declaration, it is important to remember that the U.S. customs laws unreliable declaration of goods imported into the country using false information may result in a delay of baggage, a fine and confiscation.

Everyone entering the U.S. citizen of another state has a non-resident status. If resident imports jewelry worth more than U.S. $ 300, they are not subject to duty only if, within three years, they will not be sold. If before that date would be necessary to sell jewelry, you must first pay a fee to the district Customs office ( "District Director of Customs").

Non-resident over 21 years has the right to import no more than 1 liter of alcoholic beverages (this includes beer, wine, liquor). Drinks over a specified norms taxed. In the United States to non-residents are allowed to import no more than 200 cigarettes (one pack), 50 cigarettes, or 2 kg of smoking tobacco. As a household in the United States are allowed to import duty-free furniture, dishes, linens, books, etc., but they should not be new, and is in use at least one year. The service life of household items can be confirmed through trade checks. Import customs duty equal to the first 1000doll. USA - 10%, and further increases its value and differentiated depending on the type of product.

Medical aid United States

Medical care is very expensive. Before leaving the United States should purchase an insurance policy. The problem of medical care - one of the sharpest in the United States. Medical expenses are - about 14% of GDP, with many U.S. residents do not have the means to pay a visit to the doctor and buy medicines. The cost of visiting a therapist, the national average is $ 120. The average U.S. medical expenditures per capita (expenses that are paid by a resident of the U.S. from their own pockets or repay the insurance company) is $ 3 759 per year. In 1965, the program has been established Medicare - is one of the federal health insurance programs for the elderly (over 65 years). Since 1972, the program also serves people with disabilities. It consists of two main parts: Part A. Health insurance: payment of hospital services, some forms of home care. Part B. Additional health insurance: payment of medical visits, outpatient services and services of independent laboratories.

Working hours United States

Shops: Monday - Friday: from 9.30 to 17.30, but the official closing time of shops there and many shops open all day on Sundays. Shopping centers and department stores are open Monday to Saturday - from 9.30 to 21.30 on Sundays - from 12.00 to 17.00. All American stores specified price without taxes, ie, the fact 5-10% lower than the amount to be paid. The value of the tax depends on state law.

As a rule, banks are open from 9 am until 3 pm, Monday through Friday. One day a week, usually on Friday, banks are open until 18.00.

Transport United States

Taxis are usually ordered by phone or take a picture, it can be stopped and the hand, but, preferring this mode of transport, keep in mind that it is quite expensive. A taxi stopped, raising his thumb or umbrella. In the U.S. move hitchhiking is not recommended. On the roads of the country is high accident rate. Be feared trailers. Trailer drivers spend long hours behind the wheel and sometimes fall asleep.

In the urban bus fare is paid to the driver, it is better to stock up a trifle - as the surrender request is not accepted. If you are going to change trains, it is better to ask "transfert" - the driver will give you a coupon valid for the entire move.

If your program has a round flight, keep in mind - on the flights of U.S. airlines banned smoking. There are many airlines serving, long-distance transport. Company "Greyhound Lines" has 400 large buses and arrange transportation of passengers across the country. Better to order tickets in advance. Tickets for one-way travel valid for 60 days. In a way you can make the stop.

The railway company is called "Amtrak". The fare on the trains of this company is higher than the buses, but it quickly delivers passengers to their destination. Tickets Company "Amtrak" is valid for 45 days.

Rent a car, certainly - the most common way to travel in the U.S. - the car. Highways United States can reach any settlement. They are kept in good condition, petrol is cheap. Foreigners may rent a car or buy used, but leaving the country, the car can be sold. In order to rent a car, you must carry a driver's license and be over 21 years (in some rental companies - 25 years). Typically, the lease payments made by credit card, but if you reserve a car when you purchase the package (this service is provided free of charge), when you receive it in "Rent car" you can pay cash, leaving returnable deposit of approximately $ 200 per week, and presenting an international ticket. Together with the machine to get a detailed road map. Basic rules of conduct on the road: It is prohibited to exceed the speed you need to give priority to pedestrians, which came at a controlled transition can not be kept in the cabin open bottle of alcohol. Failure of one of the rules can cost you your rights.

In the United States called the Metro Subway. Less Underground Rail. The word Metro in turn, can mean not the metro, and urban area with nearby suburbs - Metropoliten Area. Metro exists in almost all major American cities. And almost everywhere, all different - cars, station, tickets. For example, in Washington and Boston cars are spacious, with soft seats, virtually noiseless. In New York the cars are narrow, with hard benches, strongly gremyat.V New York Subway'e there are trains of two types - ordinary and express trains. The first slow down at all stations in a row. Second only to some, where you can To change from slow to rapid and vice versa. At the station laid four ways - two outer conventional trains, and two internal - to express. In between platforms. If the station is not designed for rapid, they are deafening rush through it without stopping. In the tunnel, and those and other trains traveling side by side, overtaking each other - all this can be seen in the window. Express trains go less conventional poezdov.Marshruty indicated by numbers 1,2,3 ... and the letters A, B, C. .. The lines in the figure painted in different colors. Cars on different lines may vary in design. Transfers are free, but the transitions can be long and complicated. An important feature - at some stations there is no internal transition to the opposite side. To do this, rise to the surface and hence re-pay. Travel does not exist. If you have a lot of things, or stroller, we must ask the cashier to open the door to bypass the turnstile. In Washington, Boston and other cities of the system is different. Cost of the ticket depends on the distance at which you eat and the time of day. Usually, it ranges from 0.85 to 1.25 dollar in one way, slightly rising during peak hours. Tickets selling machine. He takes notes and some change.

Potable water United States

Over 90% of the water systems of the country meet the standards of the Agency for the environmental safety of U.S. water quality from the tap, which can be considered as drinking.

Electricity United States

Line voltage - 110 V, 60 Hertz! To use personal appliances Russia should be a tourist in Russia to buy a special adapter. In American hotels this adapter is not found.

Smoking United States

Americans are very concerned about their health and that of others, so smoking in restaurants and bars within the designated space. Do not smoke in taxis, airports, train stations and even on some streets can be fined for smoking a cigarette.

Tip United States

In the U.S., tips - this is legitimized form of additional pay in the service sector. Gratuity is not included automatically, but left to the guest. It is distributed in a taxi, airports, hotels, restaurants. Porters underpaid 0,25 -0,5 dollars for one seat. A few more buttons gets ( "bellboy") in a hotel (0,5 - $ 1 per seat). Tipping is accepted to give a head waiter, porter, maid. Tipping a waiter, taxi driver are 10-15% of the amount of the account. In New York, this amount can reach 20%. You should never offer money police officer or official. This attempt may be considered a criminal offense.

Clothes United States

Americans do not like stiffness in clothes, prefer comfortable clothes.

Helpful information United States

Calling on the phone the fire service, police, ambulance - 911.
Embassy of Russia in the United States: 2641 Tunlaw Road, NW Washington, DC 20007.
Phone: (202) 939-8907, 939-8913, 939-8918. Fax: (202) 483-7579